The Big Lie: 9/11 Comic Book One Month After Release

Nor Cal Truth Oct 6, 2011

One month ago The Big Lie comic book was released by Truth Be Told Comics, published by Image Comics.

Looking around on the internet it is clear that the The Big Lie is still creating interest and spawning conversation in diverse circles inside and outside of the regular 9/11 groups. The video above was posted by LeakSourceArchive. Here is a look at a selection of recent articles and interviews regarding The Big Lie following its release.

The Bohemian, September 7th:

Veteran comic Rick Veitch (Swamp Thing) is the author and illustrator of The Big Lie, a 32-page comic book about a woman who goes back in time to save her husband from the upper floors of the North Tower. Armed with her iPad, she has only an hour to convince her husband and his associates to evacuate the doomed building. “I don’t claim to know what went on behind the scenes,” she tells them. “I’m just telling you what is public record where I come from.”

Comic Attack, September 9th:

The writer never directly points fingers at the government or President Bush and screams “The government was behind the attacks!”, but that’s basically what he is saying, and he does offer some very interesting and thought provoking points, which is the real goal of this title.

Inside Pulse, September 26th:

As a story, this comic can be a little clunky in parts, but that’s not really a concern. I don’t want to weigh in on the whole ‘Truther’ movement, or what I personally believe, as I don’t feel very qualified to discuss it. What I will say is that this comic provides a lot of food for thought, and does it in an easily-digestible manner. Veitch is a comics god when it comes to forcing people to question some of their assumptions, and it’s nice to see him continuing to raise his voice in such a compelling way.

Derek Royal, September 27th:

I do think it’s a very strong and inventive first issue, and I look forward to reading the next installment of the series. I’m just wondering if the following issues will also concern 9/11, or if they will focus on some of the other “very real and often political questions” as noted on the Truth Be Told Comics website.

HJ Live, September 28th:

Was there more to this attack than we suspect, and if so, should some of the blame fall on our own elected officials? Writer Rick Veitch and artist Gary Erskine clearly express their First Amendment rights within the comics medium as they try to answer some of those questions in this collaboration from Image Comics.

No matter which side of the political spectrum you might find yourself on, this comic deliberately challenges the reader to ask some rather uncomfortable questions about 9/11. It is clearly making out the Bush Administration to be “The Big Bad” and presents a good heft of information at the back of the book that you can look into if you so choose.

Comic Book Resources, October 4th:

Tim O’Shea: Do you bristle at the characterization by some that this is a Truther comic?

Rick Veitch: Only in the sense that the “Truther” name lumps together everyone who doubts the government’s version of what happened. I think there’s a huge difference between the architects and engineers who’ve put their professional careers on the line by speaking out and those who are claiming space aliens were responsible.

Fanboy Confidental, October 5th:

FC: Reading the book, it strikes me that there are two possible explanations for the events of 9/11. The one you overtly allude to which involves a corrupt government that deliberately allowed the attacks to occur as a precursor to war, the other also alluded to indirectly by the outcome of your fictional time traveling plot. Simple hubris by decision makers which resulted in the mishandling of information. Why take the former to be the more plausible outcome?

BR: Drawing conclusions without sound evidence is dangerous. 1,600 Architects and Engineers ( have no doubt that explosives took out WTC 7 but this does not mean they know who put the explosives there. The air- defense is another issue, same with the ignoring or almost deliberate stopping of pre-9/11 intelligence.

One of our back pages highlights a very current story involving the CIA and what seems to be a deliberate attempt to not share the most vital information when it was available. For instance the CIA knew that some people involved with USS COLE bombing were travelling around, going to Malaysia for a large Al Qaeda meeting, and coming into the US. This information seems to have stopped at a specific point with a few specific CIA agents. Richard Clarke recently made some very strong allegations regarding this story saying that CIA Director George Tenet lied to the 9/11 Commission Report and “got away with it.”

The story can be followed by typing “Who is Rich Blee?” into your search engine. The CIA has now also threatened the journalists who are releasing this information. In short, there are many pieces to the 9/11 puzzle, and in a 32 page comic we can only put forward so much of that. Hopefully readers will find it interesting enough to share, talk about or research more on their own. Ultimately we support the idea that a real investigation into 9/11 should happen, so that all of these details and anomalies can be figured out, questions be put to rest and justice be served.

Other notable mentions include being included into an Al Jazeera article and video:

An Italian site picked up on The Big Lie too.

Among all of the good press there was plenty of people who did not like The Big Lie. One of the reviews provided above ultimately did not like it.

Another person who did not like it is Georgia Tech. professor Bob Blaskiwicz . On his blog he uses to poke fun at those who question the official 9/11 story, he finds some time to take a jab at The Big Lie. Funny enough he writes things like:

I had hopes for this comic book. Usually, when you encounter a truther in the wild of the Internet, you will be debated at and shown youtube videos. I thought that moving to a new medium would perhaps change this. So what does Desiree do when she sees her husband, Carl? SHE DEBATES HIM AND SHOWS HIM FECKING YOUTUBE VIDEOS!!

And then he uses nothing other than a YouTube video while arguing  with someone in his comments section! To his credit he has found the only spelling slip in The Big Lie. To his discredit he had no idea there was a citations page for The Big Lie and plans to “not waste his time” on it. Let’s just hope his students are better researchers than he is.

Find out more about The Big Lie at Truth Be Told Comics.