Launch a real, public, subpoena-empowered, criminal investigation of the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

A petition was launched on's new We the People service on September 28, 2011:!/petition/launch-real-public-subpoena-empowered-criminal-investigation-events-sept-11-2001/w9XBvTJY.

The text of the petition is:

"Launch a real, public, subpoena-empowered, criminal investigation of the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

Since the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, the United States has been a very different place. A public that grew up on a healthy diet of skepticism and independence suddenly fell in line with an administration intent on achieving its own goals by whatever means.

As part of that falling in line, we accepted a series of questionable reports from government bodies attempting to explain the details of the attacks. Experts in dozens of relevant fields have since come forward to examine the evidence more thoroughly. Their work has amounted to an unofficial investigation of the events, and many of their findings are in direct conflict with the official reports.

We should not fear the truth of anything. We need clear, straight answers taken under oath and on the public record. Investigate nine-eleven!"

The petition will run until October 28, 2011, and it must have at least 5,000 signatures by that time in order to earn an official response. As of 2:00 AM Eastern Time, October 7, there are 583 signatures.

There are way more than enough citizens with questions about nine-eleven to meet and exceed the signature threshold. Let's show the White House that we're serious about demanding this.

As of October 3, the petition threshold was raised to 25,000, so this is the only chance we have to get the petition through at 5,000 signatures. After that, it will be quite a bit more difficult (possibly even more than 25,000, if they raise it again). Get it out there! Get your friends to sign! People have reported intermittent issues with the site, but it has mostly been up and running.

Question of Nationality

Can we sign it if we're Canadian? Though we're people of the world, we aren't "You, the People" if you know what I mean...