OCCUPY DALLAS and “9/11 Truth”

Sometimes, even 9/11 Truthers are duped by the media's deceptions. They do not realize how large our 9/11 Truth Movement has grown in recent years. A tremendous number of people are aware of 9/11 Truth. A tremendous number. This fact is not reported by the media.

The crowds at "Occupy Dallas" are proof to the growing number of people who are aware of 9/11 Truth.

Despite what the media reported, at its peak there were more than 1,000 people who showed up for "Occupy Dallas" on Thursday October 6th.

At around 11:20am, I repeatedly drove up and down the streets and had an opportunity to assess the size of the crowd as it was marching near and then finally to the noon destination of The Federal Reserve. Both sides of a very long city block were packed with people marching, and on the fringe areas many, many protesters were coming and going, or taking a drink/restroom break.

Before joining the crowd, I drove slowly by the crowds of protesters with a "9/11 Truth" sign in my car's side window. Even I was surprised as the segments in the lines of people repeatedly cheered and rallied for 9/11 Truth. All along the line of protesters, I repeatedly heard: "9/11 Truth!! Yea!!!" with people whooping cheers in support of 9/11 Truth. The impression was that the entire crowd of protesters was almost unanimous in support of 9/11 Truth. While I am sure that not everyone in the crowd was aware of 9/11 Truth, the image of the full group support will probably prompt many to do their homework.


The American Independent - This is one of the better stories about “Occupy Dallas”.
”…Full of signs and shirts bearing the Occupy Wall Street movement’s “99 percent” slogan, the crowd was also peppered with 9/11 Truth demonstrators and the Guy Fawkes masks of the hacker group Anonymous….

Channel 5 NBC lies (They say around 200 protesters turned out, which is a blatant lie.)


PegasusNews PHOTOS

CBS - Channel 11

ABC - WFAA Channel 8 (Great photo of our group member, Dave, in a barrel.)
PHOTOS http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/Occupy-131218319.html?gallery=y&img=0&c=y



Well done. This reminds me

Well done. This reminds me of dealing with the 9/11 truth issue on Roger Ebert's widely read blog, whereby his default response after a couple of long posts detailing some of the problems with the official story was "Very few people think the Bush administration had anything to do with 9/11". When someone quoted Zogby and other polls to him, he returned with links 'debunking' the validity of poll numbers in general. Ebert was in a coma in hospital during the key period when 9/11 truth was really hitting the mainstream, and seems to have thereafter swallowed the 'raving conspiracy theorist' meme hook line sinker rather than taking a proper look at the evidence. He also suffers from what I think a number of high profile journalists do, in that their position within and familiarity with the mainstream makes them unwilling to look at how the media actively blocks and distorts the facts surrounding issues like this. All that said, it serves the powers that be to depict the 9/11 truth movement as 'fringe', when it's now likely anything but.


"Occupy NIST" should be considered?

some photos I took in Dallas

Remember, Remember..

It's great to see peole out, but if you see folks with the mask - remember to let them know:

Masked Protesters Aid Time Warner’s Bottom Line

Time Warner profits from Guy Fawkes masks worn at ‘Anonymous’ protests

The number of masks

that is sold should be a reasonable indicator for the US Government of how many people are in some way afraid of the policestate but also willing to protest now or in the (near) future.

It's difficult to decide what's best to do, I personally can understand why a protester would wish to remain anonymous in this day and age, with all this technology that exists. Other than that, I suppose that if "they" want to track you down, "they" will have no problems with that, so wearing a mask to protect your identity during a protest may be a bit useless. On the other side, it may indeed by a very powerful symbol of resistance, if worn by many 1000's, 100.000's or even million's of people.

Other masks could also be worn of course. A mask of Gandhi might be appropriate considering his promotion of nonviolent attitude. Anybody got other ideas?

Great to see these protests, where will this end?

We want transparency in

We want transparency in Government, right?

Anyone practice what they preach?

No masks.

Transparency in Government of course

but I don't see a real problem with wearing a mask (preferably all the same one mask) during a protest. It gets all the more easier to not were a mask when there's 100's of 1000's or even millions of people who participate in a protest. But when the numbers are few, I can understand why someone would not want his face exposed. It's all the better of course when one doesn't have this kind of fear, but it could be dangerous of course. In other countries you can be identified while you're protesting and next thing you know your family's kidnapped, your house torn apart etc etc. These things happen, have happened and will happen.

We need big numbers for starters, people willing to take to the streets, forget work, don't worry whether they'll get fired or not for not shwoing up but instead go protesting. This is not easy, people really need to be convinced of the necessity to protest first (other things later) if anything is going to be done about this situation we're in, that's not a really fast process.
We can only hope that more and more people are inspired by the actions of those we see in the streets right now.

So while wearing no mask would be preferred, I think wearing one shouldn't be a problem. Letting some firm make a profit off of the selling of those masks is irrelevant IMHO.

No problem with masks

these video clips explain the masks

Final scene from V for Vendetta:

If a mask helps give someone the courage to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED, then wear a mask.
Better than an excuse for inaction.

The Vendetta behind V

OK. Forget putting (more) money into Time Warners pockets. But here is more on the V story:


In Mr. Moore's account of his career, the villains are clearly defined: they are the mainstream comics industry — particularly DC Comics, the American publisher of "Watchmen" and "V for Vendetta" — which he believes has hijacked the properties he created, and the American film business, which has distorted his writing beyond recognition. To him, the movie adaptation of "V for Vendetta," which opens on Friday, is not the biggest platform yet for his ideas: it is further proof that Hollywood should be avoided at all costs. "I've read the screenplay," Mr. Moore said. "It's rubbish."


For the record, Alan Moore has not softened his view on Hollywood....

Moore said he has never watched any of the film adaptations of his comics creations (which have included “V for Vendetta,” “From Hell,” “Constantine” and “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen“) and that he believes “Watchmen” is “inherently unfilmable.” He also rues the effect of Hollywood’s siren call on the contemporary comics scene


Earlier in the year, Moore received a call from "V For Vendetta" writer/producer and "Matrix" director Larry Wachowski, but told him politely, "I didn't want anything to do with films and had no time this year, being in the middle of work, my day job, writing, I wasn't interested in Hollywood."

Shortly afterwards, Alan Moore was made aware of a press release sent out covering a press conference producer Joel Silver and the cast had held.

In this press release, Joel Silver, as well as announcing that the release date November the 5th 2005 was the 100th anniversary of Guy Fawkes attempt on Parliament, instead of the 400th anniversary, also said of Alan, "he was very excited about what Larry had to say and Larry sent the script, so we hope to see him sometime before we're in the UK. We'd just like him to know what we're doing and to be involved in what we're trying to do together"

Alan felt, basically, that his name was being used in vain. Not only had he expressed the opposite to Larry, but his endorsement was being used as a selling point for a movie - the reason he'd requested his credit and association be dropped from all of these movies.

Alan Moore talks - 01 - V For Vendetta

Occupy The Sidewalks Outside NYC DA's & NY AG's Offices ...

... To demand a new 9/11 investigation.

On the heels of the nationwide Occupy Wall Street and Occupy the Fed demonstrations, such activity could generate coverage.

A new 9/11 investigation won't happen until the NYC DA and NY AG are pressured into doing so.

More pics & links - Thursday Oct 6 and Friday Oct 7

On Thursday, Joe and Rob marched from Pike Park to the Fed.
Here are some pics Joe took Thursday...

Some people were already at the Federal Reserve waiting for the marchers to arrive.

Group member, Dave B wore a barrel. The media loved it.

Debbie McKee got this backside shot of Dave B. Read the stickers on the back...

Joe took pictures on Friday, Oct 7, when Alex Jones and End The Fed and Occupy Dallas were all there. You see some of the pics which Joe took above in his comment.

The Dallas Observer wrote an article about Friday's END THE FED and OCCUPY DALLAS which was fair reporting.

We are very proud to have Debbie McKee (and daughter Adrienne) as a group members of North Texans for 9/11 Truth. Debbie's integrity is beyond reproach.
Debbie McKee organizes END THE FED in Dallas and is involved in a myriad of activism issues. She works hard. On Thursday, she was interviewed on the Alex Jones radio show.
You can read her blog here:

Debbie McKee sets an example for us all on how to work with people, the police, officials, the media, other groups, and "places we occupy".
Just one example of many from her blog:
"...PS The strangest thing was that as the organizer for the usual End the Fed rallies, I always am the first to arrive and the last to leave, pick up the trash, etc. then the police leave. Well, I had to tell the detective we've worked with since 2008 that I had to leave and I'd encouraged folks to move on over to Pioneer plaza, but that was all I could do! So, there were about 40 people still there when we left and more trash than I could deal with, I did pick up some. As we walked by and said goodnight to the FED security guys, they were really friendly and nice! We also told the police thank you for their service. They were spread really thin this weekend because of the Fair, the Texas/OU game, Occupy Dallas, and us. I hope tempers don't get short from long, boring, but stressful hours. I told our detective friend that there would likely be a trickle of folks there off and on. I couldn't tell who or how many....

"...My main purpose in activism efforts is to help people see what is really going on. Whether it's political campaigns or tea parties or end the fed. It's ALL about reaching out to help wake people up. The message is sooo much more important than ANY personality or election. Some will listen and investigate, some won't. Duty is ours, results are God's. Revolution means a change in thinking and I believe we can see it coming." ---Debbie McKee