911 Truth and Occupy Wall Street

Here are a couple articles I have written recently regarding Occupy Wall Street in regards to 9/11 Truth:

For Occupy Wall Street protesters who are new to 9/11 Truth:

And this one for 9/11 Truth activists in and around Ottawa:

I have started this blog entry as a way of addressing functional issues and questions relating to 9/11 Truth and Occupy Wall Street
as these two movements interact. Clearly 9/11 Truth is part of the 99%. However, from what some interactions observed so far between
Truth activists and OWS activists - there are also those who still believe in the official story that are part of the 99%. The mixing
of different groups within the 99% should bring some interesting outcomes for 9/11 visibility.

This will be evolve over the next few days, weeks, months as we get into this further.

More to come, comments welcome.