Frontline:The Anthrax Files

Worth watching

Always interesting to see how the main stream media presents the Anthrax Case. They dug deeper than I expected, and laid out a number of key facts that cast strong doubt on the government's case. I was pretty surprised at the swipes they took at the shoddy FBI investigations of Hatfill, and Ivans.

Of course they failed to connect the dots of the Anthrax attacks and the voting on the Patriot Act; and the overall chill it created for anyone to question the governments reaction to 911 . They also sort of just ended the episode after they heavily discredited the FBI case against Ivans. They just asked some questions at the end. Funny how we in the 911 truth movement are criticized for "just asking questions" we are always asked to explain "well then, what did happen". The show made zero attempt to point the finger anywhere, particularly at the government itself. An astute observer could easily reach the conclusion from wathching the show that it looks like the government did it, but no mention was made of this obvious fact.


I have the same reaction. There was no attempt at all to explore any possible motives except that it had to a a "lone nut." Who says? Why not two people, or three people, or twelve people? It's the standard playbook, if it wasn't al Qaida, then it must be a lone wacko. In that regard the show reinforces a public perspective that the govt. wants perpetuated. No wonder it was allowed to air.


MSM... Or maybe another word is applicable, such as ITB - "InsideThe Bubble". This is Frontline, run by Lowell Bergman, who was the guy played by Al Pacino in the movie "The Insider". Frontline has been the best news on American TV in years gone by. Additional information is available to people on the PBS site who want to look further, but not in the show. Seeing this episode makes me wonder what they can and cannot get away with, via PBS executives and the FCC, etc. I'm sure there are legal teams waiting in the wings to jump on anything they can twist into "compromising national security" or whatever else could be painted as "hurting the government". That would be like a page out of the Brown and Williamson Insider from the 90s, where a landmark development occurred... CBS Corporate stopped 60 Minutes from airing an interview under legal threat from B&W that it could "hurt their business if they aired the interview". 60 Minutes was the best news on US TV at the time, and that was when Bergman quit. The movie goes right through the case - if you haven't seen it, its worth watching.

Remember: We live in a time where Barack Obama has threatened congress for any attempt to question the FBI's $100 Million case on Bruce Ivins. Article...

Have people seen how many leading microbiologists have either died of strange causes or committed suicide in the past decade? I think at least 30 of them. Methinks someone is up to something microbiological.

I'll take "truncated" truth over total fabrication any day.


Anthrax and 9/11

Looks like there will be a lot of people open to the anthrax murders as false flag who can be followed up with that making it easier for them to consider 9/11 a false flag

was it Tylenol PM or Tylenol with codeine?

I think I heard on this video that Ivins "took" Tylenol PM. Early on I seem to recall that he was alleged to have taken Tylenol with codeine.

Is this revised?