Occupy Phoenix Joined by AE911Truth Action Group

The Phoenix AE911Truth Action Group joins Occupy Phoenix campaign. This was sent to me by Pam Senzee of Phoenix, AZ. She leads an AE911Truth Action Group there and I'm posting this on her behalf. She has two AE911Truth banners and a slew of brochures and info cards that the group is distributing en masse. They are in it for the duration.


Luke Rudkowski runs into Actor, Producer & Director Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo @ #OccupyWallStreet: LOSE THE FEAR

Conquer Your Fear – You Can Do Anything

Great action Arizona!!! Keep the heat on.


Michael Ruppert interviewed at Occupy Santa Rosa, CA

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from here.

Thanks to you too

Thanks to you too

Something about

parroting a speakers words, is very weird to me.

New Upload. Better Quality

Chris Hedges interviewed at Occupy Wall Street...

Chris Hedges: ‘Corporations have carried out a coup d’état in my country’


I felt the tears

coming up with myself right before I heard them come up with Chris (his voice).

It's indeed about the next generations, as well as about ourselves of course.

Great touching vid.