Encourage Occupy Wall Street to Demand a Real 9/11 Investigation | Only Two Days Left – Vote Now!

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Encourage Occupy Wall Street
to Demand a Real 9/11 Investigation
Only Two Days Left – Vote Now!

Please act now and join 9/11 Truth advocates around the world by voting before 10/21/11 to include a real 9/11 investigation as one of the demands of Occupy Wall Street:


The 9/11 Truth community is passionate, dedicated and persistent. The issues we bring to the table will greatly enhance the Occupy Wall Street movement. Please act now with your vote.

Regardless of the political opinions of Occupy Wall Street, the massive media attention that this diverse group has received over last few weeks can help propel the calls for an independent 9/11 investigation into the mainstream press.

To be listed as an official demand of Occupy Wall Street, a demand needs to have over 67% “Yes” votes at the time of the voting deadline. The demand for a new 9/11 investigation has been on the official choice list for several weeks, but approval has dropped from 80% down to 74%, with only 5,000 votes cast. In order to increase the margin of safety and guarantee approval, we need supporters of AE911Truth to let their voices be heard and vote “Yes” on this proposal before the October 21 deadline.

Please vote yes if you haven’t already, and forward to all 9/11 truth supporters and groups that you know:


Thank you!
Richard Gage, AIA
Founder, CEO AE911Truth




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Fake Poll. Not #OWS.

"I keep seeing that coupmedia link being promoted over the past few weeks as something "official" and I don't understand why. As far as I can see, it's just some guy's website. Am I missing something?"


As a member and volunteer for

As a member and volunteer for AE911truth - I vehemently opposed this action alert and any discussion of occupy wall st. on our team calls.

Now I am on record.


Can you explain why?

It is off topic.AE should

It is off topic.

AE should not be an activist organization, it should be professional and conservative in its nature.

This was not what 1,627 architects and engineers signed a petition for.

*This is simply my opinion.

Isn't AE911Truth by necessity an "activist" organization?

"AE should not be an activist organization, it should be professional and conservative in its nature."

I can't see why this opportunity should not be utilized.

Me neither

I'd say as many people as possible should vote here and make a strong statement.

The best form of 9/11

The best form of 9/11 activism is perhaps promoting 9/11 justice on the 11th.

Activists by all means can and should use AE material among other important information when talking to people about 9/11.

However, I strongly disagree that a professional group of architects and engineers who "are not conspiracy theorists" have any place at OWS.

Beyond that, again, the poll may have ZERO relevance. How does this help get a new investigation? Is this the best use of slim resources?

Is OWS going to lead the charge for a new 9/11 investigation? Doubtful, most are frustrated with lack of representation in Government and economics. Many people I had interviewed at my local OWS had never been to a protest before. One admitted to googling what to "bring to a protest." More power to her, but really, AE can do better.

And is this poll even

And is this poll even relevant?

If this poll is not a real poll made by the Occupy Wall St. movement than my opinion is upstaged by the point that poor judgement may have been involved in creating this "AE action alert" that thousands of people will get.

Of course I support Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth rigorously tearing apart NIST or hit books by Popular Mechanics:


Time well spent is time well spent.

This is not "official"

I'm sorry but I see no evidence that this is actually an "official" poll that will affect policy as it is being created via the General Assembly at Occupy Wall Street. Here is the link to their web-site. Anyone who reads through their minutes will realize that they are so immersed in taking care of their survival needs that they have yet to even administer an actual list of demands.

http://www.nycga.net The official site of the General Assembly.

The most recent minutes from the general assembly.

(Interesting to note that they are working with change.org to handle donations, does anyone know who funds change.org and what that organizations political alignments are?)
Can anyone see anywhere on their site that shows them being connected to this poll? Who is actually speaking for OWS?

I am highly suspect of their structure or efficacy at this point.

It is a morale boost to see that 9/11 is winning in polls anywhere but the fact that this has not been confirmed as officially part of the NY General Assembly is troubling as they are the official body for determining what in fact the OWS movement's demands are.

Perhaps more effective action would be scheduled outdoor screenings of Buliding 7 to inform the 3/4 New Yorkers involved as to it's existence until 9/11 and the evidence supporting it as a controlled demolition. I would love to see teams of volunteers from We Are Change and Ae911 etc head to Zucotti and Liberty parks and give them information, hold banners, alert media and do screenings of RememberBuilding7.org's commercials.

Thank you NorCal Truth for asking the tough questions. I forwarded this poll immediately about 3 weeks ago without bothering to ensure it was in fact part of the official demands list. It is a good mechanism, it's too bad that they are saying they are "Official" with no way of determining as of yet, that I have seen, that this is in fact the case.

We have so many fantastic investigators on this site, I'm sure collectively we can get to the bottom of it.

Best wishes

-We Are Change Atlanta

I don't care about polls like this..

but I do hope many AE members are amongst the folks in occupy wall-street throught-out the World & are reaching out & teachin


More info on "Vote to Include in the Official Demands for OWS

Of course this takes nothing away from the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
This poll is getting a lot of attention and definitely demonstrates the majority of folks visiting the site want a new investigation.

With this positive sign taken root perhaps we can get some AE and WAC volunteers to become part of the General Assembly process in NY and make sure this is brought up as part of their official voting process to determine their platform.

The potential behind such an endeavor is absolutely massive, but I think it will take grassroots on the ground resources to enable this potential.

I see Luke Rudkowski is on scene very often. Any chance we can have him coordinate some efforts there to get WAC and local AE volunteers to get involved with the General Assembly at OWS?

I did a whois search of coupmedia.org and this is the info I received.


You can also contact them via their web-site. Here is what I just sent to them. Please do the same.

Subject: Select Below and Vote to Include in the Official Demands for #Occupy Wall Street


I was curious how it can be unequivocally determined that you are in fact presenting a poll that will influence the "Official Demands for Occupy Wall Street" as listed on your web-site.

When was this permission granted to you and by whom at OWS?

I agree with the need for such a poll and commend it's creation and hosting. Given that reinvestigating 9/11 is such a critical matter I am simply doing my due diligence to ensure that this poll is in fact legitimate.

I look forward to your response.

-Camron Wiltshire

I hope to hear back soon. I think the poll is actually more effective than what I have seen on the ground from OWS and Occupy movements in general to actually formulating a list of demands. In that regard I am glad it received promotion, now if OWS actually is officially linked it will be all the better.

Thank you all for everything you are doing. It matters and you continuously inspire me.


Camron, Cheers and thanks for


Cheers and thanks for your input and effort to get to heart of it.

Best to you over there in the ATL.

It's A FAKE Poll

So advertising it as a legitimate poll is plain wrong. It has nothing to do with #OWS.

Please remove from the front page.

AE's good name and reputation ...

... should not be sullied by linkage to this poll - IF - as some say - it is of dubious provenance.

I am curious. When is the publicised A&E advert campaign >> [ "I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am a structural engineer" ] << due to run in New York's subways? How will this impact people on their way to OWS demonstrations?

Good idea to vote for this

There are no Official Demands of the Occupy Movement. That said, multiple factions of the movement have been assembling to discuss and vote on the output and message of the movement. Among these is the Sovereign People's Movement who are doing polling to influence the official demands which will be made by the Occupy Wall Street Street General Assembly. I think it's fair to say that the General Assembly itself is not conducting polls, but they are certainly aware of the Sovereign People's Movement and "Anonymous" and the polls.

And a poll that has 80% voting FOR a new 9/11 investigation is a good thing. I support this Action Alert. And I support AE supporters and action groups making appearances at these Occupy events to promote our message and distribute information. Public outreach is vital.



Still FAKE + Still Nothing To Do With #OWS

If the 'Sovereign People's Movement' (sorry, who?) are trying to 'influence' the General Assembly through online polls [misrepresentative, undemocratic and fundamentally counter to what actually #OWS is], then it'll reflect badly on the 'Sovereign People's Movement' and by extension: AE911truth.org - btw, i've seen nothing to suggest this isn't just some guys website. Has anyone else?

A cursory scan of the 'Coup Media' website reveals multiple references to 'time machines', 'chemtrails', and 'ancient astronauts'. I don't see how associating this sort of garbage with a demand for 9/11 Justice and Accountability is worthwhile at all. I find it pretty sickening.

Thank you Gareth. RL, this

Thank you Gareth.

RL, this poll may make you feel good on the inside, but other than that, it seems counter-productive in the least.

Hey, Nor Cal Truth

Thank you for kicking ASS with 'The Big Lie'.

What matters

is whether or not the poll results are accurate and will be seen and considered by the G.A. As far as I can tell the various polling results for the range of issues is being tabulated correctly. It's not a fake poll. I believe that tens of thousands have indeed voted for these issues and the results reflect that. The fact that 80 percent have voiced their demand for a 9/11 investigation is significant, and I believe the General Assembly will pay attention to these results. The poll only lets you vote once and the responses did correspond to the action alert - the numbers of voters and the percentage increased.

These polls regarding The Patriot Act, the fed, raising taxes for the wealthy, ending the drug war, investigating 9/11, etc., certainly won't have an ADVERSE affect with people involved in making decisions regarding a grassroots peoples' movement. It can only help.


I support dissemination and promotion at all types of venues.

I support dissemination and promotion of 9/11 Awareness at a vast variety of events and actions. At "Occupy Dallas" many, many people in the crowd rallied behind the 9/11 Truth message.

"Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" is a vanguard for the 9/11 Truth Movement. It is quite appropriate to promote AE911Truth when disseminating 9/11 awareness.

Some of the most successful 9/11 promotional actions for "North Texans for 9/11 Truth" have involved "piggybacking" along side other actions and events. (Martin Luther King parades, Occupy Dallas, JFK Lancer researchers, Code Pink, The Peace Movement, End The Fed, book signings and public lectures, etc. etc. etc.) Thanks to Joe, who spots these events and actions, and then organizes 9/11 Truth exposure at them.

There is nothing wrong with promoting 9/11 Truth.
There is nothing wrong with promoting the vanguard of this movement (i.e. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth).
And there is nothing wrong with the vanguard of this movement doing all it can to promote 9/11 Truth.

Mixed Results at OccupyOakland

On Oct. 25th some our local ae911truth activists did some outreach in Oakland, CA.

We brought our 7' tall, "9/11 Cover-Up" "Elephant in the Room" beast with us because of the promised media attention (NBC, ABC) at City Hall. We were well received until just before our departure when two young people stabbed our inflatable signage, before slipping back into the crowd. We can patch the damage easily enough, and get it back to work. I had reservations about attending the OWS events so as not to dilute their efforts, but felt 9/11 was the catalyst for the mess we're in ($3 trillion War on Terror), so we made our appearance. We saw other 9/11 signs in the crowd , independent of our efforts: "Occupy Bldg. 7, being the most notable. We'll discuss this matter tonight at our monthly meeting. Time is short folks...

I agree McGee. People in the Dallas area were voting on it...

At the first part of October as "Occupy Dallas" was building, people in the Dallas area were voting on that link. It was being spread all around Dallas.

It hurts nothing to "express a vote for an independent investigation into 9/11".

We are the media.

(Probably the owner of that website feels the same way. "We are the media")

In my opinion, it is not healthy for the well being of the 9/11 Movement when 9/11 promotion is stifled or suppressed.

No. Way. People in the Dallas area were voting on it?

Clearly that makes it a far more representative and accurate online poll and i'm sure the #OWS General Assembly will appreciate that. Sorry i mentioned AE911truth.org are endorsing a website with unscientific garbage like 'chemtrails', 'time machines', and 'ancient astronauts' on it. AE911truth.org always know best.

Thank you.