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AE911Truth Blueprint Newsletter | Vol. XXXI | October 2011 
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The 10th Anniversary of 9/11 hosted numerous opportunities for AE911Truth to leap frog our mission forward. In this issue we report on the more than 100 screenings of “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out” around the world, as well as the Pacifica Radio Debate between AE911Truth and two physicists, the Toronto Hearings, and a wealth of local events from AE911Truth Action Groups across the country. We include a deeper insight into the principal chemist behind the Nanothermite peer-reviewed paper. We also provide a report on what some AE911Truth supporters are up to at their local “Occupy Wall Street” events. Let us know what you want us to write about. Better yet… submit an article to AE911Truth for publication in The Blueprint!

• Wave of 10th Anniversary Actions and Events
     Raise Call for Accountability:
     Explosive 9/11 Evidence Takes Center Stage
• Jet Fuel: The Perfect Tool for Controlled Demolition?
     Defenders of Official 9/11 Story Defy Logic & Physics in
     Pacifica Debate
• After the Toronto Hearings: Taking Giant Steps
     Toward Justice
• New AE911Truth Documentary “Experts Speak Out”:
     100 Premieres Throughout the World Empower 9/11
     Activists During the 10th Anniversary
• 10th Anniversary Activists Bring 9/11 Truth to Iowa State
• AE911Truth Supporters Inform Occupy Movement:
     Outreach with WTC Evidence Yields Warm Reception
     with Positive Results
• Reaching Out at the Beach: Orange County, CA
     Activists Host AE911Truth Booth
• Niels Harrit, Ph.D. in Focus: A Look Beyond the Explosive
     9/11 Discovery


Wave of 10th Anniversary Actions and Events Raise Call for Accountability: Explosive 9/11 Evidence Takes Center Stage

by Bernie Suarez

Throughout the weekend of September 11, 2011, an unmistakable energy could be felt in the hearts and minds of many Americans across the nation as we all pondered the events of 9/11 – ten years later. Throughout the country and the world, people paused to remember those that lost their lives. Many reminisced, if only for a day, on the intimate memories and personal stories of the event. The significance of this anniversary, magnified by the realization that a full decade had passed, was enough to energize countless AE911Truth advocates to unabatedly share the truth about this tragedy with both citizens and power circles of society alike.



Jet Fuel: The Perfect Tool for Controlled Demolition?
Defenders of Official 9/11 Story Defy Logic & Physics in Pacifica Debate

by Eli Rika

The Pacifica radio debate that aired on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 featured a quartet of technical specialists. Architect Richard Gage, AIA, and chemist Niels Harrit, Ph.D., faced off against physicist Dave Thomas and physics professor Richard Muller, Ph.D., in a discussion about the science behind the WTC catastrophe.



After the Toronto Hearings: Taking Giant Steps Toward Justice

by Mike Bondi, PEng

Nearly two weeks after the close of the Toronto Hearings on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, a small group gathered for a lunch meeting at Al Madina Egyptian restaurant across the street from the University of Waterloo, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It is the favorite meeting place of our 9/11 activist host, Egyptian-born Dr. Mohamed Elmasry, as well as a favorite among students and employees at local high-technology companies, which include nearby Blackberry-maker Research In Motion, whose co-CEO Mike Lazaridis once worked as Elmasry’s research assistant.



New AE911Truth Documentary “Experts Speak Out”: 100 Premieres Throughout the World Empower 9/11 Activists During the 10th Anniversary

by Tim Hamilton and Mike Cook

In the week before the 10th anniversary of the events of 9/11, the hard work and dedication of the video team at Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth revealed itself. The long-awaited documentary film, “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, premiered to viewing audiences across the country and around the world. AE911Truth Founder, Richard Gage, AIA, personally introduced the film and answered questions at several screenings including the world-wide premieres in Toronto and New York.



10th Anniversary Activists Bring 9/11 Truth to Iowa State Capitol

by Dennis Scar, 9/11 Truth of Central Iowa

Members of 9/11 Truth of Central Iowa, an AE911Truth Action Groups, had a full day in Des Moines on Sunday, September 11, the 10th anniversary of the catastrophe of 9-11-01, with many of us pushing the limits of our “comfort zone”.



AE911Truth Supporters Inform Occupy Movement: Outreach with WTC Evidence Yields Warm Reception with Positive Results

by AE911Truth Staff

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 was an excellent occasion to educate the public with the explosive evidence exposed by AE911Truth. Now, the “Occupy Wall Street” protests nationwide have provided a new opportunity to educate the public about the WTC skyscraper demolitions, and AE911Truth supporters and volunteers have already made an impact.



Reaching Out at the Beach: Orange County, CA Activists Host AE911Truth Booth

by Dan Noël

Orange County 9/11 Truth, a group that shares the scientific truth behind the 9/11 catastrophe with the Southern part of the Los Angeles basin, was not quite satisfied with its monthly outreach. The spot they had selected by the pier in surf capital, Huntington Beach, was free of charge and frequented by many pedestrians, but an open-air fair on the esplanade often dwarfed their table.



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Niels Harrit, Ph.D. in Focus: A Look Beyond the Explosive 9/11 Discovery

by Four Arrows

For the last few years, Dr. Niels Harrit has been one of the foremost scientific researchers into the World Trade Center catastrophe. His analysis of the WTC dust has exposed the existence of advanced thermitic incendiaries, which adds to the overwhelming evidence that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were brought down by controlled demolition. While many supporters of AE911Truth know about the groundbreaking discoveries that Harrit and his team of scientists has made, few know about the man himself, and the reasons why he decided to take action on this pivotal subject. I recently discussed these issues with Harrit to find out what drives his pursuit of the truth about the WTC destruction.

When I asked Dr. Harrit about how he got involved in researching 9/11, he said, “You don’t go out and search for 9/11. It finds you, and you must act from there.’

When the topic found Harrit at the University of Copenhagen’s chemistry department, his subsequent scholarly inquiries motivated him to use his knowledge and training to speak out. He recently described this sentiment when someone asked him why he researches the September 11 events: “First, I am opposed to crime, and second, when my six grandchildren ask me, ‘Grandfather, which side were you on?’ I will be able to answer them ‘I was on your side.’”



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