AE911Truth Supporters Inform Occupy Movement | Outreach with WTC Evidence Yields Warm Reception with Positive Results

Written by AE911Truth Staff

David Long and this Ottawa AE911Truth Action Group occupy the Canadian Parliament Grounds

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 was an excellent occasion to educate the public with the explosive evidence exposed by AE911Truth. Now, the “Occupy Wall Street” protests nationwide have provided a new opportunity to educate the public about the WTC skyscraper demolitions, and AE911Truth supporters and volunteers have already made an impact.

9/11 Truth activists have courteously reached out to demonstrators at local “Occupy” events in a variety of ways, including displaying the AE911Truth banner, wearing 9/11 truth T-shirts, and handing out our street brochures.

At the “Occupy San Francisco” protest, AE911Truth was treated warmly by the local organizers, and generated a lot of positive attention from the 100 to 150 people in attendance.

Colorado911Visibility informs the public about the science behind 9/11 as they occupy NIST Laboratories in Boulder, CO . The National Institute of Standards and Technology authored the WTC 1,2, & 7 reports which most readers have determined to be a cover-up.

Even though the protesters had a variety of political and social beliefs, many came over to take literature and offer support.

“We were excited how many demonstrators were so passionate about the 9/11 truth literature” said AE911Truth volunteer Tabitha S. “There seems to be a common thread among the gatherers to find truth and to demand accountability across numerous issues – that turn out to be intricately related. Many indicated also that they would be visiting website and that they would indeed sign the petition.”

OWS activists who wanted to learn more were referred to our new DVD “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out", in which 43 highly credentialed professionals – including high-rise architects, structural engineers, chemical engineers, metallurgists, physicists and explosives experts – make the case, hands down, for a new investigation of the total destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC 7.

The Phoenix AE911Truth Action Group joined the Occupy Phoenix campaign kick off on October 15, 2011, “to lend the voice of the science and evidence of AE911Truth to the voice of the people”.

Pamela Senzee was invited to give a short talk as well – seen in this longer unedited Occupy Phoenix video clip.

Congressional Outreach Team leader Wayne Coste also had an encouraging experience with OWS participants in Manhattan’s Zucotti Park:


“I arrived after dark, about 9:30 and I brought my laptop and other AE911Truth materials with me. I stood on one of the short walls near Broadway and held up the laptop that was showing my short loop for street fairs. This short loop has a number of video clips that are introduced by silent, text-only narratives. After standing there for a few minutes, I began to attract a number of watchers. Eventually it must have numbered about 50 or more altogether.

Once the questions started coming in, I was talking non-stop about 9/11 for about two hours. The main message that connected with them was about censorship. I explained that the silence about the explosive destruction of the three skyscrapers, and the silence about the call of 1,600 architects and engineers for a new investigation, was the irrefutable proof of the widespread media censorship.

I handed out a number of copies of the “human microphone” speech I created, and it was very popular. Several people said that they would bring it up at the OWS General Assembly the next morning.”

The prominent action group, San Diegans for 9/11 Truth, has “occupied” the site of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier regularly for years

If you have the opportunity to make an announcement at the “Occupy” events, you can make use of the inventive “human microphone” technique and share Wayne Coste’s thought-provoking speech – or one of your own. Others around you will repeat each short phrase in the speech so that all participants can hear the vital information.

You don’t have to connect with the “Occupy” movement to have an effect in your area. You can simply choose to set up your own “occupation” – on a sidewalk, at the beach, at a flea market – anywhere that is legal.

Be sure to visit our online store for inexpensive brochures, sleeved DVDs, books and our broadsheet newspaper 9/11 Investigator, which are really great tools for educating the public.

So go out there in your local area and let your voice be heard. With your help, the truth about 9/11 will occupy the minds of citizens everywhere!

And don't forget to support AE911Truth by volunteering or joining the family of sustaining supporters.


Beautiful method of outreach!!

A lot of folks are finding out about 9/11 because of actions like these.

(Sidenote: The "Occupy" movement has changed a meme. People feel more free to voice issues of substance in public. Now it has become "more okay" to deliver a message of 9/11 awareness.)

Feel like chatting...

Occupy: "Reinvestigate 9/11" approved.

The public poll which Occupy Wall St. published last month, as regards "Demands to be Included", has finally closed after 4 weeks. The item "Re-investigate the 9/11 attacks" received 83% "yes", thus exceeding the 67% criterion.

I checked on the "reinvestigate 9/11" item yesterday afternoon and it stood at 84% approval. However, last night (1am Pacific time) it appeared that an effort had been launched to exclude this item, and the approval rating had sunk to 64%.

I realize that this poll isn't scientific, but it does give *some* indications of intent. Also, the "reinvestigate 9/11" item attracted a total of votes (yes and no) far greater than any other of the 25+ items on the agenda., by a factor of at least 5x, or even 10x. Despite this poll not being "scientific", the far greater number of votes cast regarding this issue implies some significance in itself.

FALSE: "Occupy: "Reinvestigate 9/11" approved."

Occupy Wall Street did NOT publish the online poll. It's just some guy's website.

Please read this and note every word:

"A group claiming to be affiliated with the General Assembly of Liberty Square and #ows has been speaking to the media on behalf of our movement.

This group is not empowered by the NYC General Assembly.

This group is not open-source and does not act by consensus.

This group only represents themselves.

While we encourage the participation of autonomous working groups, no single person or group has the authority to make demands on behalf of general assemblies around the world.

We are our demands. This #ows movement is about empowering communities to form their own general assemblies, to fight back against the tyranny of the 1%. Our collective struggles cannot be co-opted."


Just some guy's website......

that generated 72,357 votes and an enormous amount of attention. Of which 60,026 voted "YES" to include "Investigate 9/11" in the formal demands. That is 83%.

It's true that the OWS general assembly does not have any formal demands at the moment. There is an ongoing struggle as to whether or not there will be demands at all, and if so, what they will be. However, this is a grassroots peoples' movement that is still evolving and garnering huge media attention.

If there are to never be ANY demands at all, then why even have a general assembly?

Meanwhile, multitudes of people within and without the Occupy Movement are seeing the importance of the 9/11 truth issue. If it sways a centralized 'general assembly,' great. But this is a COLLECTIVE struggle, and if 9/11 truth awareness sways people in the streets or in their homes watching the news, then efforts like these are outreach successes in the march towards justice and participatory democracy.

I don't understand what

I don't understand what is compelling you to defend a poll that is on a website carrying Planet Nburu wackiness that OWS does not even endorse.


The fact that 72,000 people responded to this poll is significant. If 72,000 people responded to an Entertainment Tonight TV poll in a similar fashion regarding this issue, I would be equally pleased. It wouldn't mean that participants were endorsing the coverage of Casey Anthony. It means what it means.

Similarly, I think that the Big Lie comic book is also good outreach. Never mind the wackiness of it.

OWS can endorse whatever it wants. Or nothing at all. But one thing is certain. The Occupy Movement is not just about what a few "leaders" think. It's about what the people give voice to. If a general assembly doesn't want to make any "official" demands that's fine, but they can't dictate what issues can or cannot be discussed at protests. Otherwise we will Occupy OWS!

The whole point is that a 1 percent leadership cannot have tyrannical control over the population. That applies to both the PTB and to the general assembly. I haven't voted for any of these people. A people's revolution will blossom to its own fruition.

The Big Lie is a fiction

The Big Lie is a fiction comic book with 9/11 facts woven in.

The point is that I would not let AE put it on its website or promote it officially.

The Big Lie is for kids. So is this poll.

So if kids

can discern facts from fiction in a comic book, then adults should be able to discern the subject matter of a poll that they are taking part in. I didn't vote on Nibiru. Neither did the other 72,000 adults.

I appreciate your concern about AE's involvement in the Occupy Movement and this poll. You made your case and you lost. You aren't the final word. Richard Gage and the AE board decided differently. I agree with them.

I am happy to have standards

I am happy to have standards higher than others.

And if you were on the call you heard his (Richards) disappointment in the fact that the poll was not properly vetted by himself or other AE volunteers (you included) as being linked to the stuff you are trying so hard to defend.

And I agree with McGee also.

And I am glad that the poll existed.
And I am glad that 9/11 awareness was included on that poll.
And I am glad that many thousands of people looked at that poll and that thousands were exposed to the 9/11 message.

Personally, I admire the creator of the poll and website. The person took independent action and responsibility. He did not need any "authority" or "okay from a higher power".

The poll hurts nothing.

Let's promote 9/11 awareness. Let's promote the promotion of 9/11 awareness.
Let's not try to stifle people or suppress them from disseminating 9/11 awareness in their independent, creative ways.

One of our greatest challenges is getting the word out. Let's keep doing it.

AE911 INSIDE occupy wall street

is a game changer (IMO)

Keep telling yourselves

Keep telling yourselves whatever you need to.

I'll bookmark this - and point it out in 5 years when you guys are still promoting polls that have no official relevance to what you tell people the poll is for.

You think I want to stiffle personal freedoms? Please don't be so ignorant, read the threads. I am talking about credibility and the use of slim resources. I am talking about AE making official ties or action alerts to OWS.

If you go to OWS, pass out whatever you want. But don't be confused:

1,627 architects and engineers did not sign a petition about OWS or supporting anything outside a new investigation into the destruction of the 3 towers on 9/11.

Why do you guys think AE should do everything for 9/11 activism when they have a stated mission and are far from reaching it?

Notice all these websites that realize they have nothing to do with Occupy Wall St:

Why does AE differ from these groups?

Truth Action is not ambulance chasing the OWS:

Not even Project Censored:

I understand there is no turning back now. You guys have sealed your support for official involvment by AE with OWS.