PROPAGANDA: 'Top Secret America' by PBS

A two-year examination into the massive, unwieldy, top-secret world the government has created in response to 9/11.





Dear Ms. Priest,

Your recent appearance on PBS Frontline brought some light to the area of black operations. However, there were several glaring errors that need to be corrected because Frontline used your excellent research to tell only half the story.

1. The underwear bomber
2. The killing of Usama Bin Laden

Concerning #1, please see this about Detroit attorney Kurt Haskell, witness to the underwear bomber being shepherded in the Amsterdam airport.

Concerning #2, please see this video translation:

Please tell the whole story. Yes, there is a huge apparatus being constructed to counter terrorism. It is driven by financial reward. The flip side is that the same apparatus has a back office that makes sure there will always be terrorists to counter. Surely you can see this is just an excuse for empire building.--For resources and for raw, imperial power.

Can you also see that these tools are being used mostly against your own neighbors? That this same apparatus is now attacking farmers who sell raw milk? That our liberties are being eroded daily?

Can you see that one shoe bomber means millions must remove their shoes? Can you see that one underwear bomber means millions now get sexually assaulted at our airports and train stations? Are you aware that the TSA goons are soon to be deployed at sporting events?

Please use your considerable skills to expose this fraud.