Oakland PD Standoff & Brutal Assault on Occupy Oakland

Abby Martin of Media Roots captured the extremely tense moments of the Oakland PD's standoff with the Occupy Wall Street protestors before the brutal crackdown occurred.

Things came to a head around 7:45 pm when the Oakland PD started throwing smoke bombs and tear gas canisters into the crowd completely unprovoked. This is what a police state looks like!

Contact Oakland Mayor Jean Quan here: http://www.oaklandnet.com/contactmayor.asp



Egyptian Brutality Comes to America: Police Fire on Protesters.

Police Fire Tear Gas, Flashbang Grenades and Rubber Bullets at Peaceful Protesters

This is not Egypt, Greece or Italy … this is America:


Thanks, Abby. Very courageous reporting.

One thought should ring across the movement: Where is our right to peaceably assemble?

UPDATE: Iraqi war veteran Scott Olsen who was injured by a projectile in Oakland may die from his injuries.

From Business Insider: http://www.businessinsider.com/this-video-shows-scott-olsen-moments-before-he-was-injured-by-opd-2011-10


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It's incredible that you were a fair distance away from the tear gas clouds but obviously felt the affects. I really thought that cop was smirking when you said, "Are you taught to stare blanky ahead?"

Occupy discipline was pretty good

Hard to be heard without raising your voice. Understandable the protester would wear a mask as protection against gas, but showing your vulnerable face is an important part of trying to touch hearts. I liked the person telling the police they should be on our side. Better yet it would be good to explain why.

A Job

Anyone with honor wouldn't have the job these policemen have - they'd ask for another division. These are authoritarian lowlifes who enjoy hurting people.

and dont forget

they just HAD to try out their new riot gear toys!

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when them guys go home and try to lie to their families saying how they had to because they felt threatened ... and then ban them from the PC lol. "Nobodys allowed on the pc ... TV only!"

I bet the next

Oakland occupy is BIGGER.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for the feedback, I couldn't believe how strong the gas was felt that far away, I can't even imagine how injured the people are that were in the line of fire. Here is a good overhead view of the attack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7r2ETi5C1A&feature=related

Like mentioned above there is a two term Iraqi veteran that is in extremely critical condition for being hit at point blank range with a rubber bullet. Others got tear gas and smoke bombs purposefully thrown into them when they rushed to help an injured person in front of the barricade: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqNOPZLw03Q

it's insane to be in the middle of all of it. There have been five police helicopters circling around the neighborhood (I live close to downtown) for the last three days straight. The whole city is under lockdown and I can feel the presence of cops everywhere.

Here is some footage I shot directly after the initial raid on the encampments at 6:00 Tuesday morning after the cops tear gassed and shot bullets and leveled all the tents:

Keep up the great work everyone!

FIVE helicopters?

That *is* insane. I can help but think they are provoking the protesters, trying to start a violent riot. And then the crackdown will come, like in London or in other places. Things would only get much worse from there.

A violent response must be avoided, even when the 'other side' is doing violence.

And thank you, Abby.

I believe the only thing that

will get us anywhere in this ordeal is being and staying non-violent in every way possible. That's a hard thing to do when you're being met with intentional physical violence. It's the ultimate test for humanity I think, to finally do things differently.
I hope it will be done (hope implies doubt), but I know in my heart that it can be done.

Thank you Abby for your couragous reporting.

You are very, very correct, but

just look at what is being passed out in Oakland:


It's more provocation. I hope everyone can keep their cool.

'what is being passed out '

... could very well be 'agents from the dark side' - in the name of occupyNN' where non violence is the primary principle of action!...
I think attention should be focused on revealing the identity of those 'agents' to expose the there false agenda!
To me this looks so mush like the false-flagging that start wars - expose the false flag on all levels!

Here's to Iraq War Vet Scott Olsen


This is so tragic.

Improved Condition

Scott Olsen's condition has been upgraded, so reports of his impending death are excessive, to say the least. I heard last night on local news (KTVU) that he might be released next week.

He is out of surgery

I just read an update that says his speech is heavily impaired post surgery and he might be mentally brain damaged after this incident. He is definitely alive though. I really hope he is going to be ok. :(

Police-initiated violence: a common tactic to tarnish dissenters

A commonly used tactic used by police in protest situations (especially in major cities) is a microcosm of the "false flag"scenario: police departments hire infiltrators dressed as "Black Block anarchists", usually masked or wearing bandanas, black clothing and heavy boots. On cue, they throw objects at police lines to initiate a police response against the protesters that will seen to be "justified". This could easily have been the case in Oakland.... but I don't know that, I am just speculating here... but it is quite likely, given its history and effectiveness. It wouldn't surprise me in the least.

A classic instance of this was in Seattle, 1999. Over 50,000 anti-WTO demonstrators were occupying downtown Seattle; the demonstration was peaceful - until a bunch of characters dressed as "anarchists" as described above started hurling rocks and other missiles through windows in downtown stores, with the corporate media TV cameras right there on cue. The graphic footage and images were broadcast on primetime television to households throughout the nation (and the world), changing the dialog within minutes.... what had previously been a peaceful but extremely effective, disruptive action, was trashed by the actions of a few dozen police-sponsored vandals... (of course, once the violence started, some protestors who are prone to fighting, naturally joined in). It worked brilliantly for the powers-that-be: hundreds of people were pepper sprayed, gassed and beaten up, even people who were mere passers by, or even people venturing out of their homes to watch as the police forced protesters into residential areas. The public perception of the anti-WTO event changed to being anti-protester and pro-WTO.. and who would blame the public, who knew no different?

How do I know this? Several members of the media collective that I did occasional camera work for were in Seattle, filming the event. One of the clips that got wide circulation featured several of these "black clad thugs" walking out the rear exit of the downtown police station, after their "mock arrests", laughing and waving wads of cash in the air, and bragging about what they had just done. There were other camera people who captured similar material.

If only youtube had been around back then....

Oakland police under pressure after injuring war veteran

Important Oakland background

I agree with above - the gwblog article is important in seeing the militarization of US police, such as training in Israel.

Oakland has a history that helps it to build up to this....

Published on Saturday, December 13, 2003 by the Oakland Tribune
Oakland: 'Less-Than-Lethal' Weapons Come Under Scrutiny

Published on Saturday, July 29, 2006 by the San Francisco Chronicle
Oakland Police Spies Chosen to Lead War Protest

Occupy Denver Withstands Brutal Police Assault


Reports are still limited, however, apparently Saturday afternoon (Mountain Time) Denver, Colorado, police moved to evict the Occupy Denver encampment from Civic Center Park in front of the capitol building, firing rubber bullets and using tear gas on unarmed protesters. It appears that while many tents and sleeping bags were confiscated and some arrests occurred, the encampment withstood the assault and remains. Here's the latest: -- ma/RSN

Occupy Denver on RT