Occupy Oakland Police Following Brutal Raid: 'Just Following Orders'

Abby Martin of Media Roots went out to cover the immediate aftermath of the brutal police raid of Occupy Oakland at 6:20 am on October 25, 2011.

500+ Oakland PD used tear gas, rubber bullets and completely leveled two encampments of peaceful protestors practicing civil disobedience. 90+ protestors were then arrested.

Contact the Mayor Jean Quan here: http://www.oaklandnet.com/contactmayor.asp


No Honor

Direct email address here, because the on-line form requires proof of Oakland citizenship.


Dear Mayor Jean Quan,

Please recite your oath of office:

Note the part about supporting the US and California Constitutions.

You are not worthy of the title "Honorable Mayor".

If anyone mistakenly uses this term in addressing you, please correct them and tell them about how you sent jack-booted thugs to brutalize your citizens at a peaceful demonstration in order to shut down a non-violent Free Speech Assembly.

Shame On You! There is no honor in your office.


Thanks for taking note that the email is not mentioned. You rock!

Deliberate Attack on a Medivac Team

Watch a team of students try to assist an injured man. As soon as they assemble near the man a policeman tosses a stun grenade right into their midst.


Unprovoked brutality against a small, unarmed group attempting to give aid to an inured man.