Professor Niels Harrit to speak on WTC 7 at Indiana University

Public Lecture - The Collapse of the Seventh Tower: A Physical & Chemical Analysis
Niels H. Harrit, Copenhagen University

When: Wednesday, November 16, 2011 @ 7:15-9:15 p.m.
Where: Morrison Hall 007
Departmental Sponsors: College of Arts and Sciences, American Studies Program

To most people, the image of the World Trade Center (WTC) is confined to the famous twin towers, which dominated the New York skyline until September 11th, 2001, when they collapsed after each one being hit by an airliner. However, the trade center was an assembly of seven buildings around a plaza. The youngest of these, WTC7, was a huge office building, reaching 186 meters and 47 stories into the air. The ground-plan area was little less than a soccer field.

WTC7 was not hit by an airliner. Still, it collapsed seven hours after the twin towers in a totally symmetric movement with free-fall speed. It was the most unexpected collapse in the history of modern building construction.

The talk outlines the factual circumstances around this event. These facts are held up against the official account of the event as it has been presented in a report from National Institute of Standards and Technology. According to this report, WTC7 collapsed due to fire. But never before - or since - in history has a steel-framed high-riser collapsed due to fire.

In the second part of the talk it is proposed that the collapse of WTC was due to controlled demolitions using explosives. In addition, unambiguous evidence points to the use of thermite, which is an energetic material used to cut and weld steel. The newest findings in the dust include still-reactive remains of so-called nano-thermite.

Good news!

Keep it up Niels :D
Experts lecturing at universities may be the very best way of truth-activism ...

Well, there were at least a few for whom

"It was NOT the most unexpected collapse in the history of modern building construction. "

The testimony of FDNY Chief John Perrugia at the NYT Oral History Archive proves that. Oh, what we would do for the name of the "engineer type" with whom Peruggia spoke a little after 9 a.m.

Oh what would I give

for an interview with Chief John Perrugia, in which he was asked what he thought about that particular suggestion from that "engineer type" that WTC7 was going to collapse? Surely there wasn't a single solitary fireman at GZ including himself, who thought that what they saw happen to B7 was caused by a spontaneous natural occurence? I mean, they're not crazy.
And I would definitely like to see Chief Daniel Nigro questioned about whether or not he was expecting a natural symmetrical collapse at near freefall acceleration (please note Prof. Harrit). It seems like he did, judging from what he has said up till now. Well if he did expect it, I would like to know the basis for this judgement, to expect it to collapse in this fashion. It seems almost absurd to even talk about this. Of course it was demolished on purpose, of course he didn't expect it, of course he did if he was told that it was gonna be brought down.

But my guess would be that Chief Nigro wouldn't be all that interested in a new interview. Maybe Chief Perrugia would.

what pressures must be on these chiefs

what pressures must be on these chiefs and scores of others to remain silent with hundreds of their sworn brothers dead at Ground Zero and them not being able to say shit. they're in a personal hell we can't fathom. pray for them too.

I agree

It must be torment to be under this kind of pressure, knowing what they saw and compare that to what's officially been told about it.
One can only wonder what goes on in Chief Nigro's mind, and all the others who can't afford to speak out. And I might as well pray for them as well indeed.

Thanks and good wishes to all involved

Thanks to those who have the cojones to continue speaking out.

A thankless, unpaid, unrewarded task in many ways - for people like Ryan and Harritt. But many see what you are doing and appreciate your principled input.

other speaking engagement?

Hello Professor Harrit,

I wish i would have been able to attend your lecture at IU. I learned about it after the fact.
Do u have any upcoming lectures planned either at IU Bloomington or perhaps in Indianapolis?

Thank you for all your efforts for 911 truth. And thank you also to Mr Kevin Ryan.

With warmest regards,

Perhaps there is video of his lecture ?

Herblay FRANCE

perhaps someone has a video of his lecture and can put it on the internet ?