New Free Immortal Technique Album

A new album from Immortal Technique called "The Martyr"

"The purpose of life is a life with a purpose
So I’d rather die for a cause than live a life that is worthless
I don’t need the circus or the day of national observance
I need you to think for you and stop being a servant."

"You can't stop a revolution from breathin'
So to beat 'em they offer people the illusion of freedom
But when you're done dreamin' and wake up, tortured for treason
Then you can see them, hidin' behind the God they believe in"
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"Rich Man's World" -

"Activists act a bitch, get
mad at me.
Cause of my tax-free
80 percent to the staff and
And 20 percent to the
homeless and hungry.
The country gotta pay the
Fed Reserve
Kick back to the banksters,
haven't you learned?
You protest cops or
patrols on the street,
But I bought city hall so I
own the police.
E-mail, facebook, and the
shit you tweet.
All the phone companies,
so I heard you speakin'
My suggestion is your
No elections, sex with no
No invention of benefit to
world of man,
Will exist till I got the
money in my hand.
World Bank interest rate.
damn rape on the spot.
But I'm gangsta, you gon'
take my money like it or