Confessing What?

This is worth watching and considering very carefully:

John Perkins apparently reached a crisis point within himself which compelled him to write “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” in which he unmasks the collusion between U.S.Government, Military, and Financial forces in order to extend U.S. empire, and his role in that process.
What he chooses not to unmask is as revealing.

Perkins wants us to believe that he is truly sorry for what he did . . . that he now “gets it” and wants to be part of the solution. Let’s examine that contention:

Are you a parent? If not, imagine that you are for a moment. Imagine that you live in Pennsylvania and that your ten-year old son attended events sponsored by The Second Mile , Jerry Sandusky’s non-profit for youth at risk. You become suspicious about Sandusky’s interest in your son: the trips to football games etc. and you discover that Sandusky has raped your ten-year old son while showering with him on the Penn State campus. Now imagine that when confronted Sandusky comes out and confesses; that he feels horrible for the unfathomable damage he has inflicted on children in his trust for decades. He asks you to believe him; that he is truly sorry, that now he “gets it.”

Of course this isn’t what Sandusky has said. He actually denies all of the allegations against him, and says that he has no idea what would motivate an assistant coach to accuse him of child sexual abuse.
But for the sake of argument, Imagine that in that Bob Costas interview he said: “ Bob, something is terribly wrong with me. I am attracted to underage boys; I have sexually abused many, and if I’m not controlled I will do it again if given the chance. I hereby turn myself in to State authorities as a pedophile and sex offender, and I demand that I be remain incarcerated for the rest of my life.”

As a parent of a child raped by Sandusky, would you forgive him? Were I this child’s parent I might over some period of time come to respect him somewhat for finally coming clean, but what is his apology worth to my son and to me, and to our family? Jack Shit. That’s what it’s worth. The damage has been done. Just because you supposedly feel bad now about your actions does not make all of your wrongs right. You were an avalanche in my son’s life . . . only you chose him to be in your path, and you picked him up and pummeled him down that mountain, but unlike a random force of nature, you are a man, an adult who created a large pool from which you could hand pick your victims, and you chose to pick up my son and RAPE HIM; it didn’t “just happen.” You made it happen.

John Perkins’ choices contributed to a wasteland of consequences which far exceed the horrors imposed on my or your son, and you, and your family. Countless are dead; far more were sentenced to unimaginable poverty, disease, and suffering because of your choices and decisions. And now you feel bad about it . . . hmmm. Are you asking me to feel sorry for you now? You’re obviously asking me to believe that you are suffering, and will for the rest of your life and that all you can do is fight to change the system.

For the first eighty minutes of this documentary I believed him. As I watched I grew more impressed by his willingness to unshroud the Global Financial/Government/Military establishment. He says “ I don’t know how much longer I have to live . . .” implying that the forces who employed him have very good reasons to grease him. But do they?

This is no doubt a powerful documentary. I applaud the producers for creating it, but I have grave doubts about Perkins and his real motivation for writing this book.
In the last ten minutes of this documentary, Perkins reflects on 9/11: how clear it is to him that it was orchestrated solely by Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaida recruits as blowback for the damage inflicted by U.S. Imperial practices in the Middle East over the past sixty plus years (post WWII.) This from a man who clearly understands how the game is played. This is rich.
This is also known as “Limited Hangout.” ~Yes, I and we [the network] have secretly and successfully perpetrated brutal injustice on millions of mostly impoverished people for over half a century AND we have intelligence gathering capabilities that would totally blow your mind, but we were totally caught off guard on 9/11.

Excuse me, but FUCK YOU Perkins.

You really feel sorry for all you’ve done? Then connect the dots of what you know so well about full-spectrum imperial dominance aims with what the evidence says about how 9/11 was hatched and how U.S. post-9/11 response profoundly furthered the aims of empire you claim to be unmasking.

Just like I ask anyone I’m talking with about the Penn State debacle if they have read the Grand Jury report; that if you haven’t read it you to some degree are talking out of your ass, I ask everybody who states an opinion on 9/11 if they have read #1 The 9/11 Commission Report (most haven’t) and #2 The Facts Speak for Themselves (practically none have.)

Without awareness, discernment, and resolve for justice we as a society are condemned to repeat the failures of our forbearers.

Love is the only way forward.

(and Love is wide awake)

Richard Charles Lowe
Lafayette, CO
November, 2011

Jerry Sandusky: Grand Jury Report
9/11 Commission Report
The Facts Speak for Themselves

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A Pressure Point for 9/11 Truth

It's interesting how easy it is to see through obfuscators once the blindfold comes off. Thank you for this analysis. Hope you will consider signing the petition on the White House website that calls for a real investigation of 9/11. Because the website rules limit access to petitions (until they reach 150 signers), this petition can only be found by following this link . While there are only 10 days left on this petition, if by some miracle 25,000 people sign it by November 30th the website's rules guarantee an official response from the appropriate department of government.

I've already signed it

At that time there were something like 23 signatures. Very discouraging.

As long as John Perkins stands behind his "BinLaden done it" he is controlled opposition as far as I'm concerned.

Once a Con Man.....


"That's your thing. This is my thing"

I remember when Joe confronted Perkins after a talk he gave here in Dallas a few years ago.

As I recall, when confronted with 911 Truth, he basically said to Joe and to me, "That is your thing to work on. This is my thing."

The implication was that 911 Truth may indeed be valid, but it is Joe's and my job to pursue it. He was going to tackle his "economic hit man" issues.

He certainly didn't propose that the official story was valid back then.


makes what he says or does not say about 9/11 more significant. In the context of his role as an economic hitman, it is most curious that (to my knowledge) he has not challenged the Official Conspiracy Theory.