A Music Video Integrating 9/11 Truth into the OWS Movement

On 9/11/11Vic Sadot released a new 16 song CD titled "9/11 Truth & Justice Songs". One of the songs on that CD that was made into a music video celebrates the Occupy Wall Street movement and visually weaves 9/11 Truth and Occupy themes into the music video. Attention guitarists and singers! The lyrics and guitar chords follow below after some brief commentary. Here is the link!
Oh What A Day! at YouTube:

"Oh What A Day!" is a basic blues song with vocals and acoustic guitar by Vic Sadot and violin by Eric Golub. The song speaks to the deep and growing disillusion and sense of betrayal that many US citizens have come to feel due to the fact that the Obama-Biden regime has continued the policies of the Bush-Cheney regime and refused to investigate their crimes. Of course, serious advocates of truth and justice never felt any such sentiment. They already saw through the two party charade, which election after election, delivers a mandate to imperial wars abroad and policies of class war on the poor and middle class at home.

There's nothing as powerful as being affected personally by these policies to radicalize and activate people. The lies and media demonizing of leaders of other countries to bomb their infrastructure and civilians does not seem to have this effect. But the loss of security, jobs, and housing does have this effect. And the use of repression on those who protest seems to multiply the number of participants rather than diminish the movement. At Occupy Oakland the police easily over-ran the encampment in the dark of the night, but several thousand came out to protest the next day. When the mayor of Oakland employed 17 militarized police agencies in riot gear who attacked and tear gassed those marching in the streets, one Iraq War veteran named Scott Olson was taken to the hospital in critical condition because the police shot a tear gas cannister to his head at close range. Cops even attacked the people who tried to help the wounded vet! Of course, this was video taped and put on line for the world to see, and several days later 10,000 people marched and successfully shut down all the banks in Oakland and the Port of Oakland.

Likewise, at the University of California at Berkeley, the cops were videotaped beating students who tried to set up tents and used non-violent direct action by locking themselves arm in arm with each other. This galvanized the student population already reeling from huge tuition increases to come out in thousands to re-occupy Sproul Plaza where Mario Savio made his famous Free Speech movement speech on Dec. 2, 1964:

The irony of students being beaten by militarized police brought onto the campus by request of the Chancellor at the very spot where the university celebrates it's "Free Speech" heritage was not lost on the students. The student newspaper, The Daily Cal, put the raw footage of the police assault on the students on line:

Several days later the annual Mario Savio Activist Awards event was moved from a lecture hall to Sproul Plaza where former Labor Secretary Robert Reich spoke to about 5,000 students.

There is a new opening to questions that were not acceptable before the currently developing climate of struggle. 9/11 Truth speakers have been well received when they have spoken at occupy sites. Hopefully, this will continue.

For all of you fellow guitar players, you will find this song easy to perform. The chords are EEAA 3X B7B7B7B7 for every two lines of the song. Then there is a breather fill of EEEE between your singing. Same chords for verse and chorus! Carry it on!

Oh What a Day!

After 8 years of Bush and Cheney the country was weary and worn!
Yeah! “W” was Dick’s little trainee! And the Constitution was torn!
When these Empire thugs used torture, they put our poor country to scorn!
And as they looted the treasury, a mighty new movement was born!

Oh what a day! What a wonderful, jubilant day!
Oh what a day! When Bush and Cheney went away!
Oh what a day! What a wonderful, jubilant day!
Oh what a day! When peace through justice is the way!

Yes, they left the country in ruin! They lied and made profits from war!
They lied about all they were doin’! From 9/11 to Iraq and more!
Now the country’s got Obama and Biden, and there’s so much hope in the air!
But trust in them will run out when they have no justice to share! (chorus)

It’s not about the color of your skin! Not looks! Not personality!
It’s all about who you are servin’! And the truth about your policy!
It’s really all about exposin’ the lies that mislead us before!
And stopping the wars they’re imposin’, and serving justice once more! (chorus)

Now we’ve got a new face for the Empire! The “good cop” ‘s replacing the “bad”!
And once again there’s blood on the wire! It’s all so mad and so sad!
They still use lies of 9/11 to cover up all that is wrong!
And they’re still looting the treasury! But the movement for justice is strong!

Copyright 2009 Victor René Sadot, BMI, Orbian Love Music

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"Oh What A Day!"