9/11 Truth Versus The BBC

9/11 Truth Versus The BBC

A debunking of all the BBC propaganda pieces over the years.



Would be even better if the BBC parts were somehow clearly marked/distinguishable from non BBC parts.

You may also be interested in this BBC interview with Niels Harrit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT-pFzOo5YM ...

I agree - the BBC parts were not properly marked

What could have been a good piece was marred because one could not clearly distinguish who the BBC speaker was and which BBC piece in particular was being critiqued at which time. People and documentaries were not clearly titled/named.

The overall effect was confusing. Newcomers who are not familiar with Mike Rudin's BBC 'Conspiracy Files:911' series might be left without a clear idea of the actual, obfuscatory role played by the BBC.

Pity. There is good footage here and l points to be made.

Well done

I know how difficult it is making videos and like beauty, which they say is in the eye of the beholder; I suppose there could always be suggestions for improvements…at least it’s certainly true with my videos.

The key is to get the basic information out there in as many formats possible, because I think the more videos, papers, letters, poems, songs and movies on the subject, the better. It takes just one production from any of those mediums to snag the interest of new individuals when they stumble across it. And for those newbies who do get fired up and actually care, they will take the time to do the additional research and fill in the blanks, understanding that something is horribly wrong with the official story.

Thanks ScootleRoyale for this video, and all your other work.

I apologise if my comment sounded too critical ...

It's just that we sorely need a professional compilation and analysis of all the propaganda items used by the BBC over the last decade.

Something as professionally put together and clearly understood as "Explosive Evidence", for example.

While this video is interesting, it is not of a standard that could be posted to all journalism and media schools - to generate discussion. The professor at our local journalism department would find it 'amateurish' and switch off after three minutes. You need something sober and professional if you wish to engage the professional community.

John Kroll draws our attention to this fascinating BBC interview:


It's fascinating because here you can observe the BBC master gatekeeper at work defending the official narrative. Listen as he tries so hard to get Harrit to slip up and give him the killer 'speculation' or 'motive' that will allow the BBC to further ridicule / dismiss this discussion .

The media cover-up of post-911 investigation is an important subject - as important as the science discussion.

It deserves the same level of professional video treatment. I wish I could do it - but video-making is not my field of expertise.

Bullshit Bingo

To be played during the BBC's '7/7: Conspiracy Files'.



Great Compilation

By the way, where can one find a copy or posted video, of the latest BBC 9/11 documentary "9/11: Ten Years On"?

There's torrents floating

There's torrents floating around, just checked.

Thanks for the comments. No

Thanks for the comments. No worries about the criticisms, I can handle it. Interestingly, it was my intention to put a little graphic on the bottom left of the frame to identify the BBC clips but when I rendered the video I rather stupidly accidently disabled that video track before hand! The problem is, my six year old PC isn't the most powerful for dealing with high quality video and it literally took over 24 hours to render the final output! And I didn't realise my mistake until about half way through. I couldn't be bother to stop and restart the process just to fix that. So it's purely by accident that there's no graphic identifying the BBC clips.

The way I do my videos is I always try to jam pack them full of information in a crash course kind of way. My ultimate goal is to make a video so condensed, informative and undebunkable that it can turn even the most hardcore JREFers into fully-fledge truthers in under ten minutes lol.

appreciate the contribution

here is a video a friend and I made a few years ago


Notwithstanding points raised by others in this thread, I did find this to be valuable viewing. A number of clips I had not seen in a while, or perhaps ever. (I especially appreciated the inclusion of Jamie Gorelick's comments re NORAD's mission, and the report on Payne Stewart's flight.)

As far as distinguishing the clips is concerned, some explanatory text at the beginning might help--indicating that whenver there's a voiceover with a British accent speaking in a condescending, dismissive tone, then it's a clip from the BBC (that's pretty much how I was able to distinguish them, in any case).