Janette Mackinlay speaks at UC Davis, May 1, 2009

Janette Mackinlay, 1948 - 2010 was an artist, 9/11 survivor and activist for 9/11 Truth and justice.  This video (in 2 parts) shows Janette's presentation at the University of California Davis on May 1, 2009. 

The occasion was Prof. Steven E. Jones' first public presentation of his research on dust from the World Trade Center.  Janette was the first person to give Prof. Jones a sample of dust from the World Trade Center.  Prof. Jones, Prof. Niels Harrit and other scientists found red gray chips in the dust, some visible to the naked eye.  Scientific examination revealed that these were unexploded pieces of nanothermite, a military grade explosive researched and developed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories in Livermore, California. 

The question of how nanothermite came to be in the World Trade Center dust has never been answered by the government or the media.  On top of all the other eyewitness, physical and photographic evidence already available, this left the official story of 9/11 - the 19 Arabs conspiracy theory - without any credibility.  

In this presentation Janette described her experiences on 9/11/01 as the explosion from the collapse of the Twin Towers blew in through the windows of her apartment facing the Twin Towers and filled it with dust.  She said that when she heard the 9/11 Commissioners at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco in 2004 give  the evasive answer ("Sorry, but that is classified!") over and over again it motivated her to learn more about 9/11 and foreign policy. 

Janette talked about her current efforts for 9/11 Truth and justice through NYCCAN.  New York City Coalition for Accountability Now, a grassroots organizing group, got 53,000 signatures to put a referendum for a new 9/11 investigation before the voters of New York City last November.  Unfortunately that effort was blocked by politicians in New York and the referendum was never on the ballot.

Janette showed her artwork which she used to heal and help others heal. 

Janette passed away in December, 2010.  Those who knew her miss her dearly.  Janette's spirit lives on in those still dedicated to 9/11 Truth and Justice.

Janette's website is http://www.theneedtoremember.com/index.html


More information is available at www.Davis911Truth.org


History will remember...

…the actions of those who had the courage to speak out about 9/11, despite the overwhelming odds and unpopularity of the subject. The memory of Janette Mackinlay, Barry Jennings, Shane Geiger, Danny Jowenko, Lynn Margulis to name a recent few; (and there will be many more in the years to come), will not be lost.

Yet the memory of those in the vast majority, who did absolutely nothing, will be totally forgotten.