9/11 Perpetrators' Achilles' Heel

The truth about 9/11 has been visible for too long. Every day that the speed and symmetry of the collapses of those three buildings goes unexplained increases the danger of discovery for the people who carried it out. And, for these criminals, it is the execution of 9/11--that is, the part that nearly everyone on the planet can still see in their mind's eye--where the real danger exists.

There are actually two reasons why 9/11 itself is a danger to the perpetrators...

First, on 9/11 the planners made a very risky choice, they decided to totally destroy the World Trade Center (WTC) towers. Completely destroying the towers had real benefits over simply crashing aircraft into the buildings. A complete destruction gave a great deal more drama to the event and would be accompanied by enough additional deaths to bring the level of the attack to an act of war. Planes crashing into and burning a part of two of the towers, while dramatic, would have left most of the WTC still standing and more importantly, would have allowed lots of people to escape. A smaller disaster on 9/11 might not have had enough emotional weight to carry the aggressive political agenda the planners had in mind.

The problem in destroying the total WTC is that the only known way to accomplish the complete destruction of a steel superstructure is to blow it up. They had to make the explosions seem related to the plane crashes by having the collapses begin at the crash sites. Controlled demolition gave them the tools needed to bring the towers down in any way desired and--as a result--complete control over the event stage in lower Manhattan. Unfortunately, it also left big fingerprints, which--after the emotion of the day has passed--are plainly visible for the entire world to see. Those fingerprints are the symmetry and speed of the collapses of all three towers. The perpetrators of this event have to know that the public's very memory of the event is itself dangerous to them. They have to keep any notion that the collapses were planned from ever creeping into the public consciousness. If this notion should get even a glimmer of respectful consideration, the entire world need only consult its own memory to confirm that, "You're right! Those buildings were blown up!"

The planners of 9/11 probably depended on the following reasoning (the second mistake) to protect themselves from the unavoidable clues left at the scene. They likely expected our society's direct connection to the event to fade relatively quickly over time as happens with assassinations. Several things about the event suggest that successful assassinations were a model for their operation. Lessons from the assassination trade include, never let anything go to trial. A public courtroom is a difficult place to control and there is no telling what might be exposed there. Next, control the follow up. Make a concerted effort to see that a clear story about what happened is in place and then do anything required to see that it stays in place. And, don't worry about dribblers, people who eventually come forward in drips to expose their piece of the truth. Some can be ignored and the others can be mocked, bought, or pummeled into silence.

Finally, with an assassination every moment of anonymity after the crime increases the assassin's safety. It is this last point in the assassination model that seems an incorrect assumption by the 9/11 plotters. The reason is that 9/11 remains important to a broad group of people because so much of our lives are still daily feeling the effects of the "War on Terror." Virtual strip searches at airports and politicians still using 9/11 as a political tool are constant reminders of our connections to that day. Yesterday, for example, the Senate considered a bill (S. 1867) that gives the military the right to imprison American citizens both inside and outside the US indefinitely without any recourse to the courts, all in the name of the War on Terror. An assassination results in an awful moment, but it's effects outside of the moment of the killing are often difficult to identify. However, as the Senate bill and airport examples described above demonstrate, linking 9/11 to our daily social, economic, and political lives 10 years later is not difficult at all.

So, even though the perpetrators have escaped public scrutiny for a decade, time is on our side. They left huge clues at the scene and millions (perhaps billions) of witnesses. Speed and symmetry of collapses burned in the memories of millions of people worldwide who can all connect daily threatening events back to 9/11. These circumstances make for an uneasy equilibrium where only a nudge is required to ultimately trump all the trolls, PR, and political and financial power exercised by the malevolent .01% of our population that did this.

The truth about 9/11 is like breathing in a freshly painted house, all the air fresheners in the world can't keep you from eventually smelling the paint. Take a deep breath, tomorrow is a new day.

More Clues Left at the Scene

This analysis is strengthened by consideration of one of the biggest "smoking guns" left by the perps unwittingly at the scene of 9/11.

This is, of course, the iron microspheres and remnants of nano-thermite, that billowed out in huge smoky clouds, and covered all of lower Manhattan on 9/11.

The handful of samples collected and analyzed by Dr. Steven Jones, et. al. are very compelling, but have been questioned by skeptics as to their provenance, "chain of custody", etc.

However, think about it: all these skeptics need to do is to have an independent team of researchers excavate a portion of the debris that was buried in the Fresh Kills Landfill in Staten Island, New York City: it turns out that after sorting through 9/11 debris for human remains, "the remaining debris was buried in a 40-acre (160,000 m2) portion of the landfill; it is highly likely that this debris still contains fragmentary human remains" (from Wikipedia).

There is no way the perps behind 9/11 can destroy all this evidence, and they should realize that sooner or later, this evidence will be exhumed, and their names shall be blackened in the history books of the future for millenia.


This is pretty much on the money, IMHO.

Yes! There's Trouble in the Rubble!

Thanks for making these points. Trying to get similar conclusions out through a song. It seems that even though the so-called leaders of the "progressive" and anti-war movement, of which I consider myself a part, either call 9/11 a "diversion" or that truth seekers are "nuts", the war profiteers and repression legislators of the corporate empire keep bringing it up as the justification for everything they do... even after 10 years, even after their claim to have killed bin Laden and destroyed the body as evidence, they still cite 9/11 as the reason for all these awful policies. They keep bringing it up even as the anti-war people keep avoiding it and can't find the courage to look into it. So who's really nuts?

Trouble in the Rubble

Yes! There's Trouble in the Rubble!