A publicity idea

As most of us know, the mainstream media are *very* reluctant to cover any news or events that question the government's impossible 9-11 conspiracy theory. lt takes something that can't be ignored to get their attention. What if we could get a few thousand people to march on WTC7? My sign would keep it simple. "Free Fall = Demolition - Demolition = Inside Job". July 7th in honor of Britain's false flag attack might be a good day. I think a massive, one day March might be more noticeable and effective than smaller, prolonged occupation. I'm not ready to throw in the towel, but I'm frustrated with how something as obvious, provable, and monumental as WTC7's demolition is ignored by the media, progressives, leaders, politicians, and academia. Let's at least shut down Manhattan for one day..

Your frustration

is entirely understandable.

Seems to me it will take some "catastrophic and catalyzing event" to create a critical mass of public awareness.

Here's an idea

Drop the 'inside job' mantra.

Get some other scientists to independently validate the findings of 9/11 truth scientists.

Set up a donation site to collect funds to pay RJ Lee to test the WTC dust.

Something tells me that as long as controlled demolition enthusiasts fail to accomplish the above tasks, you are going to continue to feel ignored.