EVITAN's Occupy Wall Street Music Video filmed during Occupy Building 7 demonstration

EVITAN the newly formed hip-hop group of legendary MCs Dres (Black Sheep) and Jarobi (A Tribe Called Quest) filmed the music video for their first single P.T.I. (Occupy Wall Street) on the weekend of Nov. 20th. Coincidentally it was the same weekend when Occupy Building 7 was demonstrating in Zuccotti Park and the surrounding WTC complex.

Throughout the video various signs are visible relating to 9/11. Briefly an A&E sign relating to Building 7's free fall collapse and a wearechange.org sign reading "? 9/11" can be seen. Visible throughout the majority of the video is Scott Halfmann holding a sign that reads "9/11 WAS A 1% JOB 99% MUST INVESTIGATE!". If you aren't familiar with Scott Halfmann he was the Man Arrested at Ground Zero for Demanding Truth. Later in the day Scott was featured in an interview with Adam Kokesh of Adam vs the Man.

I attended the demonstration on both days; this event being my first public display of activism. During my interactions I felt the reception was generally positive. I encountered one man who asked us to clarify that only two buildings collapsed when we mentioning Building 7. To his surprise he learned that three buildings fell. It is evident that the statistics presented by Remember Building 7 and other polls are most likely true. Many individuals aren't even aware of how many buildings collapsed let alone how they actually fell. That in an of itself is a problem and it doesn't help when the mainstream media is essentially blocking the transmission of this information. For this reason it is important that you and I continue to spread this information. Another individual and I had an ongoing discussion with a woman and her family. We made clear that the science of the event is definitive and provides an anchor point and clarified that some topics require speculation which is why we as a whole are calling for a real investigation. As this family walked away we wished them and good day and urged them to spread this information. In reply the woman shook her head with a stern look on her face and said "we will". Situations like these certainly give me the encouragement to continue to spread this information. At the end of the day I may have only led that one woman toward truth but that is more than I would have if I didn't attend the event at all. I urge anyone to attend these demonstrations and will certainly be attending more in the future. I created this pamphlet for the event and handed it out to a few individuals if anyone is interested in editing/using it.

Also here is the mic check speech given by Wayne the organizer of the event. More videos of the event can be found on youtube..

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