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Milo is the host of Touch, a daily program from 5:00-6:00 PM Pacific on The Bridge, 95.1 FM in Guerneville. Milo has invited me (Brian Romanoff) to be a regular guest on his show to try to bring more light into the events of 9/11. I appreciate the opportunity and I hope you enjoy the show.

This week we discuss the big NIST lie of finding no evidence for explosions during the WTC collapse investigation.

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The World Trade Center Buildings were built to last. Plane impacts and fires alone could not have accounted for the destruction in New York at the WTC complex.

Below is a former manager of WTC Construction and Project Management, Frank DeMartini, in an interview conducted months before 9/11. In it he will describe the WTC as probably being able to “sustain multiple plane impacts.”

Kevin Ryan worked at Underwriter Labs (UL) until 2004. He was fired for his insistence of the strength of the WTC steel that UL had tested decades before. Here is a brief background on Kevin Ryan:

Shyam Sunder, lead investigator for NIST regarding the WTC collapses, manages to say that sounds correlating to explosions were not heard by witnesses or cameras on the ground during the morning of 9/11. The scene then cuts to two very loud explosions heard from cameras on the ground during 9/11.

It is a blatant and easily exposed lie that “no explosions” were heard by cameras or witnesses on the ground. NIST’s complicity in this lie is confusing and disturbing yet needs to be fully investigated by judicial authorities. Below I will provide just a fraction of the available evidence of explosions around the WTC on 9/11.

Three firefighters describe their harrowing experience escaping secondary explosions and even third explosions after the plane hit.

Another group of firefighters describe hearing a “boom, boom, boom,” during the collapse. They describe it as moving “floor by floor” and, “as if they had detonators planned to take down our building.”

Paul Lemos survived his experience and clearly described it as “boom….boom…boom..boom.boom, boom, boom” even stating “as the bombs were going, people were running.”


Firemen had reached the upper floors of the WTC on 9/11. Many reported small, isolated fires. There was zero discussion of the structural integrity not withstanding the damage of the plane impacts or the fires, at least from the firefighters in the buildings. Many radio transmission did contain reports of explosions all throughout the height of the building.

This firefighter is overheard saying there is a “bomb in the building.” Though we don’t know exactly why or how he came to this conclusion, the point is that NIST says there is no evidence for, or witnesses to, explosions. Is there at least evidence enough to investigate for explosions in your mind?

In the following video, you will hear an explosion followed by the people behind the camera stating that the “building is about to blow up.” They are talking about WTC #7, which did completely collapse later in the day, similar to nothing else than a typical controlled demolition. Even NIST would later state that WTC #7 is the first steel-framed skyscraper to ever collapse due to fire, which begs the question: On what historical precedent were these people talking about WTC #7 collapsing from such small fires?

Barry Jennings worked in WTC #7 and survived the events of the day. In an interview on the street, he clearly describes the explosion in WTC #7 on the lower floors. He maintained this position until his death in 2008, just days before NIST’s final report on WTC #7 was released.

This gentleman was in his apartment and recorded for over an hour on 9/11. In this edited down version of his clips, you will hear multiple cracks, pops and booms. He describes them as explosions.

This young woman describes an explosion on the street level two minutes after the 1st plane impact.

William Rodriguez, a maintenance worker in the WTC complex, maintains to this day that an explosion took place in the basement levels before the first plane impact.

In 2005, The New York Times was able to obtain the oral histories of some 500 FDNY members that had been recorded in 2001 and early 2002. Over 100 of these testimonies included statements relating to explosions or effects simlar to explosions. The interviews were conducted under the order of New York City’s fire commissioner at the time of the attack, Thomas Von Essen, who wanted to preserve first-hand accounts of the attack.

Please view these testimonies at 9/11 Research: http://911research.wtc7.net/wtc/evidence/oralhistories/index.html

It is demonstrably false to say that there was no evidence for explosions on 9/11. NIST is a part of the false-information and cover-up regarding the events of 9/11. Shyam Sunder should be put under oath and questioned heavily.

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