In Black and White

Watch at mark ~:10 right face, the even white ejections along one floor about one third up into the damaged area..

This cannot be smoke because what was leaving there just prior was dark. This is lighter, and evenly forced out across the face.

This cannot be naturally produced concrete pulverization because there is nothing from above doing the crushing. The building has not begun to move downwards.

It cannot be natural pressure forcing it outward because there is a gaping hole from the aircraft on the left face. There is no way for pressure to build up with a vent opened as it is.

The upper portion begins to move after the ejections appear on floor 97 or 98. The upper portion then disintegrates as the roof plunges toward floor 98. If it were a global collapse the upper block should have moved downwards through floor 96, 95 etc.

Note powerful isolated ejections at the NW corner at mark ~ :54.

Another slow mo view in black and white...

About halfway through the video until the end, at the upper part of the screen, above the demolition cloud, you can see flashes going off at a pretty regular basis. Best viewed in full screen.

Can't be glass reflections

These flashes cannot be the reflections of glass because:

1. They are above the debris cloud which would contain all falling glass.

2. They are in the dark, shielded by the smoke. The sun is SE of the WTC right where the smoke cloud is moving towards. Remember this is 10:28 am.

3. Some appear to come from the same areas more than once indicating a fixed rather than falling object.

4. They appear to be in the core area away from any exterior glazing.