May 2011 BBC Interview with Dr. Niels Harrit

This May 10, 2011 interview of Dr. Niels Harrit, Associate Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen, was conducted by Michael Rudin of the BBC.

Apologies if this has already been posted, but in this interview, Harrit deals brilliantly with the persistance of Michael Rudin who tries to lead Harrit into speculation and straw man arguments.

Worth watching right through, or jump to 2hr 5 min 25 sec and hear Niels speak of why this case needs investigating. Really inspiring. And also illuminating - the interviewer jumps through hoops of his own making to hold onto his convictions.

The notion of disavowal comes to mind - I know what my eyes see, but I will defer my belief to how I believe things should be. This idea of disavowal seems to be the big stumbling block with resistance to the facts presented to Official Conspiracy Theory believers. Now that the authority of the ruling powers is being undermined as evidenced by the 99% movement, we may find the ideas presented re controlled CD and 9/11 gets a bigger audience.

This is a great recording I think.

Molten steel beams - 9/11

Molten steel beams - 9/11

This is an amazing new video that i think few people have seen it shows the end of a steel beam from
the rubble pile on 9/11 all melted and corroded as Robert A. Kelman, General Manager of Hugo Neu Schnitzer East explains
in this video. The other question is what was responsible for the melting of this steel beam? Whatever it
was it remains a great mystery, the FACT is that hydrocarbon fires cannot melt steel, so how did the fires
in the twin towers on 9/11 manage to melt this steel beam? The question remains what was it that was responsible
for melting this steel beam? How many other steel beams where there recovered like this one? And is this the only one?

Does this video support the claims of many eyewitnesses including firefighters and many other who reported seeing
melted steel in the rubble after 9/11? Could this be what many where talking about when they said they saw molten steel
in the rubble on 9/11? Could we actually be seeing what many eyewitnesses said they saw, when they say they
saw the melting of steel beams & girders in the rubble pile after 9/11? Could this be one of the many examples of what they
saw? I will leave it up to others to decide.

Celsius or Fahrenheit?

When he says 1500 to 2000 degrees he must be talking about Celsius, otherwise it wouldn't be relevant to the melting of steel - right?

What's the melting point of steel?

Most steel has other metals added to tune its properties, like strength, corrosion resistance, or ease of fabrication. Steel is just the element iron that has been processed to control the amount of carbon. Iron, out of the ground, melts at around 1510 degrees C (2750°F). Steel often melts at around 1370 degrees C (2500°F).

YouTube - Well Done Niels! Thank- You

One of the many important events that took place in Canada early 2011 - questioning the events of 9/11, the towers and controlled demolition was Dr. Niels Harrit's cross Canada speaking tour - Victoria - Vancouver - Edmonton, Hamilton, London, and Toronto.

I've posted this YouTube in the tour's archive:
Looking forward to 2012 and the next decade as the truth behind 9/11 continues to unravel world-wide.

Nicely done!

Very patient, thought out responses. Never ruffled. The interviewer was obviously grasping at anything. I loved when Harrit was talking about WTC7 in free fall for 'almost 3 seconds' and Rudin tries to say he said 'almost free fall'. That was the obvious tell that Rudin was not an honest journalist. True journalists do not insert themselves or their opinions into the interview.

I agree

Rudin seemed kind of young, prissy, and frustrated. I don't know how most professional journalists would conduct themselves during an interview, but this seemed unprofessional. There were many slip ups that caused frustration because he wasn't listening and was trying to move too quickly to the next trap on his list. He really wanted a "burn" moment and every set of questions he asked were not up front - they were little traps. Cocky little man can't listen.

Object lesson...

Watching Dr. Niels Harrit is an object lesson in composure and patience. The 'baiting' was obvious. Like having a boxing match with the Pilsbury Dough Boy. Niels explains that he's not here for conjecture but for hard evidence, and the interviewer acts as though he can't understand what 'hard evidence' is. No, he goes further and starts in about those who "were there" and "picking up body parts" as if THAT were in dispute.

Being involved in the 9/11 Truth Movement -- in my very limited capacity -- demonstrates how very hard it is to bring people around to an uncomfortable conclusion even when the facts clearly favor it. And here the uncomfortable facts are with us.


No Way Back

Thank you Professor Niels for this entire interview. Absolutely well worth watching.
Rudin appears aggressive and biased in his struggle against anti NIST/commission-theory activism. Full of here-say and struggling in the face of indefatigable science presentation.
Very wise to record and post this entire interview before it being run through wagthedog bbc studio.

seasons greetings all.

open journals extolled at mainstream UW exhibit

Concerning open scientific journals, it strikes me as darkly humorous how they are reviled and belittled by debunkers. Here at the University of Washington (Seattle), a large exhibit a few months ago filled much of the Ground Floor of the Suzzallo Library. This display extolled the value and advantages of the the journals of the future, i.e., open journals. This was a "mainstream" exhibit. All of which makes me curious when I hear criticism of these open journals as being sub-par or disreputable.

Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the OCT

The BBC has gotten just about as bad as Fox News anymore...

Indeed. Rudin fronts the

Indeed. Rudin fronts the PysOps division of the Ministry of Truth (aka BBC).

You can read here about him whining about Truthers... he then gets a record number of comments on his blog: 5600+ comments. The BBC has since changed their commenting system to stop such lively discussions...

Niels 4 president

This BBC employee calls himself journalist? Too ridiculous for words. Stuttering and muttering trying to defend nonsense.

And the appeal to: "don't you believe this and that person? " ad infinitum
No, you don't just believe when you want to know for real.