Iran rejects NY judge's ruling on Sept 11 attacks
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Iran rejects NY judge's ruling on Sept 11 attacks
Associated Press
Tehran, December 25, 2011
First Published: 23:09 IST(25/12/2011)

Iran has rejected a New York judge's finding that Tehran is liable in the September 11 attacks along with the Taliban and al Qaeda. According to state TV, Iran's foreign ministry spokesman referred to last week's judgement as "clumsy scenario-making" by the US. The spokesman,
Ramin Mehmanparast, repeated Iran's insistence that al Qaeda has no presence in the country.

On Thursday, Judge George Daniels in Manhattan signed a default judgement finding Iran, the Taliban and al Qaeda liable in the 2001 attacks. The ruling came in a $100 billion lawsuit brought by family members of victims.

The findings also said Iran provides al Qaeda members a safe haven.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly denied any Iranian connection to the September 11 attacks or to al Qaeda.


How strange that Pakistan was not included in the suit.


More and more it seems that 9/11 Truth has been for our own benefit. Why would I say that? Because this is the ruling of a lunatic... or corruption so deep it gives the impression of lunacy. That in the end it's served little else than to clarify for ourselves how the world 'really' works with the hope of justice a mere chimera.

We plow ahead for the truth -- and I wouldn't suggest otherwise -- but this just takes the cake. Depressing, really.

Steve112, if I may, "How strange that U.S., Israeli, Saudi and Pakistani factions were not included in the suit" given what evidence we have at this point.

Really, Fiona? THIS is the answer you've been waiting for?

...all this time??

Fiona Havlish, whose husband Donald perished in the World Trade Center North Tower on 9/11 said, "This is a historic day. For ten years we've wanted the truth to be known about who was responsible for our losses. Now we have that answer."

...The evidence was developed over a seven-year international investigation by the Havlish attorneys who pursued the 9/11 Commission's recommendation ... following the Commission's own eleventh-hour discovery of significant National Security Agency ("NSA") intercepts...

...[a] May 14, 2001 memorandum from inside the Iranian government demonstrating that Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, was aware of the impending attacks and instructing intelligence operatives to restrict communications to existing contacts with al Qaeda's Ayman al Zawahiri and Hizballah's Imad Mughniyah.

Apparently Iran's foreknowledge is a much more grave sin than the U.S.'s receiving, and completely ignoring repeated warnings from a dozen other countries prior to 9/11.

Oh, and look. One of the alleged plotters travelled through Iran on their way to Afghanistan. The nerve!

Documents obtained from German federal prosecutors showing that 9/11 coordinator Ramzi Binalshihb traveled to Iran in January 2001 on his way to Afghanistan to brief Osama bin Laden on the plot's progress.

No Surprise

Just another nail in the "War with Iran" coffin.