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Blindfold is a short film about the strained relationship between Tim, a widower father, and Eve, his pre-teen daughter, as they try to reconcile the emotional devastation 9/11 has caused their family. 9/11 truth, september 11th, conspiracy, show and tell, short film, Teace Snyder, Anise Jade Falco, Daniel Harray, Ed Kalegi and Catherine Siracusa. Edmonton International Film Festival Society - Teace Snyder 2011 Categories: Drama, Made In Alberta, Short Films.

Every 9/11 Truth activist has a story like her's

Here's mine....

Back in the spring of 2008, our small, enthusiastic group of 9/11 Truth friends and supporters had just completed another afternoon of activism at the popular Old Strathcona farmer's market. We congratulated and hugged each other for another good day's job of activism, and went on our separate ways. Along my way home I stopped at an outdoor cafe and decided to rest my feet and enjoy a cup of coffee. Several Edmonton police officers parked their bikes next to the cafe and sat at a table next to me.

My mouth still warm from talking to dozens of people at the farmer's market, I decided strike up some friendly conversation with the 4 officers on their coffee break and tell them the story I've shared thousands of times as a civil info activist about World Trade Center Building 7, that third tower that was not hit by a plane yet collapsed at free-fall speed at 5:20 in the afternoon on 9/11. They had a look of puzzlement on their faces that seemed to say, "Is this guy for real?". They listened politely to my story, so I kept it short and decided to share with each officer a copy of an AE911Truth brochure. They respectfully declined, as they were on duty.

One officer did ask about the collapse of WTC 7, two others looked un-interested, and the fourth officer watched me carefully with a concerned look on her face. The coffee break was over, and the officers began to mount their bikes. The female officer was the last to get up from her chair. She stood directly over me and said, "I have friends over in Afghanistan." She paused, leaned closer to me, and said, "I don't want to hear that they are over there fighting for the wrong reasons." And then she left.I said as she parted, "I hope your friends stay safe."

I returned to my now-cold coffee and was thinking about her words when a lone black woman sitting a few tables away said something I could not quite hear. I said, "Excuse me?" She said, "How in the world did you get those officers talking about 9/11? I've been trying to tell my family about Building 7 for years, and they think I'm crazy."

"Let my name stand among those who are willing to bear ridicule and reproach for the truth's sake, and so earn some right to rejoice when the victory is won. - Louisa May Alcott.

I have

told hundreds of people, and have awaken many. I have only run into three that refused to even look at all the evidence. Yet one persons comments sticks in my head. He said if you believe in it so much , why aren't you doing more?
My response was all i need to do is get one person to look at all the facts, and if they see it the way i do just pass it on.
The sad reality....... Knowing the truth is only half the battle.

I think your right on that WISDOM

If I had a dollar for every time someone said "

- It's TOO BIG to believe it was an inside job
-I don't want to know about it even if it was true
-I don't care,

and "your never going to do anything about it because they are bigger than you (Washington)"
That was the sort of answer I got from Dr. Norman Finkelstein regarding my question on the ever growing doubt of the official 9/11 story.
Note- only a few in the audience applauded his answer while the rest remained quiet in dis-belief to his answer ....

Professor Anthony J. Hall Lethbridge University Globalization studies also asked the same question - featured in my YouTube

To sum it up

Don't believe it, or don't want be believe it. There is a difference. And yet the end result is the same. Not just Americans, but the people of the world have a unique opportunity here. Buy getting to the truth about 9/11 it would cause a chain reaction for world peace.
The exposure of corruption in governments, and our controlled and censored major media would bring about a change in this world everyone hopes for.
Something that's even bigger than 9/11.
All that is needed for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.

This message from the film maker Teace Snyder

( re- published on 9/11Blogger)

That's awesome, thanks again so much. I really appreciate the extra effort to try and get the film to those people who would appreciate it most and find the narrative a fair representation of the emotional resistance so many people have to the truth. Thanks again. Teace Snyder

Another tangent...

I followed a link from this video and find Dr. Finkelstein speaking DIRECTLY to a point that HE understands PERSONALLY from a toss up with Dershowitz. I think we in 9/11 Truth can do our own substitutions for what he refers to as truth with a big "T" and truth with a little "t".

Thanks Archie.

Finkelstein (sigh...)

The applause was quite audible, and had the effect--when I was watching and listening--of sounding like support from the audience for his dissing of 9/11 truth. It's difficult to hear 'quiet disbelief', and I can't tell from this video how much of the audience responded as you say they did.

Once again, I'm moved to quote that line from the band Queen: 'Another one bites the dust.' Another left intellectual who has demonstrated courage and intelligence in other areas comes up short on this one crucial issue. And it isn't simply the lack of support for 9/11 truth that's provoking; it is the rote, robotic, indoctrinated manner in which they express it, right down to the dismissive, propgandistic use of the term 'conspiracy theory,' indistinguishable from how that term is employed by the same corporate media of which these individuals are supposedly so critical.

Finkelstein referred in his response to the need to stick with what's known. Well, one thing that is absolutely known is that the forces of war and repression were--and still are--aided immensely by acceptance of the 9/11 official story in carrying out their agendas. But besides that, how can anyone know what they should accept as 'known' without examining the available information?

Anyway, here's another indication of how inaccurate it is to claim that a wish to 'protect Israel' is the explanation for alternative-media gatekeeping on 9/11. There's no shortage that I can see of critics of Israel who dismiss 9/11 truth and essentially accept the official story.

What's up with that?

"And it isn't simply the lack of support for 9/11 truth that's provoking; it is the rote, robotic, indoctrinated manner in which they express it, right down to the dismissive, propgandistic use of the term 'conspiracy theory,' indistinguishable from how that term is employed by the same corporate media of which these individuals are supposedly so critical." Yeah, what's up with that?

People talk about cognitive dissonance this is more like cognitive priggishness. You have to know that Finkelstein has the mental acuity to figure this 9/11 thing out; so what is up with that? The guy is obviously no sell out; he pretty much says what he wants. Once Phil Donahue when asked why he didn't touch on a particular subject (I can't remember now what it was) he said "....because I don't want to be a dead hero." I guess he felt like he was making a difference somehow being a limousine liberal; I don't know.

As for the rest of the population: I am starting to think that less than converting people which seems to be the tack everyone has been on, it is time to start ridiculing them. No, really, take the opportunity to point out to people that "Keeping up with the Kardashians" isn't fit for human consumption. You watched what? Are you kidding me. Because if you step back just a little bit, you can see that stuff for the tool that it is.

I have stated before that I don't think it is the cosmic moonbeam theories that might turn someone off that we have to worry about; it is getting people to listen at all, in the first place, to anything. To have your world view shattered (dissonance) you have to at least hear the message. I have never watched any pro sports and at one time I knew the entire line up of the Chicago Bulls. They really ram this "culture" down your throat. Now they are creating "celebrities" out of whole cloth because it is cheaper I guess; they learned that the public will watch crap during the writer's strike. That is when they started churning out all the reality TV junk. Anyway, that is the noise you have to work through.

Acceptance of the present official story should be ridiculed

I am glad to see that others think it is high time to ridicule staunch acceptance of the present official story. A great deal of contradictory information has been publicly available for several years now that shows it to be a falsehood and it doesn't take a lot of one's time to look at this information. So at this point anyone continuing to promulgate the "official story" as having any merit, or trying to denigrate those demanding a real investigation, deserves scorn.


Kudos to the creators and production team. Films like this don't just happen. Thanks for your commitment to get a piece of the story out to a wider audience in a touching way, Keep it up.

five star.

A really lovely work. thank you whoever made this. The acting is beautiful. So good.

Blindfold is..


National Post Jonathan Kay ... a film critic?

Posted by Jonathan Kay, National post Editor and author of Among The Truthers -

“Blindfold”: A surprisingly well-acted melodrama about a 10-year-old 9/11 conspiracy theorist
Posted on January 26, 2012 by Admin
Filmmaker Teace Snyder has produced a decently-acted 20-minute 9/11-Truth-themed melodrama about a father and his 10-year-old daughter who begin fighting after she delivers a speech to her elementary school class in which she claims the Sept. 11 attacks were an inside job. The two reconcile when the father watches the 9/11 Truth web links she had sent him, and he (apparently) becomes a convert.

It’s an interesting piece of propaganda because the filmmaker avoids almost any reference to the technical aspects of 9/11 Truth mythology — focusing on the emotional aspects of a father and daughter trying to deal with the death of her mother (his wife).