Media Roots Radio - Iowa Caucus, Ron Paul & GOP, Election Fraud, NDAA Update

Media Roots Radio - Iowa Caucus, Ron Paul & GOP, Election Fraud, NDAA Update by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTSAbby and Robbie Martin discuss the Iowa Caucus: the GOP candidates, the corporate media's coverage of the events, cherrypicking racist attributes among the contenders, the phasing out of Ron Paul as a "front runner"; election fraud: the fact that there is voting software designed to flip the vote; NDAA: an update of how the legislation was passed and breakdown of what it actually means for citizens living in the US.

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Good show!

Ron Paul just came in 2nd in NH and the media is ignoring him. Bizarre. They did their 80s newsletter hit pieces in unison against Paul before Iowa and now their apparent strategy is to ignore him. Yeah, his stats are there showing him in 2nd place, but they TALK about Gingrich and Santorum and Huntsman -- even trotting out Huntsman's wife and kids.

Here's the youtube of the computer programmer who testified that he was hired to write code to RIG elections.
Where was this on the MSM? I knew about the hacking of Ohio and the comments of the Diebold prez that he would 'deliver Ohio for Bush,' but I'd never actually heard this testimony before. WOW.