DRAFT: How the DNA of 9/11 Can Ultimately Lead to a New Investigation

“Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust”

Note: This is work in progress – rather than delay introducing this draft to the general public, it is deemed more effective to release these ideas they can be debated ,criticized, and hopefully converted into something useful, that can actually effect change.

Introduction and Summary:

For some years, the 9/11 truth movement has more than met the burden of uncovering an overwhelming body of scientific evidence to justify a new and open investigation into the massive destruction engendered on September 11 2001. This movement has amassed more than enough evidence to conclusively demonstrate to an unbiased investigation that this destruction was an inside job. It has productively utilized this body of proof to continue to convince an increasing number of citizens, both experts and lay people, of the soundness of this evidence. This effort is invaluable, and must continue. However, while achieving primacy on the scientific arena, the 9/11 truth movement has thus far been unable to gain traction with any of the three the official channels of power: i.e. the U.S. Congress, the judicial system, or the executive branch.

Since the 9/11 attacks not only damaged buildings and property, but resulted in the deaths of thousands, the laws governing acts of murder should be applied more effectively. For example, we know there is no statute of limitation for acts of murder, and we further recognize that the families of those murdered on that day should have the legal standing to demand a new investigation, and that in fact some of these family members have already joined the chorus of those demanding answers regarding the murder of their loved ones.

Thus far, no U.S. court has been willing to accept a lawsuit, and conduct a trial, that will allow anyone to challenge the official version of 9/11 in a judicial venue. However unresponsive our system of government has been to date, we should acknowledge that there is a “tipping point” at which it must respond. Historical examples range from the McCarthy hearings to the civil rights movement; Brown vs. Board of Education is a prime example (description below extracted from Wikipedia):

In 1951, a class action suit was filed against the Board of Education of the City of Topeka, Kansas in the United States District Court for the District of Kansas. The plaintiffs were thirteen Topeka parents on behalf of their twenty children.

The suit called for the school district to reverse its policy of racial segregation. Separate elementary schools were operated by the Topeka Board of Education under an 1879 Kansas law, which permitted (but did not require) districts to maintain separate elementary school facilities for black and white students in twelve communities with populations over 15,000. The plaintiffs had been recruited by the leadership of the Topeka NAACP. Notable among the Topeka NAACP leaders were the chairman McKinley Burnett; Charles Scott, one of three serving as legal counsel for the chapter; and Lucinda Todd.

The named plaintiff, Oliver L. Brown, was a parent, a welder in the shops of the Santa Fe Railroad, an assistant pastor at his local church, and an African American.[7] He was convinced to join the lawsuit by Scott, a childhood friend. Brown's daughter Linda, a third grader, had to walk six blocks to her school bus stop to ride to Monroe Elementary, her segregated black school one mile (1.6 km) away, while Sumner Elementary, a white school, was seven blocks from her house.

For pivotal cases such as Brown v. Board of Education, or Roe v. Wade, we should recognize that lawsuits that began with individuals proved to ultimately be the agents for change of historical proportions, and that once the judicial process has begun, it has the potential to provide tremendous leverage.

Clearly, Oliver L. Brown and the other 12 plaintiffs in Topeka had the legal standing as parents to challenge the policy of segregated classrooms as injurious to their children (they did not have to prove that the classrooms in Topeka were segregated). It should be a given regarding the 9/11 murders that the parents and families of victims should clearly have the legal standing to question the manner in which their children and family members were injured; these individuals were not deprived of equal educational opportunity, but were deprived of their very existence.

Given that the issue of legal standing is not an obstacle, we must conclude that the reason a class action lawsuit challenging the 9/11 Commission Report has been problematic is related to the threshold of necessary evidence, and the absence of a clear precedent that would require that the investigation be reopened.

This article makes the case that there is an analogy regarding the ultimate acceptance of the use of DNA in criminal investigations, even after verdicts have been rendered in trials, that should be pursued with regard to the murders comitted on 9/11. As we all know, many criminal court decisions were made before DNA science existed, or was proven to be a definitive means of identification. The manner in which DNA came to be accepted by scientists and the courts with the same confidence given to fingerprint identification establishes that there is an accepted precedent for the incoroporation of new identification techniques: the technology may be different, but the paradigm is the same.

This article will argue that we are at a similar cusp with regard to the forsensic evidence available from the destruction of all three skyscrapers on 9/11, which is simply manifested in the “dust and ashes” found in tremendous abundance at the scene of the crime. It will argue that this “DNA dust” has all the attributes of fingerprints and organic DNA, and as such, is a legitimate basis for a class action suit on behalf of individuals that challenges the official conspiracy theory. It is believed that the conduct of such a law suit will require the exhumation of uncorrupted samples of WTC dust, which has been handled by our government in a means conducive to establishing a “chain of custody” that cannot be challenged. In effect, it will be established that due to the actions of the U.S. government in removing the evidence from the 9/11 crime scene, that they have inadvertently placed this incrimating evidence in a virtual “time capsule” that will last for as long as our planet earth does.

In summary, this article proposes that a parallel track must be established now to make some inroads regarding official government venues, in particular the legal channel. The technical analysts, scientists, and engineers have built an excellent foundation for this this new thrust: in order to effect the maximum impact, now is the time for their truly remarkable effort to be fully joined by skilled legal scholars and experts.

We have all observed the tremendous inroads regarding changing public opinion that have been made thus far by organizations such as “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”. It proposed that such efforts be joined by “Attorneys and Legal Scholars for 9/11 Truth”, either by a formal organization, or by an informal effort. The author of this paper is not a lawyer, but believes that a collaboration between lawyers and legal scholars should be undertaken immediately.

As such, it is proposed that the focus of this effort begin not with calls for a new investigation, but concentrate on specific lawsuits by harmed individuals seeking a correct explaination for the death of their loved ones. Once this has been achieved, calls for a new investigation into the overall orchestration of the 9/11 plot will automatically follow. It is further expected that the new investigation will require very little effort to confirm all the details of the manner in which the destruction was effected, since this is already obvious from the evidence in hand. Instead, the investigation will focus on exactly who the perpetrators were,and how they may be finally brought to justice.

It is expected that the wrath of the American people regarding their fellow countrymen, who as members of the George Bush administration are the true criminals on 9/11, will far exceed the hysteria created by the hunt for Bin Laden. It is likely that the contingency plans created by these individuals may involve possibilities such as the impostion of martial law, the seeking of asylum in foreign countries, as well as demands for Presidential pardons in the interest of keeping our country from fracturing at the seams.

Up to this moment, the 9/11 truth movement has mostly focused on demands for truth and justice, and has not given enough attention to the ramifications of the effects an actual expose of the powerful players behind 9/11 will have upon our government and society. If the movement does not do so, and is unprepared for the outcome, it may confirm the wisdom of the adage that one should be careful of what one asks for….

Given such a dire scenario, some will be tempted to argue that even if the perpetrators of 9/11 are our fellow countrymen, that bringing them to justice will create so much turmoil that it is best for us to ignore the evidence, and let bygones be bygones – nothing can bring back the dead, after all.

However, there is a more compelling argument that allowing the crime of 9/11 to remain unpunished is in effect accepting that a malignant and presently dormat cancer has been allowed to live, and perhaps recur, in the body politic, and that the principles upon which our nation was founded cannot coexist with this malignency. On behalf of these principles, our founding fathers risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. They recognized that the turmoil that resulted was justified.

We need not fight and win a war with a more powerful foreign nation to get rid of this malignancy, but only to bring justice to a handful of dangerous criminals who seized control of our country from within. Were the founding fathers still with us, they would join us in this effort.

A Call to Action:

Most of the focus of the 9/11 truth movement has been to gather evidence, conduct research, and publish logical analyses, both historical and scientific, in order to create a groundswell of public interest and commitment.
This is very important work, as it is clear that many reputable and respected citizens have joined the movement, and there is no doubt that there is some strength in numbers. However, when we consider what is at stake for the real perpetrators of 9/11, many of whom constitute the power elite, and when we realize they will lose everything if the truth is revealed, it becomes clear that public opinion alone will never sway them. They know if the truth comes out, the lucky ones will be fugitives; the remainder will spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Regarding the power of public opinion, for some time now a very large segment of the US population does not believe the ridiculous and unscientific conclusions of the Warren Commission regarding the execution of JFK . However, the opinions of these tens of millions of citizens are not enough to influence the courts and the congress to conduct a “new investigation”, and the power elite recognize that the longer they stretch out the process of public awareness, the more likely it is that people will conclude it all happened so long ago, that nothing can be done (in spite of the fact that there is no statute of limitations for murder). Playing for time is a tactic they are also employing with regard to their execution of the 9/11 plot.

The Concept of a Definitive Identifier

Let us imagine for a moment that Harvey Lee Oswald was still alive, serving a life sentence for killing JFK, and that DNA testing had just been recently been conclusively proven in the laboratory. Let us also assume that the weapon the government claims was used to kill JFK had no clear fingerprints, but lots of smudges that contained human DNA. Could we not envision a legitimate legal scenario where the attorneys for Oswald demand that this “new technology” be used to demonstrate that their client is not guilty ?

In this scenario, which is really just the application of an existing paradigm to a historical event, we note that there would be a step-wise path to a new trial and a new investigation: if the DNA on the rifle were tested, and found to belong to others, such as members of the Secret Service, wouldn’t this test provide a legal rationale and basis for the courts and the congress to finally act ?

Before proceeding further, we should observe that DNA is really just a process whereby individuals leave “signatures” that can be examined afterwards, and given good quality samples, can be processed to yield extremely high probability mapping to a unique individual.

In this regard, fingerprinting and DNA analysis are really variations of the same theme. In fact, iris recognition, an automated method of biometric identification, is another variant. As such, any new technology that arose would be eligible for consideration if it were a virtually foolproof identifier, and would be added to the list.

Requirements for a Definitive Identifier for 9/11

It is clear that if there was a “definitive identifier” left at the scene of 9/11, it would constitute a legitimate basis for testing and analysis of samples whose provenance was not corrupted, and could provide invaluable evidence as to the means by which the murderous crime of 9/11 was committed, and ultimately, by whom it was committed.
To satisfy these conditions, and find a “DNA test” for 9/11, such a technique would have to be:

1. Provable to extremely high probabilities, beyond any reasonable doubt
2. Non-reliant upon eyewitnesses or other forms of direct human observation
3. Provable by multiple scientific laborites, processing the same set of samples
4. Conducted on samples that could not have been compromised by contamination from other sources
5. Conducted on samples that have not degraded over time, and/or exposure to environmental conditions, for over 10 years
6. Conducted on samples whose provenance could be proven, with a ironclad chain of custody

The Smoking Gun

When we look at these stringent conditions, things may appear hopeless, but the truth of the matter is that for all their planning, the perpetrators of 9/11 left their “ fingerprints and DNA” at the scene of the crime, and it will only be a matter of time until the evidentiary trail leads to them.

One may ask, what evidence if left from the utter destruction of the WTC, which vaporized in a virtual sense, and pulverized in real sense, three separate skyscrapers on 9/11, presumably destroying all evidence of the means of destruction, creating gigantic clouds of dust that coated all of lower Manhattan to a depth of several inches ?

In an ironic twist, the poetic justice in this case is just this: the smoking gun is the dust itself.

The “DNA trail” left behind by the perpetrators was not left behind in tiny smudges, but in thousands of tons of evidence, that cannot be destroyed, waiting patiently to be analyzed: even if it takes generations to do so, the truth will finally be revealed, and point a finger directly at those who murdered their own countrymen, so that there names will be written in the history books, and coated with black ink, for eternity.

In this regard, we must first acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of Dr. Steven Jones and his colleagues in their efforts in realizing that the dust clouds from 9/11 may contain clues, and their elegant application of the scientific method to establish a hypothesis, and then prove it from so many different facets.

In fact, there is a strong argument to be made that the paper “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe” by Niels H. Harrit, Jeffrey Farrer, Steven E. Jones, et. al., will take its place someday along with the greatest historical classics science has produced.

So What’s Left to Be Done ? A Slightly Different Approach…

Unfortunately, however many “coffin nails” of logic and science are driven into the official conspiracy theory of 9/11, of each the analysis of the WTC dust is just one, and whereby each of these coffin nails would logically be adequate all by itself to “kill the beast”, the beast appears to be unconcerned, and confident that it need not respond, and arrogant enough to defend itself with patently false statements and absurdities.

Perhaps the key thing at this time is to realize that we have all the logical and scientific tools to demolish the edifice of lies behind the official story, and that what we should strategize about is how best to employ these tools.
Going back to the analogy with fingerprints and DNA, and recognizing that the WTC dust is as incriminating as the fingerprint on a murder weapon, how can we move our cause forward ?

One self-criticism we should consider is whether we are asking for what we really want, which is a new and honest investigation, without considering how we might approach this goal in small increments. What if we were to propose the equivalent of a “DNA test” for 9/11, rather than asking the courts and the congress to leap immediately to our final goal ?

The 9/11 DNA Test

It was proposed above that a “Definitive Identier” technique must meet six different conditions. Due to the work done thus far by 9/11 researchers on 9/11 dust, it should be clear that they have immediately met the first 3 requirements:

1. Provable to extremely high probabilities, beyond any reasonable doubt: Dust samples from a number of different locations, were collected very shortly after the collapse of the three WTC buildings, and found to have nearly identical composition. The nano-technology structure of the red chips could not have been introduced from a passive process, and could only have been injected in such massive cumulative amounts via a deliberate and sophisticated inside job.

2. Non-reliant upon eyewitnesses or other forms of direct human observation.

3. Provable by multiple scientific laboratories, processing material from the same set of samples

Areas to be Mined to Support Legal Claims

Note: This section is somewhat sketchy, and needs to be improved. The overall intent is to identify potential sources of both physical and documentary evidence that can be employed in ligitation involving wrongful death and murder of 9/11 victims. For example, the N.Y. State museum has been providing a fireman’s boot, covered with dust and ashes, as a prop for a travelling exhibition on 9/11. Doesn’t this boot have a documented “chain of custody” to allow it to be introduced as physical evidence in a murder investigation ? It would seem that there are hundreds of other “targets of opportunity” to acquire untainted samples of WTC dust.

1. Landfills Become Focus of Terrorist-attack Recovery Operations


“Removal and recovery of debris are only a part of the story. Sifting for keepsakes, valuables, remains, and evidence is a vital concern to those charged with cleanup in New York City and at the Pentagon.
Thousands of tons of rubble from the September 11 World Trade Center and Pentagon disaster sites are being brought to the recently closed Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island, NY, and King George County Landfill in Virginia.

In New York, the landfill is used to conduct a daunting search for clues as New York Police Department (NYPD) detectives, federal agents, and the National Guard painstakingly search the debris for any items or clues that might help explain what happened inside the planes before their devastating impacts with the towers. At the same time, officials from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), Secret Service, and US Customs, which had offices in the World Trade Center, are searching the debris for valuable evidence lost when the towers disintegrated. Some of the lost evidence includes 35 handguns stored in an ATF evidence locker, as well as material pertinent to the case of Matthew "Scar" Allen, whose dispute with rapper "Puffy" Combs sparked a nightclub shoot-out in 1999, reports the New York Post.”

2. New York State Museum offers travelling exhibition on 9/11, with options to display actual objects from WTC destruction, such as a fireman’s boot covered with ashes.This can be used to dispel the argument that exhuming anything from Fresh Kills is a violation of the sacred remains of 9/11victims.


“The attacks of September 11, 2001 were a culmination of terrorist activity against the United States. The New York State Museum presents a timeline of events, beginning with the groundbreaking for the Pentagon on September 11, 1941, to the same date sixty years later, when Al Qaeda operatives attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a third site that was saved through the heroic actions of the crew and passengers of United Flight 93.
The 30-foot panel exhibition contains the key events of September 11, 2001, and iconic images. The timeline may be accompanied by a select group of objects from the State Museum’s World Trade Center collection.”

3. At Fresh Kills landfill, a heartbreaking effort after World Trade Center attacks
Published: Sunday, September 11, 2011


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Staten Islanders rejoiced when, on March 22, 2001, the last of some 2 billion tons of garbage was dumped into the Fresh Kills landfill.

Beleaguered borough residents had waited 53 years for the hated dump to shut down.
But the former 2,200-acre eyesore didn’t stay closed for long.

The landfill has twice been pressed into service as the staging ground for sifting operations to recover the remains of World Trade Center attack victims.

It was first re-opened on Sept. 12, 2001, the day after the terrorist attack — and six months after Staten Islanders thought it was shuttered for good. That operation lasted 10 months.

The second sifting program began April 2 of last year after additional materials were found at Ground Zero. It lasted about 11 weeks.

The operations have aroused a welter of emotions.

While many families rejoiced at the prospect of finding loved ones’ remains, others despaired that the materials were carted to the landfill.

“I don’t think it should have been in a dump in the first place,” said Oakwood resident Michael Mozzillo, whose son, Firefighter Christopher Mozzillo, 27, perished in the attacks. “I’d like to think he’s not there. If he’s been laying around there 10 years, it’s a terrible thought.”

Officials say there are no current plans to resume sifting at Fresh Kills.

“We continue to monitor Ground Zero and we continue to take in material for possible future sifting operations,” said Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the city’s chief medical examiner’ office.

Plans, however, have been in the works since the landfill was shuttered to transform it into Freshkills Park.
Freshkills would be the largest park developed in the city in more than a century, according to the city Parks Department. And to honor the 9/11 victims and recovery workers, the West Mound section between the West Shore Expressway and the Arthur Kill where the sifting operations occurred will be topped with a monument, said officials.

Even so, some victims’ relatives are upset.

The U.S. Supreme Court in October refused to consider a lawsuit by 17 victims’ families who sought to have the landfill researched and a proper burial issued for their loved ones. Remains for 1,121 of the 2,750 World Trade Center victims haven’t been found, said officials.

The families argued that 223,000 tons of the material was never sifted for remains.
Lower federal courts had dismissed the families’ lawsuits against the city, saying it had acted responsibly in moving 1.6 million tons of materials from the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan to the landfill and then sifting through the material for human remains.

“Instead of leaving that separate, they bulldozed it under with the rest of the garbage,” said Dennis McKeon, founder of the Great Kills-based Where-to-Turn advocacy group. “Had they left what they sifted through, there was a probability you could have moved it onto a better place than the landfill.”

Long considered a blight to the borough, the landfill was transformed by 9/11 into the biggest crime lab ever and a recovery site, officials said.

Scores of victims were identified during the initial sifting operations, which ended on July 15, 2002.
Eight years later, a new sifting operation began on April 2, 2010, to pore through 844 yards cubic yards of material gathered since December 2007 — about enough to fill a dump truck. The materials had been collected over two years from areas in and around Ground Zero.

The $1.4 million operation concluded at the landfill on June 18, 2010.

No identifications have yet been made from those efforts, although material is still being evaluated, said Ms. Borakove, the medical examiner’s spokeswoman. She said her office is exploring new ways to test unidentified materials from all the recovery efforts.

Officials say a proposed monument for the West Mound will ensure that victims and recovered workers are never forgotten.

The site, which overlooks Arden Heights, Greenridge and Travis will eventually become the West Park section of Freshkills Park. The build-out will occur in phases over the next 30 years and convert the world’s one-time biggest landfill into a world-class park.

Some victims’ kin eagerly await its construction; however, Mozzillo isn’t among them.
“I hate the thought of there being a memorial for my son on a garbage dump,” he said.

Could The Dead Tell Tales?

Perhaps I've watched too many episodes of "Bones," the TV series about a forensic anthropologist who investigates murders, but wouldn't the bodies of those murdered in the 9/11 attack contain physical evidence of being involved in an explosion that would meet the requirements above? Wouldn't there be unexploded thermite embedded in some of the remains? And, wouldn't the distribution of remains across multiple discovery sites in itself give evidence of explosions? For example, if the remains of an individual who worked on the 30th floor of the WTC were to be found on top of a 40-story building or two blocks away from the WTC site or in multiple widely-separated places, wouldn't that be new substantive evidence of an explosive event.

Comparing where remains were found to where the person worked doesn't require an autopsy and might be successfully started via a Freedom of Information request if the location where remains were found was recorded. Even if the exact location of remains was not recorded, the fragmentary remains found several years ago on top of a building near the WTC might make for an interesting starting point since the connection between where the body parts were found and their ultimate identification must be known.

It would probably take the examination of more than one set of remains to build this side of the case, but I wouldn't think that it would require examining 50 sets of body parts either. A small number of voluntary autopsies demonstrating explosive deaths might be possible through voluntary approval from victim's families without the need for a more official effort. Also, even fragmentary remains might offer up embedded thermite, so it wouldn't be necessary that a complete body be available for autopsy.

Residue of Thermite on Body Parts Would Be Totally Damming..

Thanks Pecosin Rat, for your comments....I've never submitted a blog before, and I guess I am underwhelmed by the response I've received, I guess because my blog is not "front page news"...

I agree that if we could identify residue of thermite on WTC body parts it would be extraordinarily incriminating, but I also feel we don't have to achieve that level of proof.

As a mind experiment, let us imagine that there is a fire in a home that ends up killing a family, and the forensic investigators find conclusive evidence of accelerants used to start the fire. Such evidence woud constitute clear evidence of arson, indicating that the fire was planned and executed as part of a criminal act.

In this case, the investigators don't have the burden of identifying the accelerants on the remains of the victims - their usage at the crime scene is sufficient.

We have the science - what now?

instantkarma, it is good to bring up this vital question. You list these requirements:

1. Provable to extremely high probabilities, beyond any reasonable doubt
2. Non-reliant upon eyewitnesses or other forms of direct human observation
3. Provable by multiple scientific laboritories, processing the same set of samples
4. Conducted on samples that could not have been compromised by contamination from other sources
5. Conducted on samples that have not degraded over time, and/or exposure to environmental conditions, for over 10 years
6. Conducted on samples whose provenance could be proven, with a ironclad chain of custody

Contamination would not be a problem as, no matter what contamination might have occurred, there is no possible source of nanothermite in the environment.

Degradation does not appear to be a problem. When the samples were tested they were already years old. Of the two main components, iron oxide and aluminium metal, iron oxide is already oxidized and would not change in a normal atmosphere, and aluminium is protected by a thin oxide layer, which stops further corrosion. Perhaps its oxide layer might thicken and some energy reduction might occur, but I think the identity would still unmistakable.

The only real difficulty I can see is with point 3. The amount of red/gray chip material is very small. I have made numerous calls to see if anyone has a sample of dust or knows anyone who does. So far there has been no response. This point is very important. It is normal in scientific endeavour for opinion to be swayed by reproduction of the work in the hands of others. Let us try to make this into a fresh call for WTC dust.

Evidence from previous medical studies and more dust samples.

To Mr. Legge and others,

I believe this some aspects of this avenue of research may already have a good place to start. We know that nano-tube structures were found in the lungs of first responders.


Of course, this article describes nano-tube structures and doesn't attempt to describe the source of these structures, however there are clues in this article that indicate these may be nano-thermite particles. This image http://ehp03.niehs.nih.gov/article/slideshow.action?uri=info:doi/10.1289/ehp.0901159&imageURI=info:doi/10.1289/ehp.0901159...
has the following description:
"Electron micrographs of CNT. These appear as tangled long transparent hairlike ropes and stacks of single-walled CNT. All three representative graphs were taken at a magnification of 100K. Single CNT (Carbon Nano Tubes) in each graph are indicated by thin arrow. The arrowheads depict metal particles. Bar = 100 nm. (A) Digested patient lung tissue. (B) WTC dust sample. (C) Control sample from NIOSH."

and the article also contains this interesting revelation:
"Of the patients with interstitial disease, all had large amounts of aluminum and magnesium silicates in an unusual platy configuration, ranging from 27,600 to 184,000/g wet weight of lung. As a comparison, we reexamined for the presence of CNT in 40 samples taken from unrelated workers from diverse construction trades suspected for asbestos-related disease. These patients were known to have been exposed to asbestos, and most of these 40 patients had a high lung burden of asbestos fibers. Less than 10%, however, had platy aluminum and magnesium silicates similar to those seen in WTC patients."

And then there is this in the article:
"Electron microscopy mineralogic findings: A summary of the mineralogic analysis in correlation with pathologic features is given in Table 1. Four of the seven WTC dust samples contained CNT. The lung specimens of three of the patients with interstitial disease (Patients A, B, and C) contained CNT (Figure 3A) virtually identical to those of the dust samples (Figure 3B) and of the positive control sample (Figure 3C). "

Maybe contacting the authors and finding out where and how they obtained the dust samples, if the samples are still accessible, and most importantly, can all 7 samples be split/shared/whatever so the CNTs can be examined and compared with known samples of nano-thermitic materials found in the WTC dust paper. Would this be a good line of inquiry?



From US Government: An eternal time capsule with all you want

Mr. Legge:

Thank you for your interest.

I have noticed that one of the prime rejoinders against the work done thus far on WTC dust is its provenance - in spite of the notable efforts by the independent 9/11 scientists to ensure that the samples they tested were from multiple locations, from a legal standpoint the "chain of custody" can be challenged. For us, the integrity and professionalism of the scientists and researchers who analyzed the WTC dust is impeccable and beyond question, but this does not apply to public at large.

As such, I fear that any new sources that are provided to you might have the same questions raised.

One advantage of a formal legal process is that it can result in a controlled "exhumation" of dust from an incontestable source, such as the Fresh Kills (strange how the Dutch word "kills" for river has an eerie double meaning) dump. This process would be analogous to a court-ordered exhumation of a corpse from a cemetery in order to certify the identitiy of the person buried in the grave.

If the 9/11 movement can initiate a legal challenge that merely results in some of this material being removed and tested upon under strict supervision, the last remaining obstacles towards ultimately having an new and open investigation of 9/11 would be obliterated. In fact, if this effort were to result in confirming the present of significant amounts of nano-thermite in multiple samples, it's pretty much game over - the investigation would quickly pivot towards finding the perps, rather than proving 9/11 was an inside job.

Since I published this paper, I have heard that there is some ongoing efforts to add a legal front to the movement. I am not a lawyer, but I feel that if we now enlist legal strategists with the same degree of ingenuity and courage as our scientists, we can make great advances.

Just think about it - we have strong scientific evidence on our side that proves our case, and the powers that be are reliant upon obfuscation, evasion, and bald-faced lies to conceal their plot. How much longer can they prevail against the truth ?

Re: new dust samples

Tracy Postert, aka Tracy Blevins (the woman from Occupy Wall Street who was famously offered a job on Wall St.) claims to have lots of samples of dust.

She has a PhD in biomedical sciences and posts as 'WTCDust' on the JREF forum.

Mind you, I'm not sure if she would accommodate as she does not support the thermite hypothesis.

re: Pecosin Rat

We know that some of the bone fragments found on top of the Deutschebank building were from people in the towers. (Some have tried to suggest these remains would have only been from victims in the plane.)

I think that's a continuous live feed

so it would not still relate.

Here's a possible related article


InstantKarma, a critique:

from an academic writing perspective:

It's not clear to me what your article is proposing. It's a long article, and I started on the first paragraphs, and then started skipping to each successive paragraph in an attempt to quickly determine what it is you're saying. I have not been able to determine it by this method.

What you call a "summary" is not a summary at all. A summary should explain in a paragraph what your proposal (or finding) is. The intro should just be 1 - 5 paragraphs. The rest can elaborate and support.

I don't know whether you're talking about human remains in the dust, or if you're using the term 'DNA' figuratively.

Just mentioning this since it's a draft and you seem to be seeking feedback.