US media and the Mark Walhberg apology

The US media is especially proud of standing up for the victims of 9/11 by self righteously reporting the apology from Walhberg.Why is it that an actor is able to apologize for insensitive comments but intelligence officials and agents won't explain let alone apologize for getting a bunch of people killed? When US media could have stood up for the victims in a substantive way they failed to do so. As recently as September 2011, 60 Minutes countered former FBI agent Ali Soufan's credible accusation of CIA withholding of information by way of a CIA talking point:

The CIA told us any suggestion it purposely refused to share critical information on the 9/11 plots with FBI is "baseless" and "these allegations diminish the hard work and dedication of countless CIA officers."

The Interrogator

This is journalism? Soufan (and others) have already credible demonstrated that the withholding was deliberate. The question then is why did CIA and FBI UBLU officials and agents withhold the information? For unknown reasons the US media will not use their access to power to get an answer. US media has never interviewed Rich Blee, chief of CIA's Alec Station in the lead up to 9/11 or Rod Middleton, chief of the FBI Bin Laden unit (UBLU) in the lead up to 9/11. Blee was even promoted after 9/11! How on earth could the media not ask Tenet to account for this?

There is a total disconnect in US society in regard to 9/11. Actors are pressured to apologize for making comments that are disrespectful to the victims while US officials and intelligence agents who obstructed al Qaeda investigations before 9/11 are given a complete pass by the US media. If anyone should apologize to 9/11 victims it should be the US media.

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And.. Wahlberg's comments are a tempest in a tea cup anyway. He's just blurting out words conveying a sense of anger and, in fact, powerlessness. (Although without tact, that much is true)

It should be noted that Wahlberg played the leading role in "Shooter", which appeared to mock the 9/11 Commission Report. Link leads to 911blogger article from 2007, trailer below (this version doesn't seem to have the scene discussed there, unfortunately)