Norman Solomon and 9/11

Nor Cal Truth

Norman Solomon has a history of avoiding 9/11, even silencing it.

Now he is running for Congress to represent the 2nd District of California, right where I live.

Michael Rupperts Timeline that Solomon disagreed with:

Norman's letter to KPFA in 2002 trying to shut down Michael Ruppert:


I'm confused why a "dumb" joe Rogan gets front page when all he is talking about is WTC 7.

And this bit of history concerning Ruppert, Solomon and 9/11?

I'm ok with this not being front page, but it hurts that Rogan gets to make me look stupid on TV and make front page blogger......

Maybe I should have added

Maybe I should have added "confronts" to the title.....

maybe I should have yelled....


Good luck

Good luck if you ever have a chance to confront Solomon, that epitome of left-gatekeeper-dom, during his campaign.