Valkyrie: movie for today’s US military to arrest US War Criminals

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Valkyrie opens with the Nazi soldier’s loyalty oath; identical in effect to the 2003-altered US Army Soldier’s Creed: “I will always place the mission first” (as dictated by the leader/fuehrer). The historical hero, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, writes in his diary that Germany has been lied-to by their political leadership, that their creed for peace was a lie to cover offensive wars, that their honorable military engaged in torture and unlawful execution of civilians, and that he could not find the military leadership to confront and end these crimes.

Valkryrie is not intended as an historical film, but a modern communication to its English-speaking audience in encouragement for their lawful action to end the US and British Wars of Aggression in the Middle East. In historical perspective, we know Colonel von Stauffenberg was correct, and wish that more military officers had joined to end their fascist war of empire.

History will also show that current US invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, expanded attacks on Pakistan, Yemen, and threatened war with Iran are aggressive wars of territorial and resource domination equal-in-kind to Nazi “leadership’s” vision of dominating Europe. We will also praise US military and political leadership as lawful and correct to end the US fascist wars of empire.

We already know that the US wars are unlawful; not even close to the UN limitations of defensive actions of another nation’s attack with only the UN Security Council having all other authorization for use of force.

We know that all the reasons given to invade Iraq were known to be lies at the time they were told.

We know the threats to attack Iran are based upon the ridiculous lies of putting false words into the mouth of Iran’s president and fabricating a nuclear weapon threat with zero supporting evidence.

We know the US has tortureduses rendition, and that Americans merely declared as enemies to the state lose their Constitutional rights and are now assassinated at the dictate of the American “leader.”

We know these crimes are linked to Pentagon spending that admitted $2.3 trillion of our dollars are officially “unaccounted for,” that is, they claim that they lost it. They claim “human error” to lose a million dollars 2,300,000 times. That’s massive and tragic-comic fraud. The cost to taxpayers is an average of $23,000 from every American family of $50,000 annual income.

The first four minutes of the film’s opening show it is for Americans today.

An important note: Operation Valkyrie’s plan was to assassinate Hitler and transfer his personal command to a group of officers who would order the end of the war. In our world of the present in the US, the power to end these wars resides within Congress under the US Constitution. The authorization for force in Iraq and Afghanistan were legislated per the 1973 War Powers Resolution that allows Congress to end the wars at their discretion as well as cut-off their funding. My point in framing the movie Valkyrie as a current message to US military and government is to exercise their oath to support and defend the US Constitution and end these unlawful wars, as well as the policy recommendation following. Political assassinations are obviously illegal and unnecessary; when the US develops a critical mass of leadership and public support to evolve beyond unlawful fascist wars of empire they will justly end.

I encourage all Americans with arrest authority to exercise it and arrest the criminal 1% who order mass-murders, and cause the deaths of thousands of American soldiers.