Rudolph Giuliani Confronted on Building 7

University of Florida - Rudy Giuliani Confronted on Building 7
January 26th, 2012

Bob Tuskin of The Bob Tuskin Radio Show confronts Rudy Giuliani over Building 7 and his possible role in 9/11.

This was covered in the local mainstream news paper:

The Gainesville Sun:


How many millions has this low life made off 9/11? He's never been officially investigated for his role in the no bid contracts of the FDNY Motorola radios. The same radios that were never field tested and were removed from service after only one week, which resulted in Firefighters being reissued the same radios that failed in 1993 and then again on the morning of September 11, 2001. His hands are blooded with the over 120 firefighters who never heard the orders to evacuate the North Tower. The NYPD radios were different from the FDNY and all the police officers heard the evacuation orders and got out of the North Tower. This is the same man who approved the command center in WTC 7 when 8 years earlier when WTC was first attacked. This is the same man who also said the "AIR IS SAFE." I see his face and it drives me crazy!

I agree.

Very well said.

Giuliani: Accessory to mass murder

And.... Giuliani is the man who, in an interview with Peter Jennings on ABC said ".... We were told the towers were going to come down". In other words. Giuliani knew, in advance, of three events which had never happened before or since: the collapse of modern steel framed skyscrapers "due to fire" (?/!!). In his foreknowledge, he also failed in his duty to pass this information along to NYPD and FDNY personnel. 01:50 into the interview.

If the 9/11 Commission had been a real inquiry, Giuliani should have been subpoenaed and thoroughly cross examined as regards foreknowledge of the events of 9/11. Perhaps the identity of the person(s) who told Giuliani about what was going to happen would have been revealed as well.

Giuliani appears to an "accessory before the fact" to the mass murder of 3000 people. Accessory to a crime is regarded in law as equivalent to perpetrating a crime, as regards punishment. From what I recall the State of New York still carries the death penalty......

Instead of languishing of a jail cell, this character goes on the lecture circuit at $50,000 a pop. Ahhhhh.. smell the justice.

Kudos to Truth Tellers!

Thank you to those who confronted Ghouliani, the blood-sucking parasite who has the nerve to profit over his complicity in murdering his fellow citizens.

This garbage individual, along with his Mafioso sidekick Bernie Kerik, have the gall to pretend to be patriots and heroes. It is incredible that this criminal wanted to succeed his fellow criminal "Georgie 911 Bush" as president of the US.

Let's try to make sure that he can never peddle his Gestapo message without voices of dissent.

Rudy Giuliani insisted on the OEM center being in WTC 7

This was a 13 million dollar project, and required access to the entire building for changes to the HVAC and backup power systems.

He also created the need for a separate OEM and its own command center out of pure cloth, as prior to that it was an auxiliary duty of the police department.

This whole scenario created by Rudy could have been just the cover needed for setting up the demolition devices in the building.

The word that WTC 7 was a lost cause and that it was going to collapse also came from Rudy Giuliani's office. This is what kept firefighters from even getting near it and hooking up to the siamese fittings on the outside of the building to charge the sprinkler system and put out the fires in it. They did not need to enter the building so only word that the building was going to collapse could have kept them back. How would Rudy's people have known that?

It was mayor Rudy Giuliani's dept. of design and construction that was in charge of cleaning up the debris from WTC 7 who failed to save any steel from the building (except for one small piece cited in FEMA Appendix C found to have unusual intergranular melting) for investigators to examine and try to understand what would have been an unprecedented collapse if it were natural.

It is also interesting that investigators like Professor Jonathan Barnett say they weren't able to examine WTC 7's steel at the site as is the normal situation regarding a structural collapse. Who kept them from doing so?

Rudy Giuliani desperately needs to be investigated regarding the demolition of WTC 7.

Nice to see these folks speak up

& interrupt $65K worth of B.S.

Rudy can never be forgiven for 1) taking control of the contracts for the Motorola communication devices of the NYFD. & STILL giving them faulty one's on 9/11/01.

2) Muscling the Office of Emergency Managment into WTC7

3) appointing (Bernie Kerik) as his Chief of Police. (He is a convicted felon now in jail)

These are his three known failures to the people of NYC

Also remember Kerik partnered

Also remember Kerik partnered with Giuliani and his anti-terrorist consulting business, became a VP there, and created his own company with Giuliani, subsequently acquiring very profitable contracts with the governments of countries like Jordan, Guyana, UAE and (probably most ineffectively) Mexico City...

Just sayin'...

Rudy tried to push the OEM

Rudy tried to push the OEM development inside WTC 7 as Jerome Hauer's project and concept.

Jerome went with it for a couple of years, but at some point became arguementative about this point. He even uploaded a personal video to YouTube stating his position that he did not choose the location. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the video, but here is a 07 Times article.

Internal struggles or disagreements perhaps, lets hope some people crack.

Onetime Giuliani Insider Is Now a Critic

But Mr. Hauer said the mayor insisted instead on a site within walking distance of City Hall. Given that concern and others, Mr. Hauer said he decided that offices on the 23rd floor of 7 World Trade Center, next to the twin towers and just a few blocks from City Hall, seemed the best choice.

The site was immediately controversial because it was part of the trade center, which had already been the location of a truck bomb attack in 1993. City officials, though, including Mr. Hauer, have long defended their decision, even after the command center had to be evacuated during the 2001 terror attack.

Last week, in an interview with Fox News, Mr. Giuliani again faced questions about the site. He put responsibility for selecting it on Mr. Hauer.

“Jerry Hauer recommended that as the prime site and the site that would make the most sense,” Mr. Giuliani said. “It was largely on his recommendation that that site was selected.”

Mr. Hauer took immediate exception to that account in interviews. “That’s Rudy’s own reality that he lives in,” he said. “It is not, in fact, the truth.”

Photography banned by Giuliani

It was Giuliani who banned photography at the WTC site.

"The statement said that the ban was issued because the site is a crime scene"

Background on the criminals...

Oh Jon Gold, how

Oh Jon Gold, how ever-important your work was (and still is) and very few of us understood.

Thanks for all you efforts Jon. (You too Orangutan)

The who-is series is awesome, check out the others everyone.


His approach is still working, too.

Many around these parts may not be aware, but Jon has written a book called '9/11 Truther: The Fight For Justice And Accountability' that just completed the editing process. Big ups to Janice Matthews at for donating her time to do that.

I only know that it will be published by Amazons online publishing arm, but I don't know much more than that. I can say that I've read it and it's a fantastic account of his activism and the real issues facing the 9/11 truth movement today.

A crime SCENE sure was

and he is guilty of disturbing the crime scene and shipping it off !

it makes me sick to see all the sheeple in the audience!

More coverage and reach...

Giuliani should welcome 9/11 questions

Last Thursday, Rudy Giuliani's talk about leadership was led astray when a man had some questions about the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
The man stood up and demanded, "What happened with Building 7, Rudolph?"

An unheralded champion for CD evidence

Since this thread concerns the demolition of Building 7, it's particularly important to note how much Jon Gold has championed the evidence for the controlled demolition of WTC 1, 2, & 7.

No doubt the encouragement he has offered to those who have elucidated the science behind the CD of these buildings will be long remembered. His recognition of the importance of this evidence to the overall goals of 9/11 Truth is worthy of commendation.

Much thanks, Jon!