Osama Bin Laden Death Photos May Be Released



From the Atlantic Wire

"Initially, the Justice Department had argued that all 52 records of bin Laden were exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. However, in their response brief filed on Wednesday, Metcalfe says DOJ raised the possibility that portions of images or video of the Al Qaeda leader could be disclosed without "core" harm to national security.  The passage in question (page 10) raises the possibility that "sensitive information about specific intelligence methods or specific military operations could be redacted from the records."


Metcalfe, who has experience defending more than 500 FOIA and Privacy Act lawsuits for the U.S. government, says the Obama administration overplayed its hand in trying to conceal all of the images and video from the raid "in lump fashion" instead of dealing with particularly sensitive images more individually. “The government’s ‘going in’ position here, to put it in common litigation terms, is grossly over-broad," he said.