Silverstein’s 9/11 Lawsuit Against Airline Continues

FEBRUARY 3, 2012
Silverstein’s 9/11 Lawsuit Against Airline Continues
By Jacqueline Palank

One World Trade Center, 90 floors up so far and scheduled for completion in 2013.
Under a new agreement, the bankruptcy of American Airlines’ parent company won’t completely halt pending litigation from the World Trade Center’s developer over claims the carrier failed to prevent the hijacking of Flight 11 during the Sept. 11th terrorist attack.

In a long-running legal battle, World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein has accused AMR Corp. and its American Airlines subsidiary of failure to put into place safeguards — such as securing the cockpit — to prevent terrorists from seizing control of its airplane. Flight 11 crashed into the site’s North Tower with 81 passengers and 11 crew members on board.

AMR’s Chapter 11 filing last November automatically put a stop to all pending litigation against the company, including the World Trade Center suit. But under the deal AMR filed in bankruptcy court Thursday, plaintiffs may continue pursuing injury and damage claims “solely to the extent of available and collectible [insurance] coverage.”

Court papers show the agreement, which isn’t subject to court approval, precludes plaintiffs from trying to recover for “intentional conduct or punitive damages.”

Silverstein’s company, which leased the Twin Towers and two other World Trade Center buildings from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, is seeking billions of dollars in damages for alleged negligence by the airline, according to the lawsuit. It is also seeking compensation for the lost rental income; the developer had signed 99-year leases for the space just two months before the attack.

The Silverstein lawsuit named additional defendants, including Boeing Co. The airplane manufacturer “defectively designed…the aircraft operated as Flight 11 by failing to install a system that would lock out unauthorized persons from the aircraft controls,” the suit contends.

AMR, American and Boeing have all denied the allegations of the litigation, which remained pending for other defendants even as AMR’s bankruptcy temporarily halted its involvement.

Silverstein Properties is now helping to rebuild the 16-acre World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan. Its 52-story 7 World Trade Center building, to replace the building that collapsed after fires spread from the Twin Towers, opened in May 2006. It’s currently developing three more skyscrapers for the 16-acre site.

Construction also continues on the new One World Trade Center at a cost of $3.8 billion so far — making it by far the world’s most expensive new office tower, as the Journal’s Eliot Brown reported. The Port Authority is building the tower, which at 104 stories and 1,776 feet high will be the tallest building in the U.S. upon its expected completion at the end of 2013.

I'm suprised

Silverstein is still breathing.

So am I!

I too am surprised that this Clown is still breathing. Evil to the core. Well, he will get his in the end. They all will. None of them have any sort of moral center. Especially a low life like Silverstein.

A parallel...

A parallel to Silverstein's financial involvement in the World Trade Center:

I buy a business that is losing money. The business is spread over multiple premises, all of which are in violation of fire and safety codes, and require a hugely expensive renovation program to get them up to scratch. Then I insure each building separately against arson.

A few weeks later, every single building on the premises is destroyed by fire, in highly suspicious circumstances. The cause of the fire is determined to be deliberate and the substance that started the fires are analyzed and confirmed by qualified analysts. Then I claim the insurance money on each building.... and get it!

In a logical world, the FBI (and others) would be all over me.

In the world of Silverstein and the privileged elites with whom he swans around, nothing. Not a murmur from law enforcement. A roaring silence. He gets the money and then goes for more. Still nothing is asked. It is seemingly taboo to invoke any suspicions on anyone (unless they are Muslim of course). But if they hang out with the bankster fraternity, and the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu, Bernie Madoff and Rudy Giuliani... then the orders are: Hands Off!

If he's not a sociopath, how does Silverstein sleep at night?

In This Conspiracy Among Thieves,

"plaintiffs may continue pursuing injury and damage claims 'solely to the extent of available and collectible [insurance] coverage.'”

Why aren't the insurers in there demanding proof of the alleged cockpit entries and other unprovable allegations of the OCT? How have they been chummed into the 911 crime family?


I've never understood why the insurers haven't put up more of a fight, given the abundance of evidence contradicting the official explanations. Does anyone know what the recently settled subrogation litigation was about?

Any court case that goes to trial...

...has a potential for bringing a more factual 9/11 out into the open. It seems likely to me that a defense lawyer would leap at the chance to implicate Mr. Silverstein in the destruction of the WTC on 9/11 as a technique for defending his clients. That is why the government has jumped through hoops so far to see to it that nothing about 9/11 ever goes to a public jury trial. Maybe Mr. Silverstein will let his CAD (compulsive acquisition disorder) take him one step too far. However, given the effort the government has made to keep these cases out of the public light before, there is no chance they haven't noticed this problem...

MF Global

If you haven't already done so, take a little time to study what have been the 'consequences' of the bankruptcy of MF Global. Elites don't go to jail (elites being either those who can ignore the law or can change it as necessary). Former Senator Jon Corzine was CEO of MF Global and a political ally with the current white house where funds supposedly "vaporized". Bull****. Customer money doesn't just "vaporize". YET, AT LEAST TO THIS DATE, NO ONE HAS BEEN ARRESTED while customers -- farmers, et al, legally hedging their price risk -- are out substantial funds. It's an outright theft and they're apparently 'getting away with it'.


Dallas attorney offers 9/11 insight:

"Much of the 9/11 story has not been told to the public."