New York: Police union demands info on 9/11 toxic debris

ABC NEWS -- New York City's police union is demanding more information about the effects of toxic debris from the 9/11 attacks.

The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association called on the city to release all data about officers who suffered cancer after responding at the World Trade Center at a news conference on Sunday.

The union also showed the uniform worn that day by Officer Alonzo Harris.

It was tested and found to have dangerous carcinogens on it.

The P.B.A. says the city has dragged its feet on providing information about first responders.

"It's unconscionable that they would not release this data. This is an issue of men and women who serve this city without question and they're looking for one thing, they're looking for the treatment that they deserve," P.B.A. President Patrick Lynch said.

The union wants cancer included on the list of illnesses covered by the Zadroga Act, to help first responders.

The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.....

could analyze the toxic debris themselves and discover the thermitic material.


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P.B.A. President Patrick Lynch:

General Inquiries:

Even if the physical evidence confirmed

Even if the physical evidence confirmed the uniform worn that day by Officer Alonzo Harris,
did contain the red/gray particles were indeed metastable intermolecular composite (nano-
thermite or super thermite) it would be challenged based on chain of custody.

As a first responder (construction worker), who just last week returned to Mt Sinai for my WTC
Medical Monitoring examination, have given much thought to the toxins that were in the WTC dust,
especially now learning my FVC Test results show my lung age is 78, while only being 58. Due to
the fact that our government and science community has failed to seriously examine the peer
reviewed paper, " Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade
Center Catastrophe" we need indisputable evidence that nano-thermite was used in the controlled demolition of the Towers and WTC Building 7. Watching the collapse of those building of 9/11 in
hundreds of videos, it's unbelievable to to accept the "Official Story" that Newton's Three Laws
of Motion do not apply. Simply physics say it's impossible for massive steel beams, weighing 4 - 20
tons or more to be ejected horizontally as much as 520 feet, only explosives could produce the
energy needed for this to happen. Catastrophic collapse alone makes this impossible without

I believe evidence for nano-thermite could be find in two areas of research. First, due to the fact that
almost 1,000 have died from the exposure of the 9/11 dust. Autopsies of the lung tissue of may
contain evidence of these particles of red/gray thermite, just like that of asbestos victims.
The other area of research where evidence of thermite would be of the Freshkills Landfill. For the
last ten years, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) evaluated whether the Fresh Kills Landfill, a municipal solid waste landfill located on the western shore of Staten Island, releases unhealthy levels of contaminants to the local environment. ATSDR has conducted a wide range of activities to address the Staten Island residents' public health concerns. These activities have included reviewing environmental sampling data, evaluating previous health studies, conducting a respiratory health investigation. Those dust samplings from the landfill, which contains hundreds of tons of dust
debris from the World Trade Center, could confirm without question whether or not if the red/gray
particles are truly nano-thermite and the question of chain of custody could never be raised.
It is of my opinion, all the evidence is right there for the looking.

Just wanted to add this!

Nano-thermite is not simply purchased on the internet or made from mixing a few compounds.


A method for producing nanoscale, or ultra fine grain (UFG) aluminium powders, a key component of most nano-thermitic materials, is the dynamic gas-phase condensation method, pioneered by Wayne Danen and Steve Son at Los Alamos National Laboratory. A variant of the method is being used at the Indian Head Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center. Another production method for nanoaluminium powder is the pulsed plasma process developed by NovaCentrix (formerly Nanotechnologies).[9] The powders made by both processes are indistinguishable.[10] A critical aspect of the production is the ability to produce particles of sizes in the tens of nanometer range, as well as with a limited distribution of particle sizes. In 2002, the production of nano-sized aluminium particles required considerable effort, and commercial sources for the material were limited.[3] Current production levels are now beyond 100 kg/month.

An application of the sol-gel method, developed by Randall Simpson, Alexander Gash and others at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, can be used to make the actual mixtures of nanostructured composite energetic materials. Depending on the process, MICs of different density can be produced. Highly porous and uniform products can be achieved by supercritical extraction.[3]

Thermitic materials

Some of the illnesses suffered by the WTC first responders might be explained by the existing evidence of energetic materials, like thermite, at Ground Zero. For example aluminum, aluminum oxide and aluminum silicates are known causal factors for some of the common illnesses seen, such as sarcoidosis, pulmonary fibrosis, and the as-yet-unexplained immune system diseases. Furthermore, the rare cancers found in some first responders could be the result of environmental factors such as the unusually high levels of benzene and derivatives of 1,3-DPP which suggest the presence of energetic materials like thermite and nanothermite.

Analysis of the lung tissue of first responders has also indicated that energetic materials might be involved. The unusual platy configurations of aluminum silicates found in those lung tissue samples seem similar to the platy configurations of aluminum and silicon in the nanothermite that has been discovered in WTC dust samples.

I've made sol-gel nanothermites, and have confirmed that the iginition residues contain carbon nanotubes (first discovered by Niels Harrit).

Carbon nanotubes have been found throughout the WTC dust and in the lungs of the first responders.

I've also done some analytical and visual comparisons between nanothermites and the paramagnetic fraction found in WTC dust samples.

Do you think...

"Carbon nanotubes have been found throughout the WTC dust and in the lungs of the first responders."

Dear Mr. Ryan,
In the article you referenced here, it mentions checking the Carbon Nanotubes found in the first responders to 7 samples of WTC dust. I was curious if these samples can be (if no attempts were made yet) acquired through FOIA do they can be tested.? Thank you.


Depends on who has it

dtg86 -- That would depend on who had the uniform. If the Union has it, then a FOIA would not be possible, because the union is not a government office. An informal request could be made for access though. If the City has it, then a FOIA might be appropriate.

New York Post chimes in...

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is using his charter-granted power to demand the city provide him with its research on the rate of cancer among cops who worked at Ground Zero, The Post has learned.

De Blasio sent Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly a letter yesterday insisting they identify the officers who worked at Ground Zero on and after 9/11 and later filed for disability pension benefits.

He also wants a list of all cancer cases reported to the NYPD’s doctors in the past decade, specifically those involving cops who responded to the terror attacks.

Read more:

Not Blase

Very glad to see di Blasio is on the right side of this issue and is actively helping. In general, he is an opportunist just looking for votes and as such is not entirely trustworthy. A perfect example is his ridiculous anti-carriage horse bashing just to curry favor with both the animal activists and the real estate developers who want the stable properties.

"Different Than Everything"

Panel member Valerie Dabas, a human resources analyst at the police Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, said she’s seen significant increases in rare blood and kidney cancers as well as incidents of thyroid and prostate cancer that she said are “very uncommon” in men and women so young.

She also dismissed previous studies that may not have shown a clear link between exposure to certain chemicals and cancer.

“We keep saying the dust is different than everything we’ve seen before, and that’s how we have to treat it,” she said.

9/11 Panel Considers Cancer Coverage Under Zadroga Act