Create a Buzz at Your Next 9/11 Event: AE911Truth “Booth Banner” Artwork Now Available

Written by Dick Scar, BSAE

AE911Truth Presenter Team Leader Dan Noel upgraded his AE911Truth booth, inspired by AE911Truth volunteer and tent inventor Scott Beery, with our colorful banners (shown right and far left) for a street event in September 2011

New AE911Truth vinyl banner artwork is now available to download from our website. Graphic designer Sandra Taylor ensured that these high-resolution designs were creative, attractive, and informative. They are perfect for hanging on walls and display booths, and will bring positive attention to your next 9/11 event or outreach effort.

You can download the display of your choice, save the image onto a thumb drive or SD flash card, and take it to your local printer to have it made into a full-size banner. These designs will add interest, information and pizzazz to any booth or demonstration.


The booth banners attracted hundreds of architects during the 3-day AIA convention in 2008, where 50 more architects joined Richard Gage, AIA, in calling for a new WTC investigation
The attractive banners and looped video clips on TV screens made the AIA outreach effort easier for volunteers Mark Phillips and Chris Sarns, who simply waited for the next curious architects to ask their questions after seeing the compelling evidence all laid out

There are seven different banners in the series available for download now. Please go to the Resources page of the website to download the high-quality full-size versions. (Note: These are large files, so they may take some time to download.)

The next time you are looking for maximum credibility and exposure for your street, fair, or convention booth, you know where to turn.

The “Three Beams” Banner (48” x 60”) can be placed as a centerpiece between the other two tall ‘multi-pic’ banners below, which depict the explosive evidence from WTC 7 and the Twin Towers
The “WTC 7 Multi-pic” Banner (30” x 60”) provides the visual evidence for the explosive destruction of the building and its aftermath The “WTC 1&2 Multi-pic” Banner (30” x 60”) includes photos of the explosive ejections, the molten metal, the iron microspheres and the thermitic residue from ground zero – all proof of controlled demolition

Banner dimensions vary with design from 30”x 36” to 48”x 60”.

Prices to print depend on the size and material of the banner. For example, one 48” x 60” vinyl banner with 10 grommets costs less than $75 from Echod Graphics with standard two-week delivery time. Local prices in your area may be cheaper and delivery times may be faster.

The “Who We Are” banner (30” x 60”) provides a clear understanding of the AE911Truth mission, activities, resources and call to action The “Quiz” Banner (30” x 60”) allows passersby to test their knowledge of the WTC catastrophe
The WTC 7 “Evidence List” banner (30” x 36”) lists the vital evidence of controlled demolition at a glance for the 3rd WTC skyscraper to be destroyed on 9/11 The WTC 1&2 “Evidence List” banner (30” x 36”) highlights the important facts behind the explosive destruction of the Twin Towers