AE911Truth Action Groups Go ‘Postal’

Written by AE911Truth Staff

Deliver the compelling 9/11 Evidence with Our Attractive Postcards

Each month, our AE911Truth Action Groups around the country meet by telephone and decide which nationally coordinated action to take. In the past we have staffed booths at street events, screened AE911Truth films, and even visited with local, state, and federal representatives.

This effective postcard provides the core of the controlled demolition evidence for WTC Building 7 - the third skyscraper to be destroyed on 9/11. You can mail a handful of these in your spare time!

This February, we decided to make it even simpler. Now you can join in our new effort to mail our informative and colorful AE911Truth postcards out to the architects and engineers in your community. It’s easy as 1-2-3!

1) Simply order the postcards from our online store – at a 20% discount during the month of February. (Use coupon code PCFB12).

2) Copy the names and addresses of architects and engineers from your local phone book -- or from the internet -- onto the cards. Add your return address and other contact information you’d like to share.

3) Stick a standard 32-cent stamp on each card, and drop them in the mail!

Let the postcard do the rest of the work for you!

If any of the architects or engineers respond to your postcards, we’d love to hear about it. Let us know by filling out the Contact Us form on our website. Make sure to select “Report a Local Action” as the Subject Area and type in “Postcard Response” as the Subject.

Either way, you will play an essential role in making technical professionals in your area aware of AE911Truth, the basic evidence of the controlled demolition of the WTC skyscrapers, and our crucial efforts to spur an independent investigation.

Massive discounts are also available for bulk purchases of our enlightening WTC7 postcards

Even if you are not currently a member of an AE911Truth Action Group, you can still make a major impact by participating in this postcard campaign. At the same time, you can maximize the effect of your future outreach efforts by joining forces with AE911Truth and starting an Action Group. The setup is free and easy, regardless of whether you want to affiliate yourself as a newly formed group or connect your existing 9/11 Truth or WeAreChange group with us. Just follow the steps on our Action Groups page. When your registration is completed, your website will be linked from our Action Group List. If you’d like to support us individually in your community, you can become an AE911Truth Local Contact. As a local contact, you can receive and respond to email inquiries about AE911Truth and our work from people in your local area. To become a Local Contact, fill out the request form on our website. We’ll display your name and email address on our list of Local Contacts.

Choose the level of involvement that is comfortable for you. Your participation at any level is vital to our efforts as we turn the tide of public awareness on this critical issue – the Achilles heel of the official 9/11 story. Order your postcards now!

If you prefer to contribute a few packs of 100 cards to someone else who may have more time than money, then please donate $10, $25, or $50 today. Thank you!


It is kind of fun to do!

Some of our individual 9/11 group members mail these. Addresses are easily obtainable on the internet.

Will Have To Get Some ...

And mail them to key members of NYC and NY state government!