C-SPAN Callers School DHS Thug On Underwear Bomber Fairy Tale

cool that caller after caller...

knew the "underwear bomber" story to be bullshit.


As the kids say: "he got pwned!"

He knew, but he's a very poor actor.... and a liar.

Every time a caller brought up the incident of the "underwear bomber" being escorted onto the plane by "agents in suits", watch the expression on McCarter's face. It's not an expression of surprise, skepticism or even irritation.. more one of "dammit, I mustn't screw up here". He obviously knew; his body language and facial expressions conveyed an attempt to not let on that he was aware of the details of what happened on that plane. He was clearly prepared to respond in an "I plead ignorance" fashion should this inconvenient aspect of the underwear bomber incident enter the discussion, but his acting skills didn't quite match up to the task in hand.

Did she say: "Don't appreciate that last comment?"

I think she did and this is the kind of censorship that I hate. We are adults and that is just what they do, don't they? Then why would anyone whitewash this in any way, spade a spade and all. It infuriated me when during the Watergate Scandal re: Nixon they would say "expletive deleted" no, lets hear it unvarnished.

So she agrees......

I believe she didn't "appreciate that last comment" in response to the caller saying the TSA now has their hands down our pants. So that means she agrees that it's okay for the TSA to put their hands in HER private parts - so she's a bit louche herself.

Rain Man

In the movie Rain Man, the idio-savant played by Hoffman, must buy his underwear at Kmart:

Cruise: "Cincinnati's a Long way off."

Hoffman: "You're getting further away from Kmart."

Cruise: "You don't have to go to Cincinnati to get underwear at Kmart."

Hoffman: "You have to go to Kmart, 400 Oak Street."

Cruise: "We are not going to Cincinnati, and that's final."

Hoffman: "- Get my boxer shorts at Kmart. - That is final. Did you hear me?"

Cruise: "Washington, D.C. is a long way off.

Hoffman: "I have to get my bomb material at the F.B.I. 601 4th Street NW
Washington, DC 20535."

Cruise: "We are not going to Washington, and that's final."

Hoffman: "- Get my bomb material at the F.B.I.. - That is final. Did you hear me?"

In the houses of shadow, everybody lies.

You got to love this.
"Homeland Security Today" SENIOR Washington Correspondent has 'not heard of' the eyewitness testimony that Underwearman was shepherded around security and put on the plane.

Maybe its time to get another job. Or is that indicative of the disconnect. Or is that disingenuous?

He Tweeted

He Tweeted, in response to a query about just that, "because I don't traffic in conspiracy theories? Sorry, friend." But Haskell's victim statement wasn't a conspiracy theory it was a testimony in an open court room. So doesn't this guy do any follow up on these kinds of stories? Journalism 101 Wx5: Who, what, when, where, and why. The W's are the sine qua non of journalism sans that you got nada, zip, zilch, nyet, whatever. This guy has no "chops."

Me too

This guy's feigned ignorance got my attention also. Some people are paid to give the wrong answers at the right time.

Sargeant Schultz

"I know nussink!"

Mickey McCarter. Is that a real name?

But he did know that "...the Bush Administration had actually had a plan for the whole body imagers to be rolled out..."

Good Question

Here is his bio from Homland Security Today eNewsletter

Mickey McCarter

Editor/Senior Washington Correspondent, is a journalist with more than a decade of experience in reporting on military affairs and information technology. He shifted into reporting on homeland security matters after witnessing the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the Pentagon on 9/11.

A US Navy veteran, McCarter has reported for a wide range of publications, including Veterans Business Journal, Stars and Stripes, Congressional Quarterly, Federal News Radio, Military Information Technology, and Special Operations Technology. McCarter also was editor of Defense Consulting and Outsourcing, published by Kerrigan Media International, a Washington publisher of magazines covering military and defense. Mickey's content management skills have been employed by private sector clients such as Time & Space America LLC, iDefense Inc., and the National Center on Education and the Economy.

Mickey has served as a content specialist for government agencies like the US Navy's Bureau of Naval Personnel and the Defense Contract Management Agency.

Who would venture to guess that he was secunded to that position by Office of Naval Intelligence ala Ollie North in the White House Basement?

One of two things

One either McCarter is so ignorant as to be criminal incompetent and should not be in any position of importance involving "national security", or two, he's a lying sumbag traitor.

I say it's that latter.

or he's glad to have a job...

and is willing to perpetuate deception if that is what he is told to do.



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imagine that.

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