'9/11: What Really Happened and Why?' Richard Gage and Kevin Ryan Present to Nation of Islam Saturday, Feb. 25

Richard Gage, founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and Kevin Ryan, editor for the Journal of 9/11 Studies will make presentations for the Nation of Islam on Saturday, February 25 / 10 AM at the Rosemont Convention Center in Chicago. This speaking engagement coincides with the Savior's Day activities running from Feb. 24-26.

"Let us separate fact from fiction, rhetoric from reality, and FINALLY challenge the official story of who committed this horrific crime. Compelling evidence will be revealed that 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB."

Here's a link to the program and an opportunity to watch live:

This is an excellent way to spread the word

I saw parts of the presentation. A good presentation! Huge crowd, plus the many folks online. In communities like this one, there is a lot of word of mouth spread person to person, a ripple effect which extends way beyond this one day webcast.

Is there any archive of this?

Is there any archive of this?

Robert, Tom

When I left AE because of the decision to go to this NOI event, Richard did not want to promote the event too much.

I also noticed it did not make the cut for the AE newsletter.

I also noticed that this is your own blog, and not an official AE article.

Is Richard now promoting this event by giving you permission to write about it as an AE volunteer?

Or are you simply writing about it regardless of what Richard wanted?

Also, we had been discussing this event on this thread:

But I am happy to have a better spot to do so now.

As you both know, I have said plenty already.

Promted Under "EVENTS"

Yes, this is my blog reiterating what has already been promoted on the AE911Truth website and giving others the opportunity to watch live. It's promoted under "Events." http://www.ae911truth.org/en/events.html

Speaking Engagement:
Chicago, IL

9/11: What REALLY Happened
And Why?
Richard Gage, AIA & Kevin Ryan
Sat, Feb 25, 2012 •
City/State: Chicago, IL
Date: Sat, Feb 25, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

9/11: What REALLY Happened and Why?

Richard Gage, AIA & Kevin Ryan

Rosemont Convention Center

5555 N. River Road

Rosemont, IL 60018

Nation of Islam Annual Conference

Download program

Actually, I think there will be an article about this presentation in the newsletter. As you know, the newsletter articles often lag weeks behind. Richard is not hiding this story. Did you listen to it live online, Brian? Should be archived soon.


When was it posted?

Richard was absolutely not sure that he was going to promoted this event, and if you were on the conference calls you know that too.

Richard would not have been able to hide it no matter what, but it seems he changed his mind about trying in the first place. I am happy about that.

Of course I did not watch this event! I left AE becuase of this....c'mon!

The titles were enough to make me roll my eyes 3 times.

"Why" "9/11 was an inside job"

So, Richard (the architect, not conspiracy theorist) Gage has it all figured out now?

@ NCT: I'm Sure Mr. Gage Appreciates Your ... Support

I'm sure he also appreciates you disclosing the contents of what was supposed to be private communications with him. (if your claims are to be believed)

Of late you mockingly call Mr. Gage a "conspiracy theorist" and recently even suggested here that you need to "babysit" him.

OK. We get it. You don't like Mr. Gage. Now please stop with the personal attacks on him.

Your ongoing antics remind one of the same type of personal attacks brought against David Ray Griffin and Jesse Ventura by others, all in the alleged attempt of ... improving the 9/11 accountability cause. Not to mention your suggestion that AE9/11T should "slow down" at a time when they are making great progress.

Very strange.

You don't get it.

What else was at this NOI conference?

Oh, Farrakhan talked about how he was abducted by aliens and talked about how the US should open their "UFO files." (Boy, I can't wait to see the whole conference on tape!)

You, Farrakhan and Jesse 'Space Beams' Ventura can maybe write a book together about why I don't care about 9/11 truth. I can't wait. HA!

Thanks AM

Aidan Monaghan said...."Your ongoing antics remind one of the same type of personal attacks brought against David Ray Griffin and Jesse Ventura by others, all in the alleged attempt of ... improving the 9/11 accountability cause. "

Don't forget the vicious attacks against super truthers Alpo and Stinke of CIT!

"Praise for Citizen Investigation Team (CIT) and the video National Security Alert"

"CIT's documentaries provide the viewer with the transparency and real-time detail regarding events at the Pentagon on 9/11, not provided by accounts offered by the federal government or major media."
Aidan Monaghan

Thanks for sticking up for super duper truthers and "the truth". Where would we be without super duper REAL truthers?

Yawn ...

; )

oh, thats cute.


You are so cute when you evade the issues!


Here is the video of Farrakhan from this weekend:


Show "hats off to the courageous Richard Gage!" by franklinS

From another thread...

Sorry, it seems that you don't really care about NOI members killing Malcolm X and tNOI leader Farrakhan bragging about it.

Sorry, it also seems that you don't care about the leader Farrakhan using extremely oppresive, bigoted comments about Jews and whites.

I'm also sorry that you don't worry about the supposedly "professional" people in our movement gambling with our credibility by dancing with the NOI and Farrakhan.

So, sorry that you think there was "negtivity" that left you disappointed and perplexed. I wonder if you read the entire thread that followed?

Reply to this cmoment:

Associated Press WASHINGTON —

Associated Press
WASHINGTON — "Millions of dollars in White House money has helped pay for New York Police Department programs that put entire American Muslim neighborhoods under surveillance.

The money is part of a little-known grant intended to help law enforcement fight drug crimes. Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the Bush and Obama administrations have provided $135 million to the New York and New Jersey region through the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program, known as HIDTA.

Some of that money — it's unclear exactly how much because the program has little oversight — has paid for the cars that plainclothes NYPD officers used to conduct surveillance on Muslim neighborhoods. It also paid for computers that store even innocuous information about Muslim college students, mosque sermons and social events".


I support this outreach by Richard Gage and Kevin Ryan.

I would like to add that in my first paper challenging the "official narrative" of 9/11, the sentence that drew the most flak was the statement that blaming Muslims for the complete destruction of the Towers and WTC7 was contradicted by the scientific evidence.

I was soon interviewed by Al Jezeera -- they were interested and respectful of the evidence I brought forth challenging the official story of 9/11.

Indeed, the more I reflect on the matter,

it seems that it would have been more-or-less OK at my university if I had spoken of WTC7 and demolition and explosives -- as long as I did not point to any one OTHER THAN Muslims ... or point the finger at Cheney (I often quoted Secretary of Transportation Mineta re: lack of air defenses and Cheney's role).

Is not pointing the finger at Muslims finally the central message of the official 9/11 narrative? with various Muslim nations therefore in the cross-hairs?

I have a sense that we may build bridges with our Muslim brothers, or build animosity. The choice is ours.

And I am totally opposed to a pre-emptive attack on Iran!

whatever happened to the term

Nuclear deterrant ?

When we (im in uk sector of US empire) got nukes it was called a deterrant to deter invasion by land.sea.air. funny nukes are not EVER refered to like that when iran gets nukes


As appropriate a time as ever to show my youtube clip of Farrakhan... just wait till I get on the laptop... 18000+ views....

Thanks for the support

...Robert, TomT, Professor Jones, and others.

I was first called about this opportunity on January 17 of this year, the birthday of Muhammad Ali. I'm not a boxing fan, but I am a great fan of this African American Muslim hero who stood up and spoke out against the Vietnam War when he had nothing to gain, and much to lose, by doing so.

The members of the Nation of Islam who I met this weekend were similarly kind and respectul, focused and purposeful, and very capable people. They have a strong, charismatic leader who I did not have the chance to meet due to family obligations that intervened. But I strongly recommend that anyone who gets his/her information about this group from soundbites and biased PACs, and then develops hostility based on those sources, should try a little harder to be objective.

This weekend I spoke to thousands of decent people who listened and tried not to jump to conclusions. That was a nice change.


Although I am no big fan of Louis Farrakhan either, we can not paint the entire NOI with the Farrakhan brush. The truth is the truth, facts are facts and that's what was delivered here; Facts. Maybe some of the facts talked about in the presentations changed many a person's perspectives, facts have a way of doing that. I can't assume that all attending the conference think like Farrakhan. I'm very proud of the continued work of AE and will continue to support them in few small ways I can.

Together in truth


There is a history of strong and charismatic leaders. Maybe it is left to opinion.

I am not religious, but I have not taken issue to NOI followers as a whole here at Blogger.

I have pointed out that it was a group of NOI members that killed Malcolm X. I have pointed out that NOI could have been given your information through another format like video and internet. I have also pointed out more about Farrakhan's history.

Malcolm X had joined the NOI and eventually held the position of Minister of the New York Temple and talked around the country.

X was ordered into silence by Elijah Muhammad, at the time the leader of NOI, for remarks about Robert Kennedy's killing. Soon after Malcolm X broke from the NOI and spoke out against crimes by Elijah Muhammed (who gained his power after the former leader mysteriously disappeared).


Farrakhan would state that "Malcolm X was worthy of death" just before the firbombing of Malcolm's house and the succesful killing of X by NOI members.

MLK Jr said this about the death of Malcolm:

Farrakhan, who you said is strong and charismatic, years later gave this speech regarding the death of Malcolm X:

Malcolm X was killed after breaking from the NOI and after he had begun to lean towards MLK ideals of integration and peace. The first year that Malcolm X and MLK Jr. met was the same year X broke from the NOI. Of course MLK Jr. would later be killed too.

In 1963, he split with the Nation of Islam; in 1964, he made the pilgrimage to Mecca. Later that year, he showed signs of softening his stand on violence and even met with Martin Luther King Jr. to exchange remarks. What direction he might have ultimately taken is lost to a history that can never be written. As Malcolm X led a mass rally in Harlem on February 21, 1965, rival Black Muslims gunned him down.

Malcolm X in 1964:
• Visits Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) for a week.
• Meets Martin Luther King, Jr. for the first and only time after a King news conference.
• Breaks away from the Nation of Islam and forms the Muslim Mosque, Inc.
• Travels to Makkah and Africa as Malik El-Shabazz.
• In Makkah, seeing the beauty of the unity of humanity, he embraces true Islam.
• He comes back to the U.S. thinking differently about white people.
• He forms the Organization for Afro-American Unity.
• He returns to Africa and meets with African leaders.

The headlines from Farrakhans address in Chicago are about his warnings of a "race war" bringing an "asassination attemtpt" on Obama.
Farrakhan: Racial hatred could lead to attempts to assassinate Obama

Farrakhan has grown more revered even though his talks are obviously not in the essence of charismatic leaders like MLK Jr. You can't include "white devils" and "satanic Jews" into a real coversation in my book.

My big concern is the history of Farrakhan, and his real motivations.

Do you think I am "jumping to conclusions?"


Your message suggests that you are most concerned about the death of Malcom X. That would surprise me if I thought it was true. But I know it is not and that you are simply trying to denigrate someone you have never met because you have strong emotional feelings about other things that he has said that have absolutely nothing to do with Malcom X.

I do appreciate seeing the videos because they make clear that 1) the Hon. Min. Farrakhan expressed public regret about his comments (which have never been proven to be the cause of Malcom X's death), 2) the daughter of Malcom X believes the FBI was involved in her father's death, 3) Malcom X said he too would kill someone for saying what he said, and 4) Martin Luther King believed the answer was to reach out to discuss how to move forward in peace. Of course, none of these facts support your implied point that we should shun the Nation of Islam.

Brian, my impression is that you sincerely want to make a positive difference in this world. And my opinion is that on this point you are defeating your own purpose.

Okay fine. Agreeing to

Okay fine. Agreeing to disagree.

Im tired of arguing anyway.

And yes, his comments on other things are of just as much concern.

So what if he said that?

' 3) Malcom X said he too would kill someone for saying what he said, '

While Malcolm X was right about much, he was wrong when he said this. No one should be targeted for murder because of what they say, and Malcolm X's implying that there were legit reasons for his being such a target doesn't change that.

Double post.


Thank you Kevin and Richard

I just finished watching The NOI presentation and think it is unfortunate you guys gave all those people the impression you did.

A Chance to speak to thousands of NOI members...

A Chance to talk about radical Islam, Wahhabi / Salafi perverted ideologies. Where does it come from? How is is spread? How is it funded? What can we do to stop it?

But no!

Muslims didn't do 9/11???

Then on about how half of the hijackers are still alive, remote control planes, explosions at the pentagon(alludes 2 times to a guided missile at the pentagon), flight 93 was shot down...

Also at the beginning Kevin directs people to the research of David Ray Griffin.

What will people find if they take that advice?

No planes and fake phone calls!

An excellent addition to the impression Kevin left thousands of NOI members.

Some tweets from after their presentation...




Muslims didn't do 9/11

This is an excellent tack for the NOI audience and in general. After all, Atta and company were anything but devout Muslims (1), and had ties to intelligence (2). These points might be even more important than CD in breaking through psychological resistance to 9/11 truth.

Explosions at the Pentagon do not negate plane impact any more than explosions at the WTC negate plane impacts. Planes hit all three buildings, yet planes and jet fuel are not the whole story.

Remote control of Flight 77 is the most plausible scenario and needs to be emphasized as such.

Invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were planned prior to 9/11. Kevin did an outstanding job in pointing out that neither the accused hijackers nor the insiders who brought down the buildings and ran war games were Muslims. I would like to see his presentation in a book with the accompanying graphics.

Archived Here

Tsunami cometh.

I'm just glad you guys went and did it.

Went and paid respect
To the people of Islam in NY.

For offering what you KNOW
to the Mothers and Fathers of Islam.
false flagged for these terrorwars

on the LIE of 911.

The Islamic people of New York need know these things.

When I think back

a little over a decade, the world was a very different place. Certainly there were some difficult regions but the Islamic nations were in general places where we did not mind our children visiting. Now the world is very different. Death and destruction is rampant. What has happened?

9/11 happened. Millions have died as a result of the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. The ordinary people of America cannot be blamed for this as they were fooled by their leaders. All who work for 9/11 Truth are working to show the American people that their leaders were responsible for this tragedy. Firstly the leaders created 9/11 and then they encouraged the people to seek revenge for the attack. We understand that part of it well.

It seems to me however that that is only half the story. Somehow we should also be showing Moslems that it was not the ordinary American people who were responsible for the tragedy, but their leaders. We should be making it very clear that we do not blame them for 9/11. If any Moslems were involved we can be pretty sure they were patsies, fooled by the CIA.

As things stand, it will be normal human nature for Moslems to hate America and all it stands for. Every Moslem killed, every Moslem tortured, has family who will grieve and hate the perpetrators.

After some reflection I strongly feel that this attempt to reach out to a Moslem community may be one of the best things that the 9/11 movement has achieved for some time. I congratulate Kevin, Richard and AE for taking on this project. I hope it will be possible to find similar opportunities.

I agree

"After some reflection I strongly feel that this attempt to reach out to a Moslem community may be one of the best things that the 9/11 movement has achieved for some time. I congratulate Kevin, Richard and AE for taking on this project. I hope it will be possible to find similar opportunities."

AE911TRUTH has also provided information, TRUTH, and tools to counter the attack.

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