They Think You're Stupid : OBL Compound Edition


Welcome to "They Think You're Stupid", where tried and true ad hominum's and other soft ball fallacies used since the stone age are used and abused to peddle the unreality of the continuing and impossible offical 9/11 conspiracy. 

Todays's edition comes to us via  the Huffington Post which reads more and more like a State Department Propaganda outlet each day. It seems Pakistan is dismantling Osama bin Laden's compound where he's been hiding and playing video games and watching Alf reruns since his days of defeating the strongest military in the history of the planet.

Lowlights from the article. (my comments in parenthesis).


  • OBL may have grown weed! (Is there nothing a Super Villain won't stoop to?) 
  • a "fairly extensive" stash of "modern, electronically recorded" pornography was found in the compound, according to U.S. officials who spoke on condition of anonymity. 
  • The discovery of Avena syrup -- a botanical product often used as "natural Viagra" -- at bin Laden's compound has raised questions about whether or not the Al Qaeda leader or his associates were trying to boost their libidos.
  • Also known by the nickname "wild oats," Avena Sativa syrup has two potential uses: to increase sexual desire, and as artificial sweetener used for a sour stomach. 
  • Other unnamed American officials said they buried bin Laden's body at sea to avoid giving his followers a burial place that could become a makeshift shrine. (thats a new one!) 
  • Super Seals took OBL's Diary, where he "mused about mass murder".
  • Compound didn't have Internet access. 
  • Lot's of Coca Cola and Pepsi on hand (even though a symbol of the West, which he hated by the way).


Remember, They Think Your'e Stupid (But We Know Other Wise) 

Next Episode : Mahmoud Ahmadinejad On Broadway!



The destruction of (real) evidence continues

In conjunction with the propaganda, the destruction of the compound looks like more of the effort since day one to destroy all real evidence associated with 9/11. Nothing will remain of bin Laden or his living facilities; and if any of his personal effects remain in existence, they will likely be kept inaccessible to the public under tight security. Especially if they might reveal anything which would not conform to the official message.

While much of the real-world evidence is being destroyed, hundreds of millions of dollars are being poured into the Memorial and Museum in New York City, where the story can be kept completely under official control.(ref) Given the large amount of money being spent on this endeavor, it appears that controlling the message is very important to someone. To all outward appearances, 9/11 is a psychological operation of epic proportions.

Binary Black Holes

The Image of two square black holes at the 9/11 Memorial is close to the truth of the subsequent cover-up -- little light will escape here, so look elsewhere...


Normally I wouldn't comment about this, but the error happens to be in the title and creates an undue sense of irony, so this post might benefit from a grammatical correction :)

Did you mean "You're", instead of "Your"?

Thanks for the eyes. No pun

Thanks for the eyes. No pun intended!