Teachers Awarded for 9/11 Projects

Wall St Journal 2/28/12


Teaching the history and events of Sept. 11, 2001, requires a special touch. To honor those who do it best, the Tribute WTC Visitor Center will present awards on Tuesday to 10 teachers who have created special projects to help young people understand 9/11.

The Tribute WTC Visitor Center, located next to the World Trade Center site, opened its visitor galleries in 2006 and has made both memorial and education cornerstones of its programming. The center hosts field trips for school groups, and the teacher awards are now in their fifth year.

This year's ...

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Who subscribes on line to the WSJ? Please call me 410-499-5403. We need copies of these curricula to design responses to. We need teachers to help do this.

One High School teacher has students write essays... 911truth

One High School teacher utilizes 9/11 when having students practice writing essays. She has them go to 911truth.org ( http://www.911truth.org/ ) and compare that information with the official 9/11 version. The class is about writing essays, but it is a clever way to expose the subject. She let's the students draw whatever conclusions they may.
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