9/11 Blogger: # of monthly donors: (6)

Doesn't it seem like we could get that number out of the single digits and into, say, the triple digits?


I remember it being 4 not too long ago. As important as this site is to all of us, you'd think it would be higher. I know times are tough, but 100 people at $5/month would be a big help I'm sure. Of course, it gets your name on a CIA list for supporting terrorist propaganda. That would be funny if this issue wasn't so serious.

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Thanks for the reply, dtg.

At this point, I think it's still an irrational fear that something would be done against 9/11 blogger donors, by the CIA.

I bet many people in the CIA, as well as all the other alphabet organizations, are pretty pissed off at how it all went down leading up to and on 9/11. The Secrecy Kills project brought this to light a little bit. That's another great place to donate (if they still need it.)


I agree, my being a bit tongue n cheek aside, I am certain the majority of agents realize what 9/11 was. It would be a losing tactic since it wouldn't stop me (or many) from giving anyway. It would only serve to expose their desperation.

Secrecy kills is a great project. It is still down for now and I read that it could be back with even bigger bombshells. I can't wait. I plan to support that project too in what small ways I can just like I do blogger, A/E, Building7, The Toronto Hearings, etc...and other projects that are worthy and reputable. You really hafta do your homework out there. Kudos for bringing up the subject, maybe we can a few more. Take good care


Right On

Right on, Dan.


And it still says 6. This is why I did not become a salesman I guess.



Not taking any credit for my nudges - just happy it's not 6 anymore and I can stop updating this thread :)

Way to go, number 7!