"The Fictional Basis of the War on Terror": 9-11 Veritas @ Harvard : Dr. Graeme MacQueen

9-11 Veritas @ Harvard University : "The Fictional Basis of the War on Terror"

Dr. Graeme MacQueen discusses the 9-11 attacks and anthrax mailings in his
presentation "The Fictional Basis of the War On Terror".

Harvard University,
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies
May 22 2010

Born in Nova Scotia, Graeme MacQueen received his Ph.D. in comparative religion from Harvard University and taught in the Religious Studies department of McMaster University for 30 years. In 1989 he became founding Director of the Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster, after which he helped develop the B.A. programme in Peace Studies and co-directed (with $2 million in government, UN and NGO funding) peace-building projects in Sri Lanka, Gaza, Croatia and Afghanistan. He has also contributed to the development of the Women's Peace Brigade in north India (active now in several states) and was involved for some years in the Third Option, a peace initiative for Afghanistan. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters as well as four books. He took early retirement from McMaster University to devote his energy to peace and justice work.

For the past five years most of Graeme's research has focused on the events and anomalies of 9/11. He has written four research articles on the subject:





Graeme has given numerous interviews and talks on 9/11, some of which can be found on the internet.





"Muslims were framed"

"Muslims were framed" - Dr. Graeme MacQueen

When Dr. Graeme MacQueen says this in regards to the anthrax attacks he is indeed correct (The attempt anyway) Specifically Iraqi Muslims.

"So the prince couldn't wait for the U.S. bombs to fall." page 137

Bush the traitor covered up the role his Saudi buddies played (just ask the authors of the Joint Inquiry report) in murdering 3000 Americans and immediately went on his PR campaign to invade Iraq. Gee, what a lucky break for him and the Saudis those anthrax attacks were.

Israel and Saudi Arabia couldn't have been more pleased.

If we want our country back that traitor has to be put in prison.

I doubt that me and Dr. MacQueen agree on every detail when it comes to the 9-11 attacks, but I don't think anyone is better at speaking on the anthrax attacks and their relation to 9/11 than he is.

Keep exposing the anthrax angle Dr. MacQueen!

I'd even go so far as to say

I'd even go so far as to say that the anthrax attacks work as well, if not better then WTC7 as proof of a "smoking gun" when it comes to breaking through to people's listening about 9/11 malfeasance.