The Toronto Hearings on 9/11: Uncovering 10 Years of Deception

People from around the world came together at Ryerson University in Toronto, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, to present evidence challenging the official accounts of that day. A DVD of the proceeding of the "Toronto Hearings" is nearly complete. Here is a preview.

911 air 'defenses' The

911 air 'defenses'

The F15's scrambled from Otis AFB at 8:52 (hit radar 8:53) were suppose to arrive in New York (153 miles) a few minutes AFTER Flight 175 struck WTC2. This way they could say, "just missed". They were scrambled (after an unexplained delay) at precisely the right time to do this had the pilots followed protocol & traveled Max-SUB sonic (750mph) [as the Langley pilots were later ordered to do -- Filson 2003 pg 65]. However, the pilots were 'loose cannons' & violated protocol "in the air before radar kicked in", going, "full blower all the way" [Quotes] SUPERSONIC. This meant they would arrive in New York BEFORE flight 175.
NEADS Commander Col. Robert Marr must have crapped himself realizing a plan 30 years in the making was in jeopardy. He quickly ordered the fighters into a holding pattern to wait for flight 175 to strike BEFORE proceeding to New York. Upon seeing flight 175 strike (from 60 miles away based on pilot (Duffy) comment [ABC 9/14/02] & in conflict with 911 Commission map) the pilots proceed to New York without orders or FAA clearance (witness testimony MSNBC 9/11/02).
This explains The discrepancy between the 911 Commission map (which shows the Otis fighters only 50 miles out from Otis at 9:03 when WTC2 was struck) and the pilot's comments to the media that they flew, "full blower all the way"[Duffy-Aviation week & space technology 6/3/02] for a full 11 minutes (8:52-9:03) which if true they should have been over New York by 9:03.
In summary the Otis holding pattern was made necessary ONLY because the pilots violated protocol and flew Supersonic. Had they followed protocol they would have arrived several minutes AFTER flight 175 which would have allowed the conspirators to spin it as, " just missed". 911 WAS an inside job.
The success of the 911 false flag attack depended upon the pilots of the fighter jets following protocol. As was shown clearly at Otis AFB, if the pilots were aware of a hijacked airliner heading towards New York or Washington DC they could not be counted on to follow protocol. In the case of Langley AFB protocol meant flying 60 miles East out over the Atlantic & sub-sonic flight [The pilots were specifically told by NEADS to fly sub-sonic-[Filson 2003 pg 65].
Once the attack in New York was finished (9:03) the game then became one of keeping fighters away from Washington DC to allow flight 77 to strike. At 9:09 Major Kevin Nasypany requested that Langley AFB be scrambled. That request was DENIED by NEADS Commander Col. Robert Marr. The reason given for denying that request is one of THE most obvious lies in the 911 Commission report. The stated reason is because the fighters scrambled from Otis AFB were dangerously low on fuel. The problem with this claim is that F-15's have a Combat radius of over 1,200 miles & (according to the official story) they had at this point traveled LESS than the 153 miles between Otis AFB and New York and had only been in the air 16 minutes (Why The Truth Movement hasn't made more is this obvious lie, I don't know). Had Langley been scrambled at this time, those jets could easily have been over Washington DC in time to stop Flight 77 even if they had followed protocol.
At 9:21 NEADS Commander Col. Robert Marr got his 'signal' to go ahead and scramble Langley. The signal came in the form of a telephone call from a Boston air traffic controller named Scroggins. Scroggins reported unconfirmed and mistaken (the call itself was a violation of protocol as the FAA is not suppose to call NEADS directly but only the NMCC in the Pentagon) information that flight 11 (first hijacked aircraft that struck WTC1) was still in the air and headed towards Washington DC. This was Col Marr's signal to go ahead and scramble Langley because only now did he have an excuse to send the Langley fighters North East Away from Washington DC at the very time flight 77 was approaching from the South West.
However, there was still the danger of the pilots discovering that there were reports of not one But two hijacked airlines ('Phantom' Flight 11 [false report] & flight 77) headed for Washington DC at the same time from opposite directions. If word of this got to the pilots, there is no doubt that the pilots would violate protocol and headed straight for Washington DC itself rather chasing after either one. If they had done that, they would have arrived in Washington DC in time to stop flight 77 from striking the Pentagon.
In order for the plan to succeed, they needed to prevent those pilots from getting their mission orders from someone in communication with air traffic controls outside of NEADS who could then tell the pilots about the second hijacked (the real one Fl77) aircraft.
What was done next should be considered one of the biggest smoking guns of 911. When NEADS called Langley with the scramble order (fighters are always scrambled in pairs) they then called back about one minute later and asked to speak with Captain Craig Borgstrum (Supervisor of flying for Langley) telling him to go up as a third pilot in a third plane. As supervisor of flying it was Borgstrum's job to relay the mission order to the pilots & to communicate with civilian air traffic control (From whom he'd learn of Fl77 & tip off the pilots). With him in the air, there would be no one at Langley to do this. As a result when Langley scrambled (9:30) they were told to follow protocol (and did) taking off to the East traveling 60 miles out over the Atlantic at sub-sonic speeds. This insured flight 77 would successfully strike the Pentagon.
However, military plans are made with redundancy. There's always a back up plan. One of which I think I've discovered, but because it was never used, we'll know. At about the time that NEADS got the call reporting (falsely) that flight 11 way still up & heading towards Washington DC. A super secret Government plane (E-4B-Doomsday plane) took off from a base near Washington DC and began circling the city. These planes are so secret they do not file flight plans with the FAA.
I believe that had the Langley pilots discovered that there were two (reported) hijacked aircraft heading towards Washington DC at the very same time from opposite directions that they would have violated protocol traveling straight for Washington DC And then this Doomsday plane would then have began flying towards New York (North East of Washington DC). The pilots would be told that Flight 11 had turned around & was headed towards New York. With New York having already been attacked twice that morning, the pilots would have no choice but to pursue it to the North East allowing Flight 77 to strike from the South West. When the Langley fighters intercepted they would have discovered it was their own super secret aircraft. It would be considered an example of something that could only happen in a government far too incompetent to pull off 911! Something that only larger defense budgets could fix.

Waitew Feb. 2012.

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1st they kept fighter jets away from NY then they kept fighter jets away from DC

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I know a lot of hard work (and expense) went into these hearings. The Toronto Hearings are a landmark event.