Deflating the HYPE - Can the Seemingly Imminent War with Iran be Stopped?

Article by John Bursill

Unfortunately it now appears that a war between the US and it's allies with Iran is imminent. By any military analysts assessment this has a real chance of changing the current multi-theatre war against terrorism and so called rogue/terrorist states into a real World War III scenario!

Following the Main Stream Media (MSM) in the west over the last few months, you would be sensing that many things have happened to support the war with Iran rationale, hearing that Iran wants a Nuclear bomb and would be prepared to use it against Israel and the US. Other alarming stories include Iran trading in weapons with "rogue states", Iran killing innocent people abroad, Iran's President is insane and wants to "wipe Israel off the map", Iran has been involved in terrorist plots/bombings and may attack inside the US and Iran is trading drugs. The list of baseless accusation goes on and on.

Interesting to remember that after 9/11 the MSM did little to question the actual events and who benefited but devoted massive media speculation to Iraq being involved while no evidence existed; managing to convince the vast majority of the American public that Saddam was involved with the 9/11 attacks leading to growing public support for the 2003 invasion.

Many times over the last decade it was obvious by the rhetoric out of Washington and from their many think tanks like PNAC (The Project for the New American Century) and leaked memos from the Pentagon that the Caspian Basin would be central to their future plans of an expanding Empire. The only obstacle was then generating the public and political support to do so. Prophetically the Neo-Con document "Rebuilding America's Defences (year 2000)" had said a "New Pearl Harbour" type event was required for this purpose and then very conveniently, it happened on September 11 2001. This facilitated the new American Empire they wanted by enraging the US population to a war mentality and allowing massive budget increases.

It was soon obvious which countries were marked for "regime change" or worse in the Middle East including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Iran. The most probable reasons for the desire to control these countries was to complete it's dominance of the Caspian Basin oil reserves, protect its allies Israel and Saudi Arabia and to ultimately usurp any possible arrangements between Iran, China, India and Russia that could threaten the trading of oil in US Dollars. In my opinion the US deep state believe if oil rich countries get the idea they can trade direct with sovereign nations without using the US dollar, the US Empire will certainly be finished, well economically at least. If this means the death of millions in the Middle East and of tens of thousands of their own troops by these wars then that's fine with them as long as they keep control of the oil trade.

Oil Empire
This increasing projection of US force is even more likely as the US Empire begins to crumble for it will wish to deny the rising economic giants a secure supply of energy. To quote Michel Chossudovsky and Finian Cunningham in their recent article "War Plan Iran" "From the Western powers’ point of view, Iran is both an elusive prize and a frustrating obstacle. Bringing Iran back into the orbit of Western capitalist control has the added significance of depriving energy and other geopolitical advantages to rival powers, in particular Russia and China." This situation is not going to be allowed to eventuate without pushing diplomatic relationships with China and Russia and many others to breaking point. Will they act economically or militarily is the only question in my view. Either way the world will be in for more economic stress, debt and expanding military budgets but most worryingly, a possible nuclear exchange.

So lets look at the picture being painted at present, i.e. the hype and propaganda v's the actual situation and why this confrontation is now apparently imminent.

The situation;

- Iran has no Nuclear Weapons Program says all US and western intelligence agencies
- Iran is ideologically opposed to Nuclear Weapons
- Iran has continued to threaten the US Dollar dominance trading through it's own oil bourse dropping US dollar trade completely on March 20 this year
- China and Russia is increasingly upset by US Policy in the gulf and an Iran/Syria intervention may be the last straw
- Massive build up of US military force in Persian Gulf
- Positioning of large troop contingents in Israel and Kuwait
- War Games have recently escalated in the strait of Hormuz
- US has recently announced the biggest ever arms sale to Saudi Arabia (60 Billion USD)
- Israel is "ready" for war with Iran and could strike at any time
- US Sanctions on Iran, while diplomacy ends, historically means the step is a military intervention
- Russia prepared to use military force to protect interests in Gulf region say Russian Military Experts
- Main Stream Media Critics of US Middle East Policy barely exist and continue to be shut down or sacked

The propaganda and hype;

- Mainstream Media (MSM) support the Neo-Con agenda that Iranians are "determined to become a nuclear power" are "crazy" and will use it
- The current US policy of sanctions is required to persuade Iran to stop it's Nuclear Weapons Program
- Many allegations have been made by the US and its allies that implicates Iran in terrorist/criminal activities without any hard evidence
- MSM are beating the drums of war again with baseless stories. A quick search of YouTube shows many spun stories making it seem like Iran is determined to get a nuclear weapon
- Iranian Elected President Mamoud Ahmadinejad is continually misquoted to give a sense that he will "wipe Israel of the map" and believes the Jewish Holocaust never happened
- The current line up of Republican Candidates ( except Ron Paul ) continue to call for war with Iran
- Israel pushing hard for war and blaming Iran for attacks against their country without hard evidence
- Attacks against Iran and the murder of its scientists, supported by media and political talking heads as required and acceptable
- Iran being set up for the next 9/11 "false flag" to give reason for US attack

So there's the background, now to the question: 'can the war with Iran be stopped' by rational actors calling for truth and sanity in the face of such propaganda produced by strong Neo-Con/Israeli control of the media, the US Congress and even within the UN itself? Can we deflate the hype?

Well I would say it's unlikely with the current state of the paralysed Peace Movement and completely controlled MSM world wide. But I do believe with a raising of awareness in the general public, of exactly how dangerous this war could be for us all, both physically and economically it is possible to put a stop to the Neo-Con/Israeli plan once again. Also the broad awareness that 9/11 and other pretexts to war are not what we are told, has weakened the popular support of governments pushing for war without proper investigation of the events that lead to them.

I have found that the argument against a war with Iran leading to a possible WWIII is very easy to make, even if you propose it to those who support the US Empires' control of the Caspian Basin or it’s support of Israel. Because turning the Middle East into one big war theatre by a likely confrontation between the US and China/Russia is obvious madness. This only makes sense to a few warmongering power elite who care little for life; the progress towards peace or the stability of the region. As hard as it is to conceive, their are people controlling America who have always been prepared to risk nuclear war, seriously thinking they can win and rule the world.

I personally recently decided to start a process to address this situation in Sydney Australia by organising a truth awareness rally see: Say NO to a WAR with Iran! Deflate the WAR HYPE with Truth Awareness

John Bursill

Sorry its been so long since I last contributed...

Not sure whether it was Paul Craig Roberts, Michel Chossudovsky or maybe even Jon Gold that encouraged me, but finally I have found the energy to get back into the fight after the tenth anniversary. I think I want to use what I've learnt on the 9/11 activist journey to keep calling out the lies we are being told to go to war and make this world a better place for my/our children.

Would be interested in your critisim of my venture away from pure 9/11 research/commentry and also into Peace Activism?

Kind regards John

The War

The War with Iran has already started. The question is - can it be stopped from escalating?

"A nuclear scientist was killed in a blast in Tehran on Wednesday morning, an Iranian news agency reported, in the latest in a string of attacks that Iran has blamed on Israel."

"A motorcyclist placed a magnetic bomb under Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan's Peugeot 405, the state-run IRNA news agency said. The blast also wounded two others, IRNA said."

blatant war propaganda and continued 9/11 myth making

1st John it's good to have you back on blogger. I also hope you return to Visibility 9/11 with a new podcast maybe about the very subject of Iran or activist burnout.

2nd I apologize for the lopsided quality of the image above. I've tried a few things and it keeps going sideways. That aside the image says

"As we remember 9/11 Ten Years Later al-Qaeda 's silent partner is coming to New York".

This is from a billboard that is currently hanging on Broadway and 49th street in the heart of Manhattan's Theatre District. Its probably 30 or 40 feet high.

It's been 6 months since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to town. Has it been up for 6 months since September? i honestly don't get to that part of town enough to say so . I took this shot last weekend and was stunned. Just another example of stoking the fears of the millions of tourists and residents who walk by everyday, and preconditioning the public for military action against Iran.

Hi and thanks...a new Podcast is something I think I will do!

Which guest is the question?

I'll have a think and get something happening this week as I need to get it up before our protest on the 24th of March.

I can't see your photo here at work but will when I get you say the propaganda is everywhere!!

Best John

Great to see ya back JB!

I'm sure glad to see you back John. If your looking for ideas for a podcast guest, I am currently reading Dr. Paul Rea's book Mounting Evidence which is quite an excellent book so far.. Easy reading, very thorough, and it covers a wide breadth of easily exposed lies, derelict behavior, and obvious cover ups. Looking forward to whomever you get.

Together in truth.

In the houses of shadow.

I am NOT a G O D man John,
But I hope to God you are wrong.