Media’s Belated “Acknowledgment” of Saudi 9/11 Story

Suddenly, the “Saudi-9/11 connection” is on the table for the media. But it certainly wasn’t, for the longest time.

Our story about apparent Saudi royal ties to the 9/11 hijackers caused a minor sensation via social media sharing when it came out in September, 2011, but was resolutely ignored by virtually all news organizations, including the vaunted online “alternative media.” Not surprisingly, the traditional corporate-owned mainstream media (MSM) managed to ignore the massive revelations—even though they were documented in exactly the same manner that the traditional media uses, and they were on a topic of tremendous importance and public interest.

We know they ignored it because we know them, and we sent it to them. And we heard that it would be and was being ignored. They were only willing to do maudlin, “human interest” stories for the 10th anniversary of this monumental and still-mysterious event.

Now, however, the MSM has suddenly found a “safe” way into the dark underbelly: Let officials’ statements pave the route. Here’s the New York Times:

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That picture

...says it all.

Baker is right

The recent New York Times piece does not rise to the level of a limited hangout. And a week later, the Saudi royals did what they were told.

The Saudi royals are not just deer in the headlights, they are deer desperately clinging to the grill of a runaway Mack truck.

Maybe Graham's colleague Porter Goss will tell us about Saudi involvement next week. You can be sure he won't reconnect the dots though.

Here are a few of the surprising connections between Saudi Arabia and westerners who were in one way or another related to the 9/11 attacks.

For the record...

As I posted on Truthaction...

"People" are saying that the news about Saudi Arabia and 9/11 is going to be used to invade Saudi Arabia. First of all, you can't look at Saudi Arabia without looking back at Bush, Cheney and people like Tenet (in the real world, and do you think the families wouldn't say something?). Secondly, we just sold them $60B in arms, and Germany sold them 200 tanks (both with Israel's approval). Are we trying to make it harder for us to invade? Also, MANY people and corporations, IN THIS COUNTRY, benefit from Saudi money. They, like Israel, like Pakistan (yes, they still are despite all of the rhetoric), like Britain, etc.. are our partners in crime. I'm sure there are many other reasons I can't even think of as to why we couldn't invade Saudi Arabia... Mecca is there... "The holiest city in the religion of Islam." I just don't see it happening.

Pay special attention to Lee Hamilton at 7:52.

We've got them by the balls if we play our cards right. It is true that the media is only reporting on certain aspects of this. That is our job. To make sure people know the whole story so it can't be manipulated for the agendas of a few.

By the way, the SAME JUDGE made this ruling yesterday.

He's now 2 for 2 with ruling in favor of Saudi Arabia, and once against Iran. Here's a movie I made about him.

Here's an image I made because I am furious with the media.

We shouldn't ignore the role Saudi Arabia had to play in 9/11. Just as we shouldn't ignore many things having to do with 9/11.

Good post, Jon

There are several reasons why a country builds up its military. It is not too much of a stretch to hypothesize that one of the most repressive and corrupt regimes on the planet may just be preparing to further suppress its people, especially given the growing likelihood that the Saudi's oil fields are poised to collapse, as an Iranian oil ministry official told the Australians well over a year ago during a parliamentary hearing. [ Btw, he also said that the Iranian fields were on the brink of collapse, which is why the Iranians want to generate as much energy with nuclear power and maximize their export earnings of oil and gas]. Remember that post peak production can be quite large, just ever diminishing, unless the fields are pushed in an extreme and short-sighted manner, in which case they really can practically collapse very fast. Recall also that no one outside of some Saudis and a few industry insiders really knows what the status of the Saudi fields is, this has long been very closely guarded proprietary information engendering very quiet but wild speculation in industry inner circles.

The Saudi royals have been corrupted by western interests for many decades. Just what happens when the oil is gone, the income stops and the royals make the permanent move to Switzerland and elsewhere while the people are left with nothing? Every game has an endgame....

Recall that Saddam accused the Kuwaitis (and indirectly the Saudis) of slant drilling into Iraqi oil fields in the lead up to the first Gulf War. This oil can easily be used to offset internal needs thus "saving" the Saudi oil for export ( each crude from every field has a unique chemical signature and can be identified and traced, like dna).

While I do not want to rekindle a "peak oil' debate here, if you study the history of reserve estimates and also understand the reality of Hubbert's curve you really can only come to one reasonable conclusion, absent a rejection of over one hundred years of petroleum exploration history and the basics of accepted earth science.

In closing, we know the Saudi royals are extremely corrupt, evidence shows that they have been involved with western intelligence for decades prior to the 9/11 false flag, plenty of evidence exists showing they enabled parts of the 9/11 false flag (as did many others) and now they are building up their military for some purpose yet to be determined.

One final note here. One of the larger strategies of tension being employed is to set the Sunni and Shia populations/governments against each other using classic divide and conquer tactics, imho. Sadly, this easily explains much of what we have witnessed in the Muslim world for the past three plus decades. From the forced replacement of the Shah with an unwanted Iranian theocracy to the creation of a radical fundamentalist Taliban. Moderate, secular Arab states that would eventually leverage OPEC against western interests in a substantial way was never a permissible outcome for the western financial elites. This is why it is now the turn of the Syrian secular monarchy to disappear and expand the chaos covering the corrupt end game(s).

The truth shall set us free, and the truth is we still have a long way to go to actually know what many of the truths ultimately are.

Love is the only way forward, and love requires patience and the humility to say "I don't know, this is just my best guess."

What I do know is we are all in control of ourselves and the world we create every day, by our individual choices.

Let's keep trying to do our best, brothers and sisters, what alternative is there?

Great to see you both commenting here again.

Jon Gold,

I think that graphic is great and plan to give it some space at my blog.


You mentioned:

...especially given the growing likelihood that the Saudi's oil fields are poised to collapse, as an Iranian oil ministry official told the Australians well over a year ago..

Had you seen this announcement from the Saudi Arabia the other day:

West wins fresh Saudi oil supply pledge.

That was news one day before the decison by Judge Daniels to not allow a lawsuit on the Sauds for 9/11 crimes, not to imply there is a direct relationship between the two events.

Zelikow, Saudi Arabia, The Twilight War

" The Twilight War " is the name of this talk by Phillip Zelikow, which is also the title of the essay that is included in the newest version of the 2004 Commission Report. While i havent seen this video, i have read the essay which is filled with self congragulatory and faux literary posturing, and its as dissmissive of Saudi Arabian involvement as Lee Hamilton's quote in Jon's video.

Twilight War Talk

sorry , cant seem to find a pdf version from the book.

More for the record:

Media Screams for David Cameron 9/11 Memorial Visit, Ignores Important 9/11 Saudi Court Case Decision

Jon, thanks again for the graphic and other work you do.