Obama Plays Bin Laden Card In Re-election Effort

Long dead patsy still comes up trumps for establishment

Steve Watson
March 14, 2012

The Obama 2012 campaign has launched it’s reelection campaign by drawing on the mythical version of events played out last year following the supposed assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

The campaign will release a 17 minute video later this week, narrated by hollywood actor Tom Hanks, as an opening salvo in the struggle to win a second term for the president.

An action movie-style teaser clip released yesterday solely highlights the so called Bin Laden raid and features vice president Joe Biden and former president Bill Clinton talking up the event.

“He took the harder and more honorable path,” Clinton says, adding “When I saw what had happened I thought to myself, I hope that’s the call I would’ve made”.

Biden adds “The entire national security apparatus was in that room and the President turns to every principal in the room ‘what do you recommend I do?’ and they say ‘It’s a close call, Mr president’. As he walked out of the room it dawned on me: he’s all alone. This is his decision.”

The film was directed by Davis Guggenheim, the man behind Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Guggenheim also worked with Obama during the 2008 campaign.

Watch the clip below:

As we exhaustively documented in the aftermath of the Bin Laden raid last year, there were multiple inconsistencies with the White House narrative, with officials seemingly not able to get their story straight with each other. Since that time the story has continued to change.

The White House situation room gathering, that is so lauded in the Obama reelection piece, is also a complete fabrication. Indeed, it soon emerged that Obama, far from wrestling with a painstaking decision, was out on the golf course just twenty minutes before the raid took place.

Former Navy SEAL Chuck Pfarrer revealed the details in his book, describing the official story of the raid as a “fairy tale”.

The dramatic photos of Obama, Hillary Clinton and other high ranking officials supposedly watching the raid as it happened, were revealed to have been staged. In reality, Obama and his staff saw virtually nothing whatsoever of the mission that allegedly led to the assassination of Bin Laden, because according to CIA director Leon Panetta, there was a 25 minute blackout of the live feed which was cut off before the US Navy SEALS even entered the building.

In addition to the dubious situation room pictures, it also emerged that the images of Obama that appeared in Monday morning’s newspapers after he had announced the death of Bin Laden the previous night were also completely staged.

Recently leaked emails from intelligence gathering outfit Stratfor also detail the fact that officials there had received inside information that the “buried at sea” narrative was a cover story and that Bin Laden’s body had been taken to Dover air force base in Delaware.

Nevertheless, the Bin Laden card continues to be an invaluable asset to the Obama campaign.

Vice President Joe Biden once again drew on the Bin Laden myth at a reelection campaign fundraiser Monday, telling an audience “This guy’s got a backbone like a ramrod”.

“He said, ‘Go,’ knowing his presidency was on the line,” Biden said. “Had he failed in that audacious mission, he would’ve been a one-term president.”

John Kerry, who hosted the event, told the crowd “Osama bin Laden is dead. General Motors is alive.”

In recent months as his approval ratings have been plummeting to all time lows, Obama has turned to the Bin Laden boogeyman story out of desperation.

In December, when a journalist asked Obama about Republicans accusing him of employing a foreign policy of “appeasement” The president snapped back by saying “ask Osama Bin Laden and the twenty to thirty top al qaeda leaders that have been taken out of the field whether I engage in appeasement”.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.net, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.


The bin Laden plot to kill President Obama

David Ignatius
Washington Post


Excerpt :

"The scheme is described in one of the documents taken from bin Laden’s compound by U.S. forces on May 2, the night he was killed. I was given an exclusive look at some of these remarkable documents by a senior administration official. They have been declassified and will be available soon to the public in their original Arabic texts and translations.

The man bin Laden hoped would carry out the attacks on Obama and Petraeus was the Pakistani terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri. “Please ask brother Ilyas to send me the steps he has taken into that work,” bin Laden wrote to his top lieutenant, Atiyah Abd al-Rahman. A month after bin Laden’s death, Kashmiri was killed in a U.S. drone attack.

Ignatius is a tool.

The author of this fairy tale is David Ignatius, a known propagandist for status quo PTB.