Jeremy Scahill speaking about US foreign policy, the military-industrial complex and national security.

Recorded at CalTech's Social Activism Speaker Series (SASS) on 30 November 2011.

Playlist of Parts 1 - 11:

Pt 1: The rise of the bi-partisan killing machine and the concept of "blowback"
Pt 2: Obama's expansion of wars and the normalization of Bush-era policies
Pt 3: US night raids and the cover-up of the tragedy in Gardez, Afghanistan
Pt 4: Sending 250,000 troops to fight 50 Al-Qaeda operatives; Droning Pakistan
Pt 5: Sept 12, JSOC and creation of an elite killing team
Pt 6: CIA, JSOC and private contractors; Petraeus and Panetta
Pt 7: Somalia, secret prisons and renditions
Pt 8: Not learning from history and the slow death of journalism
Pt 9: Obama, Democrats and the normalization of assassinations
Pt 10: Lapses in conscience and the need for accountability
Pt 11: What to do if you see Paul Wolfowitz...

Question and Answer: Playlist Parts 1 - 7

Pt 12: Q&A 1- Addressing skepticism about Osama bin Laden's death
Pt 13: Q&A 2- Obama's choice of hawkish advisors
Pt 14: Q&A 3- Politicizing intelligence and the errors of US foreign interventions: Overthrow of Islamic Courts Union and the rise of Al-Shabab in Somalia.
Pt 15: Q&A 4- "The coup has already happened. They've already sort of won and we're the suckers in the room."
Pt 16: Q&A 5- Fast food journalism culture
Pt 17: Q&A 6- "Using an atomic sledgehammer to fight fruit flies."
Pt 18: Q&A 7- Neocons, Theocons and bought political agendas

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Scahill knows better...

than to regurgitate to "official" 9/11 narrative.