"Maryland attorney planning to sue TSA over 9-11 based procedures"

Message: "A Maryland attorney is preparing a lawsuit against the TSA for failure to prepare an environmental impact statement (EIS) regarding the TSA's current enhanced procedures supposedly justified by 9-11. The suit will focus on the radiation issues, and also possible deaths due to person switching to less-safe modes of transportation than air travel because they want to avoid the TSA. To withstand any standing challenges, he is looking for a number of plaintiffs who travel and use or don't use airports in a variety of ways because of the TSA's procedures. The suit would be filed on a contingency basis, and would likely last at least a year. The suit will not directly take on 9-11 issues, but will not shy away from then either. A MD or DC citizen is preferred, but interested citizens in other states may be able to take part as a plaintiff. If you are genuinely and seriously interested and upset about the TSA to be involved in an EIS suit, you may contact the attorney, Michael C. Worsham, Esq., at mcw at worshamlaw dot com. Thank you."


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