US ambassador: Withdrawal from Afghanistan would set the stage for another 9/11

US ambassador: Withdrawal from Afghanistan would set the stage for another 9/11

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by Cem Ertür

16 April 2012


excerpts from: State of the Union with Candy Crowley

[Aired on CNN, April 15, 2012], 15 April 2012

CROWLEY: As we reported earlier, there have been a series of explosions across Afghanistan, particularly in Kabul. We want to go now on the phone now with me, U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker. [...]

AMBASSADOR CROCKER: [...] [A]s you can imagine, in a situation of multiple attacks, it can be a little bit confusing out there. But what we are hearing from the Afghans is that they have been successful in killing and capturing the terrorists who have perpetrated these attacks while suffering relatively few casualties of their own. I think they have acquitted themselves very, very well, very professionally. And it has been all Afghan security forces, not international forces. [...]

CROWLEY: Mr. Ambassador, one final question and that is, you and I have spoken before about the feeling in the U.S. that we need to end this war more quickly than the president currently has in mind. [...] What is your response to what I'm certain will be a feeling like, here's just more proof that we need to get out of there?

AMBASSADOR CROCKER: Candy, I see it in exactly the opposite way. Attacks like this demonstrate why we need to be here. Again, we have seen a very professional performance by Afghan security forces. They are able to deal with events like this on their own. A clear sign of progress. And, you know, that's how we do get out responsibly as they take over. But it also shows there's a very dangerous enemy out there with capabilities and with safe havens in Pakistan. To get out before the Afghans have a full grip on security, which is a couple of years out, would be to invite the Taliban, Haqqani, and al Qaeda back in and set the stage for another 9/11. And that, I think, is an unacceptable risk for any American.


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Al-Qaeda fighters have returned to Afghanistan and will use the country as a base to launch September 11-style attacks on Western cities, according to the American ambassador to Kabul.

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